Table of contents for Emergency nursing : 5-tier triage protocols / Julie K. Briggs, Valerie G. A. Grossman.

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* Abdominal Pain, Adult
* Abdominal Pain, Pediatric
* Alcohol and Drug Use, Abuse, and Dependence
* Allergic Reaction
* Altered Mental Status
* Ankle Pain and Swelling
* Anxiety 
* Asthma
* Back Pain
* Bee Sting
* Bites, Animal and Human
* Bites, Insect and Tick
* Bites, Marine Animal
* Bites, Snake
* Body Art Complications
* Breast Problems
* Breathing Problems
* Burns
* Chest Pain
* Cold Exposure, Hypothermia/Frostbite
* Cold Symptoms
* Confusion
* Contusion 
* Cough
* Crying Baby 
* Depression
* Diabetic Problems
* Diarrhea, Adult
* Diarrhea, Pediatric
* Ear Problems
* Electric Shock/Lightning Injury
* Extremity Injury
* Eye Injury and Problems
* Feeding Tube Problems
* Fever
* Finger and Toe Problems
* Foreign Body, Ear
* Foreign Body, Ingestion
* Foreign Body, Inhaled
* Foreign Body, Rectum/Vagina
* Foreign Body, Skin 
* Genital Problems, Male
* Headache
* Head Injury
* Heart Rate, Rapid
* Heart Rate, Slow
* Heat Exposure
* Hip Pain and Swelling
* Hives
* Hypertension
* Itching Without a Rash
* Jaundice
* Jaundice, Newborn 
* Knee Pain and Swelling
* Laceration
* Lightheadedness/Fainting
* Menstrual Problems
* Motor Vehicle Accident
* Mouth Problems
* Neck Pain
* Nosebleed
* Poisoning, Exposure or Ingestion
* Pregnancy, Abdominal Pain
* Pregnancy, Back Pain
* Pregnancy, Vaginal Bleeding
* Pregnancy, Vaginal Discharge
* Pregnancy, Vomiting
* Puncture Wound 
* Rash, Adult and Pediatric 
* Rectal Problems
* Seizure
* Seizure, Febrile
* Sexual Assault 
* Shoulder Pain
* Sinus Pain and Congestion
* Sore Throat
* Suicidal Behavior 
* Sunburn 
* Toothache/Tooth Injury
* Urinary Catheter Problems
* Urination Problems
* Vaginal Bleeding, Abnormal
* Vomiting
* Weakness
* Wound Infection
* Wrist Pain and Swelling
A: The PQRSTT Mnemonic Assessment Guide
B: Pediatric Vital Signs: Normal Ranges
C: Ibuprofen Dosage Chart
D: Acetaminophen Dosage Chart
E: Temperature Conversion Chart
F: Weight Conversion Chart
G: Differential Diagnosis of Abdominal Pain
H: Differential Diagnosis of Chest Pain
I: Headache: Common Characteristics
J: MVA Triage Questions
K: Mechanisms of Injury From Trauma: Adult
L: Mechanisms of Injury: School Age and Adolescent
M: Mechanisms of Injury: Toddler and Preschooler
N: Mechanisms of Injury: Infant
O: Drugs of Abuse
P: Poisonings
Q: Biological Agents/Chemical Agents
R: Communicable Diseases, Colds vs. Flu, Sexually Transmitted Diseases
S: Triage Skills Assessment Form
T: Training Exercises

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