Table of contents for Of the past, for the future : integrating archaeology and conservation, proceedings of the conservation theme at the 5th World Archaeological Congress, Washington, D.C., 22-26 June 2003 / edited by Neville Agnew and Janet Bridgland.

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Timothy P. Whalen
Neville Agnew
PART I. Plenary Presentations
Looking Forward, Not Backward: Archaeology and the Future of the Past
Brian Fagan
The Monumental and the Trace: Archaeological Conservation and the Materiality of the Past
Rosemary Joyce
PART II. Innovative Approaches to Policy and Management of Archaeological Sites
Douglas C. Comer
Ideology, Economics, and Site Management
Douglas C. Comer
NGO and Government Collaboration in Archaeological Site Management: The Case of Petra, Jordan 
Aysar Akrawi 
Privatization of State-owned Cultural Heritage: A Critique of Recent Trends in Europe
Gaetano Palumbo 
Regional Site Management Planning and Training: The SPAFA Example in Southeast Asia
Pisit Charoenwongsa
Interpretation as Preservation: Rationale, Tools, and Challenges
Neil Silberman and Dirk Callebaut
Preservation of Heritage Sites in the Caribbean: The Experience of the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park of St. Kitts and Nevis
Larry Armony 
PART III. Conserving Archaeological Sites: New Approaches and Techniques
Neville Agnew 
Making Archaeological Sites: Conservation as Interpretation of an Excavated Past
Frank Matero
Decision Making for Conservation of Archaeological Sites: The Example of the Laetoli Hominid Trackway, Tanzania
Martha Demas and Neville Agnew
Conservation qua Archaeology at Tell Mozan/Urkesh
Giorgio Buccellati
PART IV. Finding Common Ground: The Role of Stakeholders in Decision Making
Brian Egloff
Conservation, Researchers, and Aboriginal Heritage: A Perspective from Coastal Southeastern Australia
Brian Egloff 
 "It Will Always Be Set in Your Heart": Archaeology and Community Values at the Former Dennawan Reserve, Northwestern New South Wales, Australia
Rodney Harrison
Community-based Archaeological Resource Management in Southeast Asia
Pisit Charoenwongsa
Adaptive Management and the Community at El Pilar: A Philosophy of Resilience for the Maya Forest
Anabel Ford
Social Landscapes and Archaeological Heritage in Latin America
Nelly Robles Garcia
Reflections on Archaeological Heritage and Indigenous Peoples in Chile
Ángel Cabeza
Whose Archaeology? Social Considerations in Archaeological Research Design
Richard Mackay
Changing Stakeholders and Community Attitudes in the Côa Valley World Heritage Site, Portugal
António Pedro Batarda Fernandes and Fernando Maia Pinto
PART V. Issues at World Heritage Sites
Sharon Sullivan
Sustainable Tourism at Archaeological World Heritage Sites
Eugenio Yunis
Presentation and Interpretation of Archaeological Sites: TheCase of Tell Mozan, Ancient UrkeshGiorgio Buccellati
Are We Ready to Learn? Lessons from the South Asian Region
Gamini Wijesuriya
Monitoring of Landscape Change at World Heritage Sites: Prologue to Proactive Management
Douglas C. Comer
PART VI. Archaeology and Tourism: A Viable Partnership?
Eugenio Yunis
The New Museum of Altamira: Finding Solutions to Tourism Pressure
José Antonio Lasheras Corruchaga and Pilar Fat s Monforte
Archaeology and Sustainable Tourism in Egypt: Protecting Community, Antiquities, and Environment
Willeke Wendrich
Maya Cities and Tourism
Wolfgang Wurster
Tourism and Cultural Risk Management
Scott Cunliffe
PART VII. Challenges in Conserving Archaeological Collections
Jerry Podany
Archaeological Collections: Valuing and Managing an Emerging Frontier
S. Terry Childs
Archaeological Archives in Britain and the Development of the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre
Hedley Swain
Working with Native Communities and Collections at the National Museum of the American Indian: Theory and Practice
Jessica S. Johnson, Bruce Bernstein, and James Pepper Henry
Challenges in Conserving Archaeological Collections
Kristín Huld Sigurðardóttir 
Archaeological Conservation in Turkey
Hande Kökten
PART VIII. Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Iraq and Afghanistan
Claire L. Lyons
The Law as a Tool for Cultural Heritage Preservation: The Case of Iraq and Afghanistan
Patty Gerstenblith
Babylon: A Case Study in the Military Occupation of an Archaeological Site
Zainab Bahrani
The National Museum and Archaeology in Afghanistan: Accomplishments and Current Needs
Abdul Wassey Feroozi and Omara Khan Masoodi
Preserving the Cultural and National Heritage of Afghanistan
Philip L. Kohl and Rita Wright
UNESCO's Mandate and Activities for the Rehabilitation of Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage
Christian Manhart
Recovery from Cultural Disaster: Strategies, Funding, and Modalities of International Cooperation in Afghanistan
Jim Williams and Louise Haxthausen
Preserving Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage: What Is to Be Done?
Osmund Bopearachchi
PART IX. Archaeology and Conservation in China Today: Meeting the Challenges of Rapid Development
Neville Agnew
China's Legal Framework for the Protection of Its Material Cultural Heritage
Yang Zhijun
Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Protection, and Capital Construction in China
Guan Qiang
Planning for Conservation of China's Prehistoric Sites and the Liangzhu Site Case Study
Chen Tongbin
Conservation during Excavation: The Current Situation in China
Wu Xiaohong
Heritage Protection in the Liyie Basin, Hunan Province, the People's Republic of China
Yuan Jiarong 
The Conservation and Exhibition of Large-Scale Archaeological Sites in Liaoning, China
Wang Jingchen
PART X. Sharing Resources and Experience: Managing Archaeological Sites and Rock Art Sites in Southern Africa
Janette Deacon
Sharing Resources: Issues in Regional Archaeological Conservation Strategies in Southern Africa
Janette Deacon
Intangible Heritage Management: Does World Heritage Listing Help? 
Phenyo Churchill Thebe
Rock Art Tourism in Southern Africa: Problems, Possibilities, and Poverty Relief
Benjamin Smith
Rock Art Management in Eastern and Southern Africa: Whose Responsibility?
George H. O. Abungu
Building Capacity to Protect Rock Art Heritage in Rural Communities
Webber Ndoro
Conservation of Non-Western Rock Art Sites Using a Holistic Medical Approach
Johannes Loubser
Why "Conserve"? Situating Southern African Rock Art in the Present
Sven Ouzman
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