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Table of Contents
Part One: Prenatal Care on the Job
Chapter 1: Minimizing Physical Discomforts
How to Remain Professional When You?re Not Feeling Well
Strategies for Coping with Common Discomforts
Creating a More Comfortable Workspace
Comfort Supplies Checklist
Eating for Two on a Busy Schedule
Sleeping Well and Working Refreshed
On-the-Job Energy Boosters
Making Business Travel Easier during Pregnancy
Chapter 2: Ensuring Your Safety at Work
Job Safety and the Law
Identifying Hazards and Dealing with Their Potential Risk
Job Safety Checklist
Preventing Late-Term Risks
Chapter 3: Keeping Fit at Work
Exercising on the Go
A Word of Caution
Prenatal Workout
Postpartum Exercise
Chapter 4: On-the-Job Stress Reducers and Relaxation Techniques
Ten Ways to Control Stress at Work
On-the-Job Relaxation Techniques
Fast-Acting Stress Busters
Chapter 5: Maintaining Your Professional Appearance
Guidelines for Buying Maternity Clothes
Saving Money on Your Maternity Wardrobe
Storing Maternity Clothes Properly
Chapter 6: Working with Your Birth Specialist
Doctor/Birth Attendant Estimate Worksheet
Guaranteeing a Successful Prenatal Checkup
Personal Pregnancy Diary
Prenatal Appointment Calendar
Part Two: Planning Ahead for the Working Woman
Chapter 7: Announcing Your Pregnancy to Your Boss and Coworkers
Telling the Boss You?re Pregnant
Making a Smooth Transition
Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers
Chapter 8: Managing Your Maternity Leave
Understanding the Leave Laws and Policies
What to Do When You Suspect Bias Based on Your Pregnancy
Planning Your Maternity Leave
Maternity Leave Policy Worksheet
Negotiating the Maternity Leave You Want
What to Do If Your Employer Does Not Have a Maternity Leave Policy
Work Options to Consider When Your Maternity Leave Ends
Sample Maternity Leave Agreement
Chapter 9: Getting Ready for Baby on a Busy Schedule
Working Woman?s Nine-Month Checklist
Baby-Care Checklist
Baby Equipment Checklist
Working Woman?s Nine-Month Planning Calendar
Chapter 10: Time-Saving Ways to Find a Quality Baby Doctor
Conducting Initial Interviews by Telephone from Work
Critical Questions for an In-Person Interview
Pediatrician Estimate Worksheet
Preparing for the Hospital Ahead of Time
Hospital Suitcase Checklist
What to Do If Labor Starts at Work
Chapter 11: Budget Strategies to Meet Your Family?s Growing Needs
Strategies for Financial Security
Determining the Costs of Having a Baby
Childbirth Costs Checklist
Before-and-After Expenses Comparison Chart
Customizing a Benefits Package to Meet Your Needs
Health Insurance Questions and Answers
Part Three: Finding and Maintaining First-Rate Child Care 
Chapter 12: Evaluating Your Child-Care Options
In-Home Child Care: Pros and Cons
Outside-the-Home Child Care: Pros and Cons
Chapter 13: Choosing Child Care That Meets Your Needs
Starting the Selection Process
Questions to Ask Yourself as You Assess Your Needs
Save Time with Phone Interviews
Interviewing an In-Home Caregiver
Caregiver Questionnaire
Child-Care Planner
Interviewing a Child-Care Center or Family Home
Child-Care Center Worksheet
Easing the Back-to-Work Transition
Caring for Your Caregiver
Changing Your Caregiver
Protecting Your Child from Abuse
Chapter 14: What to Do If Your Child is Sick or Injured
Making Sick-Care Arrangements
Calling the Doctor from Work
Illness and Injury Observation Worksheet
Emergency Information Sheet
Consent for Emergency Medical Care
Going to the Doctor?s Office
Part Four: Returning to Work
Chapter 15: Experiencing a Good Physical and Emotional Postpartum Recovery
Recognizing and Dealing with Common Problems
Body Adjustments
Chapter 16: Overcoming Back-to-Work Anxieties
Answers to the Most Common Worries of Working Mothers
How to Prevent ?Super Working-Mother Syndrome?
Back-to-Work Checklist
Helping Your Baby and Yourself with Separation Anxiety
Taking Your Baby to Meet Your Coworkers
Controlling Stress and Becoming a Contented Working Parent
Options to Consider When Your Job and Motherhood Don?t Mix
Chapter 17: Organizing Your Life to Meet the Needs of Work
Tips for Successful Task-Sharing at Home
Ten Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals at Home
A Sample Plan for Hectic Workdays
Making the Most of Time with Your Baby
Keeping Your Marriage Fresh
Accomplishing Your Goals at Work
Transitioning from Work to Home
Chapter 18: Breast-Feeding and the Working Woman
Combining Breast-Feeding and Working
Overcoming the Challenges of Breast-Feeding While Working
Dressing for Successful Breast-Feeding at Work
Guidelines While Traveling
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