Table of contents for Mudslingers : the top 25 negative political campaigns of all time : countdown from no. 25 to no. 1 / Kerwin C. Swint.

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Acknowledgements 									4
Dedication										5
Prologue										6
Number 25: "From Vietnam to Iraq"							10
George W. Bush v. John Kerry, President, 2004
Number 24: "It's a Jungle Out There"						26
Upton Sinclair v. Frank Merriam, Governor, California, 1934
Number 23: "Senator Pothole v. 'Putzhead'"						46
Alphonse D'Amato v. Charles Schumer, U.S. Senate, New York, 1998
Number 22: "Electronic Mudslinging"						59
Lyndon Johnson v. Barry Goldwater, President, 1964
Number 21: "The Art of War"							73
Jesse Helms v. Harvey Gantt, U.S. Senate, North Carolina, 1990
Number 20: "Homo Sapiens, Thespians, and Extroverts"				88
Claude Pepper v. George Smathers, U.S. Senate, Florida, 1950
Number 19: "Vote for the Crook: It's Important"					102
Edwin Edwards v. David Duke, Governor, Louisiana, 1991
Number 18: "Who's the Boss?"							116
Richard Daley v. Robert Merriam, Mayor, Chicago, 1955
Number 17: "Polluting the Garden State"						129
Frank Lautenberg v. Pete Dawkins, U.S. Senate, New Jersey, 1988
Number 16: "God Save the Republic...Please"					142
Rutherford Hayes v. Samuel Tilden, President, 1876
Number 15: "Rudy and the Jets"							155
Rudolf Giuliani v. David Dinkins, Mayor, New York City, 1993
Number 14: "A Jersey Street Fight"							167
Robert Torricelli v. Richard Zimmer, U.S. Senate, New Jersey, 1996
Number 13: "In this Corner...Little Lord Fauntleroy?"				180
John Tower v. Robert Krueger, U.S. Senate, Texas, 1978
Number 12: "Sex, Lies, and Videotape"						193
Charles Robb v. Oliver North, U.S. Senate, 1994
Number 11: "Claytie v. The Lady"							209
Clayton Williams v. Ann Richards, Governor, Texas, 1990
Number 10: "Richard Nixon v. The United States of America"			222
Richard Nixon v. George McGovern, President, 1972
Number 9: "Bye-Bye Blackbird"							236
Harold Washington v. Bernard Epton, Mayor, Chicago, 1983
Number 8: "America, Meet Willie Horton"						251
George H.W. Bush v. Michael Dukakis, President, 1988
Number 7: "Tricky Dick v. The Pink Lady"						267
Richard Nixon v. Helen Gahagan Douglas, U.S. Senate, California, 1950
Number 6: "Grantism and Mr. Greeley"						282
Ulysses S. Grant v. Horace Greeley, President, 1872
Number 5: "The First Campaign"							297
Thomas Jefferson v. John Adams, 1800
Number 4: "A House Divided"							311
Abraham Lincoln v. George McClellan, President, 1864
Number 3: "Mud, Mugwumps, and Motherhood"					328
Grover Cleveland v. James G. Blaine, President, 1884
Number 2: "The Dirtiest Campaign in American History?"				343
Andrew Jackson v. John Quincy Adams, President 1828
Number 1: "George Wallace and the Negro Block Vote"				358
George Wallace v. Albert Brewer, Governor, Alabama, 1970
Epilogue										373
Bibliography										378

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