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Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Chapter I
Introduction and Sources of Law	1
Introduction	1
Nigeria: A Background	4
Africa: Background and Context	8
Sources of Nigerian Law	18
Statutory Law	19
English Law	21
Public Law	23
Private Law	25
Substantive Law	27
Adjective Law	27
Common Law	27
Equity	28
Case Law/Precedent	29
Customary Law	31
Islamic Law	37
Criminal Law and Procedure	38
Civil Law	39
Chapter II
Jurisprudence and Nigerian Perspectives	41
Introduction	41
The Mwalimu Concept of Law	42
Problems of Definition	42
Thomist Philosophy of Law	62
Chapter III
African Customary Law	77
Customary Law in General: Introduction	77
Indigenous Constitutions and African Customary Law	79
The Political System and Government under Customary Law	80
Legislature	81
Executive	82
Judiciary and Judicial Process	83
The Concept of African Customary Law	84
Salient Features and Characteristics of African Customary Law	95
Definition of African Customary Law	102
Anthropology and Legal Approaches to the Nature of African 
Customary Law	108
The Contribution of T.O. Elias to the Nature of African Customary 
Law	116
Elias and the Nature of African Customary Law	124
Jurisprudence, African Customary Law, and Modern State Law	128
Judicial Application of Customary Law, Validity and African Legal 
Structures	132
Application	132
Legal Structures	134
Statutory Law	134
Customary Law in Nigeria in Particular	135
Elements of Nigerian Customary Law	135
Characteristics of Nigerian Customary Law	136
Establishing Customary Law	137
Proof of Customary Law in Non-Customary and Non-Area Courts	137
Proof of Customary Law in Customary and Area Courts	139
Customary Law as Evidence	147
Judicial Notice	148
Validity of Customary Law	149
Chapter IV
Islamic Law	151
Introduction	151
Islam in Africa XE "Africa" 	151
Islamic Law in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	158
Background to Islamic Law	159
Roots of Islamic Law XE "Roots of Islamic Law" 	161
Islam within Statutory and Customary Law	165
Islam and Local Law in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	167
Islam, the Constitution, and Legal Structures	171
Constitutional Provisions	171
Statutory Provisions	172
Enforcement of Islamic and Customary Laws	175
Chapter V
Comparative Constitutionalism XE "Constitutionalism" and Nigerian 
Perspectives	179
Introduction	179
Comparative Constitutionalism XE "Constitutionalism" 	182
Form	182
Constituencies	184
Bicameralism XE "Bicameralism" 	185
Executive	186
Legislature	187
Judiciary	187
Federalism XE "Federalism" in Africa XE "Africa" 	190
New African Constitutions XE "New African Constitutions" 	197
The 1999 Constitution of Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	201
A Comparison of the 1979 and 1999 Constitutions	207
Sources of Power in a Military System of Government	227
The Judiciary under Military Rule	237
Chapter VI
Overview Citizenship, Immigration and Administrative Law	249
Citizenship and Immigration Laws	249
Nationality under Nigerian Law	249
Citizenship Laws and Native of Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	250
Nigerian Citizenship Laws	253
Citizenship under the 1999 Constitution	254
Immigration and Deportation	257
Administrative Law	259
Introduction	259
The Study of Administrative Law in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	262
The Rule of Law XE "Rule of Law" in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	264
Separation of Powers	266
Executive Powers	270
The Judiciary	271
Administration	272
The Sovereignty of the Legislature and the Supremacy of the 
Constitution	272
Entities of Administration in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	274
State Succession XE "State Succession" to State Executive Powers 
and Entrenched Provisions of the Constitution	277
Other Officers and Bodies of Government	281
National and State Election Tribunals	285
Nigerian Police and the Armed Forces of the Federation	286
Local Government in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	289
Local Government in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" up to 1975	289
Local Government in Lagos	289
Local Government in Northern Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	290
Local Government in Western and Mid-Western Nigeria XE 
"Nigeria" 	291
Local Government in Eastern Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	291
Control of Local Authorities by Regional Governments	292
Local Government in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" from 1975 to 1979	293
Local Government in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" from 1979 to the 
Present	295
Constitutional Provisions on Local Government under the 
Constitution of 1999	296
The Fourth Schedule to the Constitution on Local Government	297
The Local Government (Basic Constitutional and Transitional 
Provisions) Decree, 1998	298
Election to the Councils	301
Local Government Election Tribunals	301
Chapter VII
Judicial System and Legal Profession	303
Introduction	303
Nigerian Courts	305
Judicial System	306
The Supreme Court of Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	308
Federal Court of Appeal	315
The Federal High Court	320
The "Vexing" Problem of Jurisdiction of the Federal High Court	321
Exclusive Jurisdiction	322
Concurrent Jurisdiction	323
Locus Standi	325
Enforcement of Fundamental Human Rights	326
The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory at Abuja	337
The High Court of State	338
The Customary Courts of Appeal and the Sharia Court of Appeal	341
The Sharia Court of Appeal	343
Magistrates Courts	344
Customary and Area Courts	345
The Legal Profession	368
Constitutional Provisions	369
Legislation	370
Legal Education	372
Practicing	376
Legal Aid XE "Legal Aid" 	379
Changes in the Law	379
Chapter VIII
Outline of Criminal Law, Evidence and Civil Procedure	381
Criminal Law	381
Origins of Nigerian Criminal Laws	382
Customary Law	383
Islamic Laws	384
Criminal Code	384
The Penal Code XE "Penal Code" of Northern Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 
Other Statutory Enactments	386
Indian XE "Indian" Penal Code XE "Penal Code" 	386
Penal Code XE "Penal Code" in the North	388
Evidence Laws	389
Civil Procedure	391
Customary/Native or Area Courts	392
Magistrates/District Courts	395
Jurisdiction of Magistrates Courts	397
High Courts	398
Jurisdiction	400
Rules of Practice and Procedure in the High Courts	400
Appellate Courts	403
The Sharia Court of Appeal	407
Specific Proceedings	409
Fatal Accidents Cases	409
Recovery of Premises	410
Enforcement of Judgments and Orders of Courts	412
Elections and Election Petitions	413
Election Petitions	416
Petition of Right	416
Matrimonial Causes	418
Corporate (Company) Proceedings by Petition	419
Corporate Proceedings by Originating Motion	422
Corporate Proceedings by Originating Summons	422
Prerogative Writs and Orders	422
Workmen's Compensation XE "Workmen's Compensation" Laws
Probate and Administration of Estates	426
Chapter IX
Statutory Marriage and Divorce Laws	429
General Introduction: Marriage Laws in Africa XE "Africa" 	429
Statutory Marriage Laws	434
Case Studies	435
Statutory Marriage in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	438
The Nature of a Statutory Marriage in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	441
Legal Characteristics of a Nigerian Marriage	442
Nature of Contract of Marriage	443
The Marriage Contract	444
Preliminaries	445
Preliminaries to Marriage	445
Consent to Marriages in Certain Cases	446
Celebration of Marriage	446
Defective Marriages	447
Offences and Penalties	448
Foreign Marriages XE "Foreign marriages" 	448
Legal Effects of a Statutory Marriage	449
Matrimonial Causes	450
Statutory Divorce Laws	450
Case Studies	450
Matrimonial Causes in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" under the Act of 1970	452
Void Marriages	453
Statutory Divorce	461
Chapter X
Customary Marriage and Divorce	467
Introduction	467
A Comparative Study	467
Customary Marriage Laws	475
Customary Marriage Laws in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	483
Introduction	483
Legal Characteristics of a Customary Marriage	487
The Customary Marriage	488
Validity Based on Consent to a Customary Marriage	495
Prohibited Degrees of Consanguinity and Affinity	499
Capacity of Non-Nigerian Natives to Marry Under Nigerian 
Customary Law	499
Bride Price	501
Proof of a Customary Law Marriage	502
Registration of Customary Marriages	502
Legal Effects of Customary Marriage	505
Matrimonial Causes	506
Customary Divorce Laws	512
Case Studies	513
Customary Divorce Laws in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	517
Introduction	517
Customary Divorce	517
Invalid Marriages	520
Chapter XI
Marriage and Divorce under Islamic Law	523
Marriage under Islamic Law in Africa XE "Africa" Generally	523
Islamic Law Marriage Pursuant to Statutory Provisions	526
Islamic Law Marriage Pursuant to Customary Law	532
Islamic Law Marriages in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	542
Requirements of Islamic Marriage	544
Dower, Dowry/Saduquat	546
Consent of Male Parent or Male Marriage Guardian	549
A Woman's Consent	551
Celebration of Marriage	552
Marriage Session/ Marriage Ceremony (Majlis)	553
Witnesses (Shuhud)	553
Stipulations in a Marriage Contract	554
Classifications of Marriage	554
Marriage with a Pagan Woman	556
Consummation	556
Validity of Marriage/Legal Effect of a Valid Marriage	557
Legal Obstacles to a Valid Marriage	557
Divorce under Islamic Law in Africa XE "Africa" Generally	558
Islamic Divorce Pursuant to Islamic Statutory Law	558
Islamic Divorce Pursuant to Islamic Customary Law	564
Islamic Law Divorce in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" 	572
Who Can Divorce?	572
Talaq-us-sunnat	573
Requirements of a Valid Divorce	574
Forms of Divorce	575
Judicial Divorce	575
Extra-Judicial Divorce	576
Divorce by Khul/Khuli/Khula	576
Divorce by Talaq	576
Divorce by Imprecation/Li'an/Lan	577
Other Matrimonial Causes	578
Rights and Duties of the Spouses	578
Incidents of Marriage	580
Legal Status	580
Chapter XII
Matters of Children XE "Children" 	585
Background	585
Legitimacy and Legitimation	587
Age of Majority	599
Adoption	600
Islamic Law	614
Custody	615
Foster Children XE "Foster children" 	616
Guardianship	616
Inheritance and Succession under Islamic Law	616
Authentication of Documents	617
Comparative Conclusion	620
Chapter XIII
Gender and Law in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" with Emphasis on Islamic 
Law	627
Introduction	627
Historical Antecedents of the Subordinate Status of Women Generally	632
The Status of African Women	640
Contemporary Framework of Subordination of Women in Nigeria XE 
"Nigeria" 	643
Gender and Islamic Law: A Global Perspective	647
Gender and the Law in Nigeria XE "Nigeria" and Utilitarianism of the 
Equality Principle	654
Separating Religion from Spirituality: Tenets of One Soul-Two Mates
Enforcement of the Rights of Women XE "Rights of Women" in 
Nigeria XE "Nigeria" : Misalignment of Constitutional Prescription	691
Selected Provisions in International and Regional Instruments 
Protecting the Rights of Women XE "Rights of Women" in 
Matrimonial Causes	695
The Way Forward	707
Conclusion	716
Index	721

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