Table of contents for Harvest for hope : a guide to mindful eating / Jane Goodall with Gary McAvoy.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Animals To Us
Nature's Ingenuity
Of Termites and Chimps
Our Natural Diet-From Chimp to Human
Fire-The Origins of Cooking
The Dawn of Human Culture
Chapter 2
A Celebration of Culture
Different Places, Different Foods
Celebrations and Feasts
Food and Religious Traditions
Chapter 3 
How We Lost Commonsense Farming
Death by Monoculture
Growing Food with Poisons
Our Chemical Legacy / Children Beware
A Hopeful Awakening
Chapter 4
Seeds of Discontent
Caution: Biohazards Ahead
A Letter Comes in the Mail...
Lord of the Seeds
Small Farmers Strike Back
They Were Wrong Before
Animals and GMOs
Chapter 5
Animal Factories: Farms of Misery
Not All Pigs Live Like Babe
What's the Beef?
Not-So-Contented Cows
Veal: What You've Heard is True
The Birth of Frankenfoods
Chapter 6
Farming Animals: Hazards to Our Health
They Don't Even Call Them Farms
Disease in the Slaughterhouse
Antibiotic Resistance
Animal Waste: The Cycle of Pollution
Pig Business is Big Business
Chapter 7
Doing Our Part: Help Animals on the Farm
Holding Restaurants Accountable
Talk to Your Grocer
Help Rescue Animals
Chapter 8
Ravaging the Oceans & Seas
The Great Lakes of Africa
Hazards of Fish Farming
Harmful to Humans
Hunting the Tiger Prawns
Willing to Take the Risk? (It's a very brief section just about risk)
Our Mercurial Oceans
Chapter 9
Becoming a Vegetarian
Coping with Travel
Consider Our Children
A Case for Eating Less Meat & Seafood
How Eating Meat Impacts the Environment
Feeding Our Appetite for Meat
Irresponsible Use of Water
Chapter 10
Global Supermarkets
Food, Fuel and Freeways
A Spoonful of Sugar
Chapter 11
Taking Back Our Food
Sensible Farming
Deep Organic, Shallow Organic
Chapter 12
The Endangered Family Farmer
Pound, Dollar, Peso, Rupee-Local is Affordable
Farming in Our Cities
Saving Family Farmers
Chapter 13
Eat Local, Eat Seasonal
Protecting Our Heirlooms
As Those Who Came Before
Traditional Foods Are the Healthiest
Slow Food Picks Up the Pace
Changing the World One Hard Hat at a Time
Chapter 14
At Home and School: Feeding Our Children
School Meals
A Delicious Revolution
And Then There's the Big Dream
Feed Me Better: The Naked Chef Goes to School
Appetite for a New Curriculum
Chapter 15
Obesity, Fast Food and Waste
The Not-So-Missing Link
The Seduction of Happy Meals
Beware of Corn Syrup
Fast Foods, Sugar and Violence
Waste Not, Want Not
Chapter 16
Sustainable Farming 
An Organic Wave Worldwide
Take Care of the Earth-Take Care of The Women
It All Begins and Ends with Soil
Local Food for Local People
Chapter 17
The Looming Water Crisis
Wasting Water
The Truth About Bottled Water
And About Those Plastic Bottles...
When Corporations Own the Water
Will Wars Be Fought Over Water?
Chapter 18
Stories of Nebraska
They Have the Corn
They Have the Factory Farms
They Have the Global Supermarket
And They Have the Water Crisis
In the Good Old Days
Yet Hope Grows in Nebraska
Chapter 19
Harvest for Hope
One Purchase, One Meal, One Bite at a Time
Eating to Vote

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Environmental protection.
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