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List of Plates											
1. Forebears										
1 [The Aldridge Saga Begins]; 2 [Aldridge Family Strengths]; 3 [Aldridge Family 
Weaknesses]; 4 [Frank and Clara Aldridge]
2. Father										
5 John H. Grainger; 6 [John H. Grainger in Adelaide]; 7 My Father¿s Comment on Cyril 
Scott¿s Magnificat; 8 Mother¿s Experience with Scotch & Irish; 9 How Would We 
Ordinary Men Get On if the Clever Ones Did Not Destroy Themselves?; 10 My Father in 
My Childhood
3. Mother										
11 Dates of Important Events and Movements in the Life of Rose Grainger
12 [How I Have Loved Her, How I Love Her Now]; 13 Thought Mother was ¿God¿. 
Something of This Still Remains; 14 Arguments with Beloved Mother; 15 Mother¿s 
Neuralgia in Australia; 16 Mother on My Love of Being Pitied; 17 Beloved Mother¿s 
Swear-Words; 18 Mother a Nietzschean? 19 Thots of Mother while Scoring ¿To A 
Nordic Princess¿; 20 Bird¿s-Eye View of the Together-Life of Rose Grainger and Percy 
4. Friends										
21 [Dr Henry O¿Hara]; 22 Dr Hamilton Russell Called Me ¿A Tiger for Work¿; 23 A 
Day of Motoring with Dr Russell; 24 Karl Klimsch¿s Purse of Money, for Mother to Get 
Well On; 25 The English are Fickle Friends, tho Never Vicious in their Fickleness; 26 
My First Meeting with Cyril Scott; 27 Walter Creighton & Cyril Scott; 28 Walter 
Creighton on Roger Quilter¿s Hide-Fain-th ((Secretiveness)); 29 Roger Quilter Failed Me 
at Harrogate; 30 Balfour Gardiner Disliked What He Considered Political Falsification in 
Busoni & Harold Bauer; 31 Balfour Gardiner with Me in Norway, 1922; 32 Mrs 
L[owrey] and My Early London Days; 33 Frau Kwast-Hiller, Evchen, Mrs Lowrey in 
Berlin; 34 Miss Devlin¿s Sweet Australian Ways; 35 Jacques Jacobs on First Ada 
Crossley Tour; 36 Eliza Wedgewood, Out to Buy Old Furniture from Folksingers; 37 
Sargent¿s and His Set¿s Set-of-Mind toward My Betrothal to Margot
5. Wife											
38 On Board the ¿Aorangi¿; 39 The Nordic Nature of My Love for Her; 40 My Joy in 
Forming a Two-Some with Her; 41 Pevensey; 42 [Sex-Life]; 43 Ella¿s Rime-Piece ¿In 
Search of Gold¿; 44 Read This if Ella Grainger or Percy Grainger are Found Dead 
Covered with Whip Marks
6. Self											
45 [George Percy]; 46 [For My Autobiography]; 47 [Art and Craft]; 48 The London 
Gramophone Co. (now ¿His Master¿s Voice¿) & the Joseph Taylor Folksong Records; 49 
Money Spent on Ideals, Friends, etc., 1920 ¿ end 1923; 50 [The Centrality of Race]; 51 
[Pure-Nordic Beauty]; 52 [A Flawlessly Nordic Way of Living]; 53 [The Truly Nordic 
Life]; 54 The Thots I Think as I Grow Old; 55 [Fraud with Food, Fraud with Hair]; 56 
Growing Nasty-Spoken as I Near My Sixties; 57 Put-Upon Percy; 58 The Things I 
Dislike; 59 To Whoever Opens the Package Marked ¿Do Not Open until 10 Years after 
My Death¿
7. Composer										
60 [The Goal of My Art]; 61 Notes on Whip-Lust; 62 What is Behind My Music; 63 
Why ¿My Wretched Tone Life¿?; 64 Length (Size) in Tone-Art and Other Art; 65 The 
Strange Idea that I Compose for Piano & Then ¿Arrange¿ for Strings, Orchestra, etc.; 66 
¿The Inuit¿ at La Crosse, Wis[consin]; 67 My Dealings with Stanford anent his ¿Four 
Irish Dances¿; 68 Stanford Deemed My ¿Irish Tune¿ un-Irish & My ¿Brigg Fair¿ un-
English. His Disapproval of Vaughan Williams¿s Norfolk Rhapsodies; 69 Beecham¿s 
Cheek about ¿Colonial Song¿; 70 Balfour Gardiner¿s Criticisms of Sparre Olsen, Ravel, 
My ¿Colonial Song¿; 71 Grieg¿s Growing Fretfulness at My Tone-Works; 72 Sargent & 
Rathbone Lost Interest in My Compositions when Publicly Performed; 73 Vaughan 
Williams¿s Praise of a Detail in ¿Irish Tune from County Derry¿; 74 Delius Hostile to 
Harmonium Parts in My Chamber-Music Scores; 75 Mother Thought My Music 
Sounded like Hymn-Tunes; 76 Anent ¿Elastic Scoring¿; 77 [Letter to Roy Harris]; 78 A 
World-Wide Tone-Wright ((Composer)) Guild
8. Performer										
79 [Letter to Mabel Gardner]; 80 P.G.¿s Powers during Australian Tour of 1926; 81 
Native Art and Stage Fright; 82 Call-to-Mindments about Delius Piano Concerto; 83 
The Lower the Fee, the Better I Play; 84 Memories of Tchaikovsky Concertos; 85 Percy 
Grainger on Ideals; 86 Grieg on Busoni¿s Lightning Octaves in Grieg Concerto; 87 
Stanford Wanted to Take Me to the Norfolk, Conn. Festival, to Play His ¿Down Among 
the Dead Men¿ Variations; 88 Nina Grieg Thought Sostenuto Pedal Sounded ¿Unclear¿ 
in ¿Jeg går i tusen tanker¿; 89 H. Allerdale Grainger; 90 Cyril Scott¿s 1st Sonata at 
Bexhill (Suicidal Mood); 91 P.G. Rehearses ¿Song of the High Hills¿ with Frankfurt 
Rühlscher Gesangverein; 92 ¿The Bit You Played to Mark Hambourg¿ (Chopin 
9. Commentator									
93 [The Expressive Potential of Music]; 94 After Reading Parry; 95 Donald Francis 
Tovey¿s Aunt; 96 Dr Russell¿s Statement: ¿It¿s Too Early. You Must Wait till You¿re 
Dead¿; 97 Facts about Percy Grainger¿s Year in Europe; 98 [¿The King is Dead, Long 
Live the King¿: World, Racial and Tone-Art Loyalties]; 99 [Parry¿s ¿Judith¿]; 100 [The 
Gifted and Half-Gifted]; 101 Balfour Gardiner¿s Judgement on Vaughan Williams [Holst 
and Bax]; 102 Grieg on His Romanticism, My Scientificness, re Folksong; 103 Mother 
Liked Sibelius. PG¿s Estimate of Him & Other Nordic Music; 104 The Cheek of Band-
Bosses ((Conductors)); 105 Rudolf Ganz Praised Reger & Mahler to Busoni; 106 
Busoni & P.G.; 107 My First Hearing of Fritz Kreisler, with Mrs Lowrey; 108 
Melbourne Miss Rowe and Erno Rappé¿s Stolen Music; 109 Balfour Gardiner: ¿Obscure 
Successes¿; 110 Tonery (Japanese Singer, Javanese Tone-Tool, Pablo Casals); 111 
Intelligence versus Education
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