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1. To Make a Poet Black
Today's News	Elizabeth Alexander
when I stand among the poets 	Lucille Clifton
Flame	Jayne Cortez
Nexus	Rita Dove
To the pale poets	Ray Durem
Medicine Man	Calvin Hernton
Puttin' On The Dog	Everett Hoagland
"Michaelangelo" the Elder	Bob Kaufman
For Black Poets Who Think of Suicide	Etheridge Knight
Bloodbirth	Audre Lorde
Incantation (for jonetta)	E. Ethelbert Miller
Blah-Blah	Harryette Mullen
Detroit Addendum---for Philip Levine	Murray Jackson
One sees pictures of Dante:	Carl Phillips	
Poem (for the Blues Singers)	Sterling Plumpp
Not About Poems	Carolyn Rodgers
Three Legged Chairs	Lamont B. Steptoe
2. What is Africa to Me?
O Daedalus Fly Away Home	Robert E. Hayden
Afro-American Fragment	Langston Hughes
O Africa, where I baked my bread	Lance Jeffers
African Dream	Bob Kaufman
125th Street and Abomey	Audre Lorde
Song of the Andoumboulou: 8	Nathaniel Mackey
Outcast	Claude McKay
Gift From Kenya	May Miller
Exploring the Dark Content	Harryette Mullen
My Father's Geography	Michael S. Weaver
3. The Rocking Loom of History
Miss Scarlett, Mr. Rhett, and Other Latter-Day Saints	Maya Angelou
Three Modes of History and Culture				Amiri Baraka
Southern Road							Sterling A. Brown
Tour Guide: La Maison des Esclaves				Melvin Dixon
The House Slave						Rita Dove
Son of Msippi							Henry Dumas
(The Recent Past)						C.S. Giscombe
Middle Passage						Robert Hayden
Runagate Runagate						Robert Hayden
Go Left out of Shantiville					Nathaniel Mackey
A Hambone Gospel						Lamont B. Steptoe
Song of the Son						Jean Toomer
4. Like Walking Out of Shadow
In My Father's House						Samuel Allen
No Matter Where You Travel					Houston Baker
Return of the Native						Amiri Baraka
Gordian Knot							Constance Quarterman Bridges
We Have Never Loved					Sam Cornish
Blackie Thinks of his Brothers				Stanley Crouch
Blackbottom							Toi Derricotte
Sorrow is the Only Faithful One				Owen Dodson
Nigger Song: An Odyssey					Rita Dove
Afro-American						Henry Dumas
Now								Christopher Gilbert
Alabama Poem						Nikki Giovanni
Tenebris							Angelina Weld Grimke
The Negro Speaks of Rivers					Langston Hughes
My People							Langston Hughes
My Blackness is the Beauty of this Land			Lance Jeffers
The Bones of My Father					Etheridge Knight
How I See Things						Yusef Komunyakaa
The Question of Identity					Kristin Lattany
The Black Unicorn						Audre Lorde
Song of the Andoumboulou: 12				Nathaniel Mackey
Swallow the Lake						Clarence Major
The Griots Who Know Brer Fox				Colleen J. McElroy
Black Power							Raymond Phillips
Blue								Carl Phillips
Ballad of Black/Essence (for Joseph Harrison)		Eugene B. Redmond
Flounder							Natasha Trethewey
For My People						Margaret Walker
5. If We Must Die
Poem for Halfwhite College Students				Amiri Baraka
Beverly Hills, Chicago					Gwendolyn Brooks
the ISM							Wanda Coleman
Death of Dr. King						Sam Cornish
Is It Because I Am Black?					Joseph Seamon Cotter
Homestead, USA						D.L. Crockett-Smith
A Litany at Atlanta						W.E.B. DuBois
America							Henry Dumas
We Wear the Mask						Paul Laurence Dunbar
The World I See						Mari Evans
Night, Death, Mississippi					Robert Hayden
The Mob							Calvin Hernton
Dream Boogie							Langston Hughes
Tired								Fenton Johnson
If We Must Die						Claude McKay
Watts								Conrad Kent Rivers
Walk Like Freedom						Carolyn Rodgers
A Poem for Players						Al Young
6. This Man Shall Be Remembered
Robeson at Rutgers						Elizabeth Alexander
American Gothic/To Satch					Samuel Allen
For Malcolm: After Mecca					Gerald Barrax
Music for Martyrs						Gwendolyn Brooks
Malcolm X							Gwendolyn Brooks
Harriet								Lucille Clifton
Harriet Tubman						Sam Cornish
In Mr. Turner's Fields						Sam Cornish
Banneker							Rita Dove
David Walker	(1785-1830)					Rita Dove
Saba								Henry Dumas
Frederick Douglass						Robert Hayden
Fired Up!!							Everett Hoagland
The Old Mongoose --- for Mac				Murray Jackson
For Beautiful Mary Brown: Chicago Rent Strike Leader	June Jordan
For Etheridge Knight						Lamont B. Steptoe
For Malcolm X						Margaret Walker
For Mary McLeod Bethune					Margaret Walker
A Dance for Ma Rainey					Al Young 
7. A Rock Against the World
So Long							Jayne Cortez
If I Were Earth						Henry Dumas
The Anti-Semanticist						Everett Hoagland
Desire								Langston Hughes
KVL								Murray Jackson
Echo								Audre Lorde
Woman with Flower						Naomi Long Madgett
She Is Flat On Her Back (for K.F.)				E. Ethelbert Miller
Omnivore							Harryette Mullen
The Joy							Harryette Mullen	
Pretty Piece of Tail						Harryette Mullen
(For Poki)							A.X. Nicholas
Levitation							Carl Phillips
Highflown:Love						Eugene B. Redmond
answer to yo / question					Sonia Sanchez
of am I not yo / woman
even if u went on shit again ----
The Source of the Singing					Marilyn Nelson Waniek
8. Is She Our Sister?
Whispers in a Country Church				Alvin Aubert
the mother							Gwendolyn Brooks
Jessie Mitchell's Mother					Gwendolyn Brooks
Virginia Portrait						Sterling A. Brown
the lost baby poem						Lucille Clifton
song at midnight						Lucille Clifton
Grinding Vibrato						Jayne Cortez
On the Turning Up of Unidentified Black Female Corpses	Toi Derricotte
Canary (for Michael S. Harper)				Rita Dove
...And the Old Women Gathered (The Gospel Singers)	Mari Evans
Black Queen Blues (Finale)					Mari Evans
She (for Carolyn Grace)					Christopher Gilbert
Soft Targets (for Black Girls)					Essex Hemphill
Stations							Audre Lorde
The Old Women						Naomi Long Madgett
1915 Interior							Clarence Major
Illusion							Colleen J. McElroy
The Circus of the City						Colleen J. McElroy
Lessons From a Mirror					Thylias Moss
Anatomy							Harryette Mullen
Eyes in the Back of her Head					Harryette Mullen
Tune for a Teenage Niece (for Jeanine Spencer)		Eugene B. Redmond
Feminism							Carolyn Rodgers
There is a House						Lamont B. Steptoe
Old Black Ladies Standing on Bus Stop Corners #2		Quincy Troupe
Mama I Remember						Marilyn Nelson Waniek
9. Don't It Make You Want to Cry?
Blood to Blood						Alvin Aubert
Young Soul							Amiri Baraka
We Real Cool							Gwendolyn Brooks
Strong Men							Sterling Brown
those boys that ran together					Lucille Clifton
Portraiture							Anita Scott Coleman
Knees of a Natural Man (for Jay Wright)			Henry Dumas
Gifts								Murray Jackson
San Diego Goodbye--1944, Jacksaw Arena			Murray Jackson
Sonnet to a Negro in Harlem					Helene Johnson
Losses								Yusef Komunyakaa
When Loneliness Is A Man					Yusef Komunyakaa
At 102, Romance Comes Once 				Colleen J. McElroy
A Year (for Joseph Johnson, Seattle)				
Father (Part 1)							Harryette Mullen
Father's Day							E. Ethelbert Miller
Epigrams for my Father (John Henry Redmond, Sr.)		Eugene B. Redmond
To the Father of Me						Lamont B. Steptoe
Amateur Fighter						Natasha Trethewey
Reflections on Growing Older				Quincy Troupe
Poem for my Father (for Quincy Trouppe, Sr.)		Quincy Troupe
Baby Boy							Michael Weaver
Anatomy							Kevin Young
10. Whose Children Are These?
Whose Children Are These?					Gerald Barrax
the children of the poor					Gwendolyn Brooks
Photograph							Lucille Clifton
The Furious Boy						Toi Derricotte
After Reading Mickey in the Night Kitchen for the 		Rita Dove
Third Time Before Bed
Fourteen							James Emanuel
Nikki-Rosa							Nikki Giovanni
Black Cryptogram						Michael S. Harper
My Children							Lance Jeffers
Motherhood							Georgia Douglas Johnson
Circling the Daughter						Etheridge Knight
Little Man Around the House					Yusef Komunyakaa
Now That I am Forever With Child				Audre Lorde
Offspring							Naomi Long Madgett
Accessible Heaven						Thylias Moss
11. They Are All of Me
Why Didn't He Tell Me The Truth				Amiri Baraka
In My Father's House						George Barlow
Kitchenette Building						Gwendolyn Brooks
Cousin Mary							Wanda Coleman
Family Secrets							Toi Derricotte
Touching/Not Touching: My Mother				Toi Derricotte
Taking in Wash						Rita Dove
Abraham Got All the Stars n The Sand			Ruth Forman
Mothers							Nikki Giovanni
Knoxville, Tennessee						Nikki Giovanni
Camp Story							Michael S. Harper
Kin 2								Michael S. Harper
Those Winter Sundays					Robert Hayden
Big Zeb Johnson						Everett Hoagland
The Idea of Ancestry						Etheridge Knight
My Father's Loveletters					Yusef Komunyakaa
Black Mother Women						Audre Lorde
Under the Oak Table						Colleen J. McElroy
Ruth								Colleen J. McElroy
Jasmine							E. Ethelbert Miller
One For All Newborns					Thylias Moss
Saturday Afternoon, When Chores Are Done		Harryette Mullen
a poem for my father						Sonia Sanchez
Little Girl Talk						Delores S. Williams
If he let us go now						Shirley Williams
The Boiling							Kevin Young
12. Oh, Singing Tree!
Ma Rainey							Sterling A. Brown
Hell Hound Blues						D.L. Crockett-Smith
Brother John							Michael S. Harper
Homage to the Empress of the Blues				Robert Hayden
Jazzonia							Langston Hughes
Walking Parker Home						Bob Kaufman
Copacetic Mingus						Yusef Komunyakaa
Glenn on Monk's Mountain					Nathaniel Mackey
Lamda								Melvin B. Tolson
Dancers							Michael S. Weaver
The Art of Benny Carter					Al Young
13. Oh, My Soul is in the Whirlwind!
Nocturne at Bethesda						Arna Bontemps
good friday 							Lucille Clifton
Simon the Cyrenian Speaks					Countee Cullen
Madam and the Minister					Langston Hughes
The Creation							James Weldon Johnson
Calvary Way							May Miller
Holy Days							Larry Neal
mama's God							Carolyn Rodgers
A New Nephilim						Michael S. Weaver
Myself When I Am Real					Al Young
Revival							Kevin Young
Gray Day in January in La Jolla				Quincy Troupe
14. Dear Lovely Death
The Scuba Divers Recovers the Body of a Drowned Child	Gerald Barrax
House of Falling Leaves					William Stanley Braithwaite
the rites for Cousin Vit					Gwendolyn Brooks
In Honor of David Anderson Brooks, My Father		Gwendolyn Brooks
the death of thelma sayles					Lucille Clifton
The Charm							Rita Dove
A Death Song							Paul Laurence Dunbar
Wedding							Ruth Forman
We Assume: On The Death of Our Son, Reuben Masai Harper	Michael S. Harper
Nightmare Begins Responsibility				Michael S. Harper
Song for a Suicide						Langston Hughes
Wake								Langston Hughes
Suicide's Note							Langston Hughes
Aunt Jane Allen						Fenton Johnson
Go Down Death (A Funeral Sermon)				James Weldon Johnson
Awe								Bob Kaufman
A Poem of Attrition						Etheridge Knight
Another Poem for Me (after Recovering from an O.D.)	Etheridge Knight
Please								Yusef Komunyakaa
My Mother							Claude McKay
Going Under							Carl Phillips
Annie Pearl Smith Discovers Moonlight			Patricia Smith
The Old People Speak of Death (for Grandmother		Quincy Troupe
Leona Smith)
Solace								Margaret Walker
Wake								Kevin Young
15. I Dream a World
Family Affairs							Maya Angelou
Rhinemaiden							D.L. Crockett-Smith
Open Letter							Owen Dodson
Poem For Pearl's Dancers					Owen Dodson
Walking Down Park						Nikki Giovanni
Dream Variation						Langston Hughes
I Dream a World						Langston Hughes
For Russell and Rowena Jelliffe				Langston Hughes
Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing					James Weldon Johnson
The Gods Wrote 						Keorapetse Kgositsile
I Have a Dream						Pat Parker
Daybreak							Sterling Plumpp
Now								Margaret Walker
In C.W.'s Closet						Michael S. Weaver
The Song Turning Back Into Itself 2				Al Young 

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