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Following General Records, entries are grouped by dynasties under individual reigns. Entries listed in parentheses refer the reader to relevant sections of the General Records. 
The History and Historiography of the "Libyan Anarchy"
Notes on the Translations, Text Genres and Conventions
I. General Records
A. Genealogies
1. Khonsu Roof Genealogies of a Priestly Induction: The Interrelationship of Dynasties XXI-XXII 
2. The Serapeum Stela of Pasenhor: The Royal Genealogy of Dynasty XXII 
3. The Genealogy of the Memphite Priestly Elite 
4. The Genealogy of Basa 
5. The Genealogy of Tafabart 
6. The Funerary Stela of Karama 
B. Priestly Annals and Graffiti
7. Theban Nile Level Records
8. The Heliopolitan Annals of Dynasty XXII 
9. The Karnak Priestly Annals
10. Four Clerical Graffiti from the Khonsu Temple Roof
C. Magical Texts
11. Magical Healing Stelae: Cippi of "Horus on the Crocodiles"
12. Oracular Amuletic Decree 
D. Donation Stelae
13. The Donation Stela of Niumateped
14. Donation Stela Strassburg 1588
II. Dynasty XXI
15. General and High Priest Herihor at Karnak 
16. The Kingship of Herihor in the Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak
17. Herihor's Libyan Ancestry 
18. The Voyage of Wenamon 
19. The Reburial of Royal Mummies under Herihor
20. The Dibabieh Quarry Stela of Smendes
21. An Incriminating Letter to the General and High Priest Piankh
Pinedjem I HPA and King
22. Theban Graffiti of High Priest Pinedjem I
23. Pinedjem I - The Transition to Royal Status 
24. The Reburial of Royal Mummies under Pinedjem I
25. The Attainment of Royalty: The Votive Stela of Wennefer, Priest of Coptos 
26. A Letter from El-Hibeh regarding High Priest Masaharta 
27. A Letter to El-Hibeh from High Priest Menkheperre 
28. The Banishment Stela 
Pseusennes I
(Karnak Priestly Annals, No. 9, 3A)
29. Titles of the Tanite Priest-King Pseusennes I
30. Oracular Property Settlement of Menkheperre 
31. The Royal Titulary of Menkheperre (A) at East Karnak
32. Karnak Restoration Stela of Menkheperre
Amonemope or Siamon
33. Settlement text of Pylon X at Karnak
Osorkon the Elder
(Libyan Geneaology of Osorkon the Elder, No. 1)
(Karnak Priestly Annals, No. 9, 3B and 33)
34. The Titles of Neskhons (A), Wife of Pinedjem II
35. Funerary Decree of Amon for Princess Neskhons
36. The Reburial of Royal Mummies under Siamon
37. The Burial of Pinedjem II: Wall Dockets of Deir-el Bahari Tomb 320
38. A Memphite Land Sale under Siamon 
39. Tanite Victory Relief
Pseusennes II
40. Maatkare Decree
41. Abydos Stela of Great Chief Sheshonq For His Father Namlot 
Sheshonq I
(Karnak Priestly Annals, No. 9, 4)
(Theban Nile Texts, No. 7, 1, 3)
42. Bubastis Block
43. Larger Dakhleh Stela 
44. Deir el-Bahari Cache, Interment of Djedptahiuefankh 
45. Heracleopolis Altar 
46. Apis Embalming Bed
47. Gebel es-Silsilah Quarry Stela No. 1 
48. Bubastite Portal Reliefs 
49. Karnak Sanctuary Block
50. Karnak Stela 
51. Megiddo Stela 
52. Byblos Statue
53. El-Hibeh Temple Reliefs 
54. Cartonnage of Hor 
55. Canopic Chest 
Osorkon I
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 2)
56. Bubastite Portal Reliefs
57. Byblos Statue 
58. El-Hibeh Temple Reliefs
59. Bubastis Temple Inscriptions - Bastet Temple 
60. Bubastis Temple Inscriptions - Atum Temple
61. Khonsu Temple Graffito 
62. Donation Stela for the God's Father Hory 
63. Stela of Pashedbastet 
64. Mummy of Nakhtefmut 
Sheshonq II
65. Luxor Graffito 
66. Nile-God Statue Dedicated by High Priest Sheshonq (II)
67. Durham Bes Statue 
68. Inscriptions from the Burial of Heqakheperre
Takelot I
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 16-21)
69. Apanage Stela of Iuwelot
70. The Solar Hymn of Iuwelot 
71. The Pectoral of Wasakawasa, son of High Priest Iuwelot
72. Serapeum Block 
73. Tanite Tomb Inscriptions
Osorkon II
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 8-12, 15)
74. Tanis Statue 
75. Byblos Statue
76. Karnak Sanctuary Blocks
77. Supposed "Jubilee Stela" 
78. Bubastis Jubilee 
79. Mahes Temple 
80. Donation Stela of Djedptahiuefankh 
81. The Dirge of General Pasherenese
Takelot II
82. The Chronicle of Prince Osorkon
83. Karnak Graffito of Hori 
84. Donation Stela for Karoama 
85. Karnak Oracular Text against Harsiese
Sheshonq III 
(Theban Nile Level Texts, Nos. 22-24)
86. Donation Stela of Washtihat
87. Donation Stela of Bakennefy 
(Karnak Priestly Annals, No. 9, 7)
88. Donation Stela of Hornakht 
89. First Serapeum Stela of Padiese
90. Tanis Gate 
Sheshonq IV (new) 
(Heliopolitan Annals of Dynasty XXII, No. 8)
91. Canopic Jars from Tanite Tomb (V) of Sheshonq III
92. Donation Stela of Great Chief Niumateped (A) 
(Heliopolitan Annals of Dynasty XXII, No. 8)
93. Blocks 24-25 from the Sacred Lake at Tanis
94. Second Serapeum Stela of Padiese 
95. Third Serapeum Stela of Padiese 
96. Serapeum Votive Stela of Seneb 
97. Serapeum Votive Stela of Padja 
98. British Museum Bronze Statue 32747
99. S. Louvre E 1139
100. Donation Stela Cairo 
101. Canopic Jar and Foil Fragment from Tanis Tomb II
Sheshonq V
102. Bubastis Donation Stela of Sheshonq V 
103. Erased Donation Stela 
(Donation Stela of Niumateped, No. 13)
104. Donation Stela of Titaru 
105. Donation Stela of Washtihat 
106. Donation Stela of Great Chief Rudamon 
Osorkon IV
107. Leiden Glazed Ring, Leiden Relief Block and Louvre Aegis 
Pedubast I
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 26-29)
(Karnak Priestly Annals, No. 9, 1, 2, 5)
108. Karnak Pylon X Inscription of Pashedbastet
109. Donation Stela of Harkhebi 
Iuput I
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 26)
Sheshonq VI (old IV)
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 25)
Osorkon III
110. A Theban Flood Recorded in Luxor Temple 
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 5-7,13-14)
111. Akoris Stela of Osorkon III 
Takelot III
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 4)
Peftchauawybast (Local Heracleopolis Dynasty) 
112. Harsaphes and Royal Statues 
113. Donation Stelae of Year 10 
114. Louvre Vase
115. Temple of Osiris Ruler of Eternity
116. Medinet Habu Block - Tomb 21 
117. Berlin Coffin Plank 2100
Iuput II
118. Tell el-Yahudieh Bark Stand
119. Brooklyn Glazed Plaque 
120. Leontopolis Bronze Door Hinge
121. Donation Stela of Smendes
Sheshonq VII (old VI)
122. Bronze Pendant University College, London
Unassigned Reigns, Dyn. XXII-XXIII 
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 43-45)
(Donation Stela Strassburg 1588, No. 14)
(Genealogy of Basa, No. 4)
(Genealogy of Tafabart, No. 5) 
Osorkon C
123. Victory Talisman 
124. Ushebtis 
125. Farouk Donation Stela of Tefnakht 
126. Donation Stela of Tefnakht, Great Chief of the West 
127. Athens Donation Stela of King Tefnakht 
128. Micha·lidis Donation Stela of King Tefnakht
129. Scarabs
130. Vase from Tarquinia
131. Serapeum Inscription
132. Serapeum Stelae 91
133. Serapeum Stelae 92
134. Serapeum Stelae 93 
135. Serapeum Stelae 97
136. Serapeum Stelae 101
137. Serapeum Stelae 102
138. Tanis Cartouche Fragment
The Royal Genealogy of Dynasty XXV
139. Aspalta Election Stela 
140. Semna Inscription 
141. Elephantine Stela 
(Karnak Priestly Annals, No. 9, 31)
142. Wadi Gasus Inscription
143. Gebel Barkal Stela No. 26 of Year 3
144. Gebel Barkal Stela of year 4 
145. Victory Stela 
146. Smaller Dakhleh Stela 
147. Funerary Stela of Queen Tabiry
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 30-32)
148. Commemorative Scarab
149. Donation Stela of Bakenatum 
150. Karnak Restoration Inscription
151. Nineveh Clay Stamp Seals
152. Kawa Temple B Inscription
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 33)
153. Memphis Statue
154. Karnak Chapel 
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 34-38)
155. Karnak Sanctuary Blocks
156. Medinet Habu Stelae
157. Memphis Stela 
158. Napata Inscriptions
159. Kawa Relief of the Traditional "Libyan Smiting Scene"
160. Kawa Stela III 
161. Kawa Stela IV 
162. High Nile Stelae of Year 6 
163. Kawa Stela VI
164. Kawa Stela VII 
165. Serapeum Stela of Year 24 
166. Mut Temple Inscriptions of Montuemhat 
167. New Year's Talisman of Montuemhat 
168. Napata Statues
169. Dream Stela
170. Donation(?) Stela of Ankhnesites
Psametik I
171. Adoption Stela of Nitocris 
(Theban Nile Level Texts, No. 7, 39-42)
172. Donation Stela of Padikhonsu 
173. Block Statue of Harbes
174. The Libyan Campaign of Psametik I 
175. First Serapeum Stela 
176. The Statue of Ibi, Chief Steward of Nitocris 
Libyan Names
General Index

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