Table of contents for The everything card tricks book : over 100 amazing tricks to impress your friends and family! / Dennis Rourke.

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Chapter 1: Welcome to Playing-Card Magic
The Mystique of Playing Cards
A Rich History
The Life of the Party
The Ultimate Icebreaker
The Process of Learning a Card Trick 
Professional Magic 
Chapter 2: Selling a Trick
Establishing Credibility
The Magician's Code
The Magic Mystique
Your Appearance
Entertaining Versus Fooling 
Practice and Polish
Take Your Applause
Chapter 3: Misdirection: Magic's Greatest Secret 
Avoiding Distractions
Capturing and Leading Attention 
Breaking Up the Memory
Watch Your Angles
Eye Patterns
Chapter 4: Card Location
The Mechanic's Grip
Placing the Card
The Jog
False Shuffle 
Card to Bottom
Card to Top
Tricks Based on Card Location 
Chapter 5: The Glimpse
Think Inside the Box
Bottom Peek
Top Glimpse
Tricks with the Glimpse
Chapter 6: Forced Choice
False Cut Force
Hindu Shuffle
Slip Force
Conjurer's Choice
Classic Force
Tricks Using the Force
Chapter 7: Counting the Cards
The Short Count
The Long Count
The Slow Long Count
The Hold Back Count
Tricks by Counting Cards
Chapter 8: False Cuts
The Tap Cut
The Three-Way Cut
The One-Handed Cut
The Triple Table Cut
Tricks Using the False Cut
Chapter 9: Palming a Card
Top Palm
Bottom Palm
Palming Tricks
Reverse Count to the Card
Russian Shuffle
Chapter 10: Stacked Deck
Top Stock
Bottom Stock
Si Stebbins Stack
Tricks with a Stacked Deck
Chapter 11: Crimps and Bridges
Side Crimp
Corner Crimp
Flying Crimp
Tricks with Crimps
Side Bridge
End Bridge
Bridge Cut 
Tricks with a Bridge
Chapter 12: Short Card 
Short Card
Short Corner
Svengali Deck
Stripper Deck
Tricks with Short Cards
Chapter 13: Confederates
Signs and Codes
Tricks with Signs and Codes
The Plant in the Audience 
Tricks with a Plant in the Audience
Chapter 14: Apparatus
Rising Cards
Slick Card
Salted Card
Card Box
Tricks with Apparatus 
Chapter 15: Double Lift
Classic Double Lift
One-Handed Get-Ready Lift
One-Handed Double Lift
Tricks with a Double Lift
Chapter 16: Reversed Card
Bold Reverse
Cut to Reverse
Double Lift Reverse
Tricks with a Reversed Card
One-Way Deck
Tricks with a One-Way Deck
Chapter 17: Fans and Spreads
Flourish as a Key to Credibility
Two-Handed Fans 
One-Handed Fans
Simple Spreads
Animated Spreads
Chapter 18: Extra Cards
Duplicate Card
Blank Card
Double Card
Introducing a Duplicate Card
Tricks with Extra Cards
Chapter 19: Fancy Cuts and Shuffles
The Swivel Cut
The Cut Position
The Gate Cut
The Charlier Pass
The Three Way Cut
The Fair Foul and Fancy
Riffle Shuffle
Faro Shuffle 
Russian Shuffle
Chapter 20: Flashy Stuff
Producing the Selected Card
Showing Both Sides of a Card as One
Shooting a Card
Producing a Card
Vanishing a Card
Color Change
Appendix A: Magic Societies
Appendix B: Glossary

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