Table of contents for Gulliver's travels / retold from the Jonathan Swift original ; abridged by Martin Woodside ; illustrated by Jamel Akib.

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Part One: A Voyage to Lilliput
Chapter One: 	The author gives some account of himself and his desire to travel. He is 
shipwrecked and arrives on shore in the country of Lilliput.
Chapter Two: 	The Emperor of Lilliput comes to see the author in his habitat and learned 
men are appointed to teach the author their language. The author asks for 
his liberty, and it is granted.
Chapter Three: Mildendo, the city of Lilliput is described. The Author prevents an 
 invasion and great honor is bestowed upon him.
Chapter Four: The Author, being informed of a plan to accuse him of high treason, 
 makes his escape to Blefescu.
Chapter Five: 	The Author, by a lucky accident, finds means to leave Blefescu and 
returns to his natural country.
Part Two: A Voyage to Broddingdang
Chapter One: 	A great storm described. The author goes to fetch water and is left on shore, where he is seized by one of the natives.
Chapter Two: 	A description of the farmer's daughter. The Author is carried into town 
and then to the city. 
Chapter Three: The Author is presented to the King. An apartment is provided for him, 
 and he quarrels with the Queen's Dwarf.
Chapter Four: 	The Author's way of traveling. Several adventures that happened to him.
Chapter Five: The King and Queen travel to distant frontiers. They Author joins them. 
The manner in which he leaves the country and returns to England.
Part Three: A Voyage to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Glubbdubadrib, Luggnagg, and Japan
Chapter One: 	The Author sets out on his third voyage. He is taken by pirates. He 
arrives at an island and is received onto Laputa.
Chapter Two: 	The humors and dispositions of the Laputans. The Author's receptions 
there, and the inhabitants fears.
Chapter Three: The secret of the flying island. The King's Method of suppressing rebellion.
Chapter Four: The Author leaves Laputa. He descends to Balnibarbi and arrives at the 
city The Author is well received by a great lord.
Chapter Five: The Author leaves Lagado, arriving at Maldonada. No ship is ready and 
he takes a short voyage.
Chapter Six: 	The Author's return to Maldonada. He sails to the Kingdom of Luggnagg.
Chapter Seven: The Author leaves Luggnagg and sails to Japan. From there he returns to 
 Amsterdam, and from there to England.
Part Four: A Voyage to the country of the Houyhnhms
Chapter One: 	The Author sets out as the Captain of a ship. His men conspire against 
him and set him on shore in an unknown land.
Chapter Two: 	The Author is conducted to a house and his reception there.
Chapter Three: The author studies the Houyhnhnm language. He gives a short account of 
 his voyage.
Chapter Four: 	The Author tells his story and shows his great love for his natural country. 
His Master responds.
Chapter Five: A grand debate at the General Assembly and how it was determined.
Chapter Six: The Author's dangerous voyage home.
Chapter Seven: Afterword

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