Table of contents for Mycobacterium bovis infection in animals and humans / [edited by] Charles O. Thoen, James H. Steele, Michael J. Gilsdorf.

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1	Introduction
	D. Enarson
2	Public Health Significance of M. bovis
	P. LoBue
3	Human TB due to M. bovis in Latin America and the	Carribean
	M.D. Sequeira, V. Ritacco, and I.N. de Kantor
4	Pathogenesis
	C.O. Thoen and R.G. Barletta
5	Epidemiology
	J.B. Kaneene and D. Pfeiffer
6	Diagnostic Tests for bovine tuberculosis
	C.O.Thoen and E. Ebel
7	Molecular Techniques: Applications in Epidemiologic Studies
	N.B. Harris
8	PCR Detection of M. tuberculosis Complex in Formalin Fixed Tissues
	B. Thomson
9	Economics of bovine tuberculosis
	J. Zinsstag, E. Schelling, F. Roth and R. Kazwala
10	A Tuberculosis Outbreak in farmed deer in Sweden and its Economic 
	G. Bolske, H. Wahlstrom, B. Larsson, and J.A. Robertsson
11	Benefit and Cost Assessment of the U.S. Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication 
	M. Gilsdorf, E.D. Ebel, W.T. Disney
12	The Fall and Rise of bovine tuberculosis in Great Britain
	T. Goodchild, R. Clifton-Hadley
13	Economic Significance of Bovine Tuberculosis in Italy and Impact of 
Mycobacterium bovis Infection in Wild Swine
	A. Dondo, E. Ferroglio, M. Goria, G. Moda, L. Ruocco, and P. Vignetta
14	The Impact of Wildlife Reservoirs on M. bovis on Programs for the 
Eradication of 
Tuberculosis in Cattle in Ireland
	P.J. Quinn and J.D. Collins
15	Control and eradication of bovine tuberculosis in Central Europe
	I. Pavlik
16	Bovine Tuberculosis in Latin America and the Carribbean
	V. Ritacco, P. Torres, M.D. Sequeira, A. Reniero and I.N. de Kantor
17	The Status of Mycobacterium bovis in India
	R. Verma
18	Bovine Tuberculosis in Russia and the former states of the Soviet Union
	I. Pavlik
19	Mycobacterium bovis in Africa
	J. Zinsstag, R. Kazwala, I Cadmus, and L. Ayanwale
20	Current Challenges and Impacts to the U.S. National Bovine Tuberculosis 
Eradication Program: Mycobacterium bovis Outbreaks in Alternative Species and 
Surveillance Performance
	M. Gilsdorf, L. Judge, and E. Ebel
21	Impact of Bovine Tuberculosis in Wildlife on a National Eradication 
Program - 
	Maria A. Koller-Jones, C. Turcotte, Cyril Lutze-Wallace and Om Surujballi
22	The Bovine Tuberculosis Program in South Africa: The Impact of M. bovis-
infected Wild Species
	N. Kriek
23	Bovine Tuberculosis in China
	D. Zhao, D. Wu, and Z. Ning
24	Mycobacterium bovis infections in cattle in Germany:Status Report
	R. Weiss
25	Tuberculosis in Captive Wild Animals
	G. West
26	Tuberculosis in Fur Seals and Sea Lions caused by Mycobacterium pinnipedii
	D. Cousins
27	Tuberculosis in Non-human Primates
	P. Frost
28	DNA Vaccines Against Tuberculosis
	O. Chacon, J. Bannantine
29	Bovine Tuberculosis: Environmental Public Health Preparedness 
for the Future
	D. Ashford, L. Voelker and J. Steele

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Tuberculosis in cattle.
Mocobacterium bovis.
AIDS (Disease) -- Complications.