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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Putting Yourself in Your Puppy's Paws
Genetic/Historic Impulses
All Together Now--Herding Breeds
Think Twice Before Entering--Guarding Breeds
Watchdog--Protective Breeds
Play Ball--Sporting Breeds
Sound the Alarm--Terriers
Self-Motivated (Dogs with Distinct Skills)
Sweet Aroma--Scent Hounds
Motion Detectors--Sight Hounds
Mighty Hunters--Hunting Breeds
Snuggle Puppies--Companion Breeds
You Talking to ME???--Fighting Breeds
Steam Engine--Draft and Sled Dogs
The "Pure" Mix Breed
Discover Your Puppy's Personality
Personality Profile
A Personality Quiz
Nature vs. Nurture
Chapter 2: A Welcome Home
Going Shopping for Puppy Supplies
Food and Bowls
Mats and Beds
Treat Cups
Training Tools
Collars, Leashes, Raincoats, Oh My!
Feeding Time
Human Food
Canned Food
Dry Kibbles
Healthy Habits, Happy Home
Is There a Dog Doctor in the House?
Everyday Hygiene
Prevention Beats a Cure Hands Down
Chapter 3: Doglish 101
Ahem!--Getting Your Attention
Eye Contact
Body Language
First Words
The Civilized Puppy
Chapter 4: Puppy Parenting Styles
What Feels Right
Attachment Puppy Parenting
A More Separate Approach
Outdoor Living
Sweet Dreams
Rooming In
Solitary Sleepers
Two Heads on One Pillow
Mystical Trinkets and Teaching Techniques
Clicker-Happy Learning
Point Training
Outside Help
Dog Walker/Pet Sitter
Doggie Daycare
Chapter 5: Fun, Structure, and Communication for All
A Look at Yourself
Choose Your Battles
Age-Appropriate Discipline
Young Puppies (7-18 weeks)
Developing Adolescence (4 1/2-9 months)
Puberty (9-18 months)
Modify You, Modify Puppy
The Game Gallery
Positive Play Training
Chapter 6: The Not-So-Perfect Puppy
Understanding Their Impulses
Creative Connections
Is It Fear or Understanding?
Cause-and-Effect Corrections
Defining Flags
Housebreaking 101
Troubleshooting Tips
General Guidelines
Addressing Specific Needs
Young Puppies (up to 5 Months)
Older Puppies (over 5 Months)
What to Chew?
Young Pups (8-16 Weeks)
Older Puppies (16 weeks and older)
Mouthy Marvins
Young Puppies (Under Five Months)
Older Puppies (Over Five Months)
Reaction Techniques to Try
Situation-Specific Techniques
Counter Cruising
Catching the Thought
Caught in the Act
After the Fact
Loud Mouth
Dynamic Diggers
Poopie Palate
Tough Puppy
Aggression 101
Separation Anxiety
Leash Lungers
Mule Wannabes
Runaway Puppies
Doorway Dramas
Door Wide Open
Mounting Dramatics
Herding Habits
A Positive Outlet
The Concept of NO
Inedible Ingestion
Chapter 7: Enjoying the First Year
Oh-So Dependant (8-12 Weeks)
What to Expect
What to Teach
Self Assured (12-16 weeks)
What to Expect
What to Teach
Look At Me Now (4-6 months)
What to Expect
What to Teach
Hot Shot (7-9 months)
What to Expect
What to Teach
Who's the Boss? (10-12 months)
What to Expect
What to Teach
Expecting a Puppy?
What Kind of Puppy Is Right for Me?
What's Temperament Testing?
Raising Kids and Puppies
Kid-Friendly Charts and Phrases
Other Tidbits
Things to Avoid
Two Puppies: Twice the Fun or Double Trouble?
Transitioning a New Puppy with Other Pets
Other Pets
Sarah's Doglish Glossary
Reference Page
Author List
Website List

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