Table of contents for 101 things you didn't know about Einstein : sex, science, and the secrets of the universe / by Cynthia Phillips and Shana Priwer.

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Part 1: Personal Background and Family Life
[NL]	1.	Einstein's parents and extended family: Genealogy of the genius
[NL]	2.	Music in Einstein's early years
[NL]	3.	His Sister Maja Einstein Winteler 
[NL]	4.	Einstein and other famous dyslexics
[NL]	5.	His First Wife Mileva Maric Einstein 
[NL]	6.	His Daughter Liserl Einstein
[NL]	7.	His Son Hans Albert Einstein
[NL]	8.	His Son Eduard Einstein 
[NL]	9.	Parenting: what kind of father was Einstein?
[NL]	10.	Why Einstein worked in the patent office
[NL]	11.	Einstein's reputation as a womanizer: affairs and other women
[NL]	12.	Einstein's move to Berlin
[NL]	13.	His Second Wife Elsa Lowenthal Einstein 
[NL]	14.	His Stepdaughters Ilse and Margot Einstein 
[NL]	15.	Einstein's grandchildren
[NL]	16.	Einstein and major health crises
[NL]	17.	Einstein and public speaking
[NL]	18.	Einstein and sailing
[NL]	19.	What happened to Einstein's brain? 
Part 2: Comparisons and Contemporaries
[NL]	20.	Einstein versus Galileo: theories of gravity
[NL]	21.	Einstein Response to Issac Newton 
[NL]	22.	Similarities Einstein drew on Darwinian Ideas
[NL]	23.	Einstein and the Wright Brothers
[NL]	24.	How was Einstein like Edison? 
[NL]	25.	How was Einstein like Leonardo da Vinci?
[NL]	26.	How was Einstein like Michelangelo?
[NL]	27.	Einstein and Bauhaus
[NL]	28.	Einstein at odds with Maxwell over electromagnetism
[NL]	29.	Einstein's collaborations with Fermi 
[NL]	30.	Einstein's debates with Bohr
[NL]	31.	The Olympia Academy 
[NL]	32.	Einstein's letters to Freud
[NL]	33.	Einstein's relationship with Marie Curie
[NL]	34.	Einstein's response to Schrödinger's equation
[NL]	35.	How Einstein's work overlapped with Planck
[NL]	36.	Major inventions during Einstein's lifetime 
[NL]	37.	The scientific background of Einstein's time 
Part 3: Scientific Theories
[NL]	38.	Einstein and the scientific method 
[NL]	39.	Einstein's adaptation of Euclidian geometry
[NL]	40.	Einstein's proof of Pythagorean theorem
[NL]	41.	First exposure to science - the magnetic compass
[NL]	42.	Acceleration and Gravity: Einstein's principle of equivalence
[NL]	43.	Einstein and the Cosmological Principle (1917 paper)
[NL]	44.	Einstein's approach to unified field theory
[NL]	45.	Einstein's first paper of 1905 (photoelectric effect)
[NL]	46.	Einstein's greatest blunder (cosmological constant)
[NL]	47.	Einstein's second paper of 1905 (Brownian motion)
[NL]	48.	Einstein's support of Bose's theory of photon spin
[NL]	49.	Einstein's third paper of 1905 (special relativity)
[NL]	50.	Einstein's thought experiments
[NL]	51.	Einstein's formulation of Avogadro's number 
[NL]	52.	Einstein's law of gravitation
[NL]	53.	Error in his 1905 paper: The math error even Einstein couldn't find (one of his students found it)
[NL]	54.	Expanding universe (except for cosmological constant) (1929 paper)
[NL]	55.	Gravitational redshift 
[NL]	56.	The history of E=mc2
[NL]	57.	Laying the groundwork for quantum theory
[NL]	58.	Why Einstein didn't believe in quantum mechanics
[NL]	59.	The curvature of space-time
[NL]	60.	The perihelion of Mercury
[NL]	61.	Time travel
[NL]	62.	Why the sky is blue (critical opalescence)
[NL]	63.	Wormholes
Part 4: War, Religion, and Politics
[NL]	64.	Einstein the pacifist
[NL]	65.	Einstein and Judaism 
[NL]	66.	Einstein's views on God
[NL]	67.	How did WWI affect Einstein
[NL]	68.	Einstein and the Nazi Party
[NL]	69.	Einstein's work with refugees
[NL]	70.	Why Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt
[NL]	71.	Was Einstein responsible for the atomic bomb?
[NL]	72.	Einstein Rejected for Manhattan Project
[NL]	73.	Einstein's reaction to Hiroshima and Nagasaki
[NL]	74.	Einstein's anti-nuclear work continued by Bernard Russell
[NL]	75.	Einstein: President of Israel?
[NL]	76.	Einstein's ties to Israel and Judaism
Part 5: Awards, Achievements, and Other Intellectual Pursuits
[NL]	77.	Einstein and the ETH (all instances)
[NL]	78.	Einstein and the Nobel Prize - what did he get it for?
[NL]	79.	How much did Einstein's first wife Mileva contribute to his Nobel prize-winning theories?
[NL]	80.	Einstein and the founding of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study
[NL]	81.	Einstein as a university lecturer
[NL]	82.	Einstein's professional affiliations 
[NL]	83.	Einstein's other patents: the compass
[NL]	84.	Einstein's other patents: the hearing aid
[NL]	85.	The refrigerator pump with Szilard 
[NL]	86.	Einstein's later awards and honors
Part 6: Future Impact and Influence
[NL]	87.	Test of General Relativity - Gravity Probe B
[NL]	88.	Bose-Einstein Condensates
[NL]	89.	Einstein's Dreams of World Government and Peace 
[NL]	90.	Einstein's work as precursor for GPS
[NL]	91.	Einstein in Popular Media
[NL]	92.	Schwarzschild using Einstein's results for black holes
[NL]	93.	Why Einstein's greatest blunder (cosmological constant) might actually have been right (dark energy)
[NL]	94.	Einstein and the image of genius: what he looked like in 1905 vs. later
[NL]	95.	Baby Einstein
[NL]	96.	Einstein college of medicine and other tributes
[NL]	97.	Einsteinium
[NL]	98.	Einstein: Person of the Century
[NL]	99.	Einstein on the Beach: A Genius in Popular Media
[NL]	100.	How was Einstein a genius? Definition of a genius
[NL]	 101.	"Beyond Einstein"

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Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955.
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