Table of contents for Grzimek's student animal life resource. Crustaceans, mollusks, and segmented worms / Arthur V. Evans ; Neil Schlager and Jayne Weisblatt, editors.

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Entry topic
Crustaceans, Mollusks, and Segmented Worms Overview
Polychaeta: Clam, sand, tube worms
Myzostomida: Myzostomids
Oligochaeta: Earthworms
Hirudinea: Leeches
Pogonophora: Beard worms
Vestimentifera: Hydrothermal vent and cold seep worms
Sipuncula: Peanut worms
Echiura: Echiurans
Onychophora: Onychophorans, velvet worms, and peripatus
Tardigrada: Water bears
Remipedia: Remipedes
Cephalocarida: Cephalocarids
Branchiopoda: Branchiopods
Phyllocarida: Leptostracans
Stomatopoda: Mantis shrimps
Bathynellacea: Bathynellaceans
Anaspidacea: Anaspidaceans 
Euphausiacea: Krill
Amphionidacea: Amphionids
Decapoda: Crabs, shrimps, and lobsters
Mysida: Mysids
Lophogastrida: Lophogastrids
Cumacea: Cumaceans
Tanaidacea: Tanaidaceans
Mictacea: Mictaceans
Spelaeogriphacea: Spelaeogriphaceans 
Thermosbaenacea: Thermosbaenaceans
Isopoda: Pillbugs, slaters, and woodlice
Amphipoda: Amphipods
Thecostraca: Cirripeds and relatives
Tantulocarida: Tantulocaridans
Branchiura: Fish lice
Mystacocarida: Mystacocarids 
Copepoda: Copepods
Ostracoda: Mussel shrimps
Pentastomida: Tongue worms
Aplacophora: Aplacophorans
Monoplacophora: Monoplacoporans
Polyplacophora: Chitons
Gastropoda: Sea slugs, snails, and limpets
Bivalvia: Bivalves
Scaphopoda: Tusk shells
Cephalopoda: Nautilids, octopods, cuttlefishes, squids, and relatives
Phoronida: Phoronids
Ectoprocta: Bryozoans 
Brachipoda: Lampshells 

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Crustacea -- Juvenile literature.
Mollusks -- Juvenile literature.
Annelida -- Juvenile literature.