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1: Contexts										
Contextual Overview								
Contemporary Documents								
	From The Poor Law Commission, Second Annual Report
 From 'The Poor Law Debate', The Annual Register, 1834		
 From Dickens's Letters							
	From John Forster, The Life of Charles Dickens 		
	From George Cruikshank, 'The Origin of Oliver Twist' (1871)		
 From The Girlhood of Queen Victoria					
 From Edward Bulwer Lytton, Preface (1840) to Paul Clifford (1830)	
 From Edward Bulwer Lytton, 'A Word to the Public' (1846)		
2: Interpretations
Critical History									
Early Critical Reception								
 From [Charles Buller], 'The Works of Dickens' (1837)			
 From [John Forster], Examiner review (1837)				
 From [G.H. Lewes?], National Magazine and Monthly Critic review (1837)
 From [Thomas Henry Lister], Edinburgh Review review (1838)		
 From anonymous review, The Spectator (1838)				
 From unsigned review, Literary Gazette (1838) 				
 From William Makepeace Thackeray, 'Horæ Catnachianæ' (1839)	
 From [Richard Ford] 'Oliver Twist; or the Parish Boy's Progress' (1839)	
 From William Makepeace Thackeray, Catherine (1839-1840)		
 From [Anon.], 'Charles Dickens and His Works' (1840)			
 From [Anon.], 'Literary Recipes', (1841)	
 From George Gissing, 'Oliver Twist' (1898-1900; 1925)					
Modern Criticism									
 From G. K. Chesterton, 'Oliver Twist' (1911) 				
 From Edmund Wilson, "Dickens: The Two Scrooges" (1941)		
 From George Orwell, "Charles Dickens", (1946)				
 From Humphry House, 'The Macabre Dickens' (1947)			
 From Humphry House, Introduction to Oliver Twist (1949)			
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 From John Lucas, The Melancholy Man (1970)				
 From J. Hillis Miller, "The Fiction of Realism' (1971)			
 From Dennis Walder, Dickens and Religion (1981)				
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 From D. A. Miller, The Novel and the Police (1988)				
 From John O. Jordan, "The Purloined Handkerchief" (1989),		
 From Deborah Heller, 'The Outcast as Villain and Victim' (1990)		
 From Patricia Ingham, Dickens, Women and Language (1992)		
 From John Bowen, Other Dickens (2000)					
 From Juliet John, Dickens's Villains (2001)					
3: The Work in Performance							
 From Dickens's Letter to Frederick Yates, [1838]				
 From George Almar, Oliver Twist [1838]					
 From John Forster, The Life of Charles Dickens				
 From the reading text of Dickens's 'Sikes and Nancy'			
 From Pressbook, William Cowen (Dir.), Oliver Twist (1933)		 
 From Pressbook, David Lean (Dir.), Oliver Twist (1948)			
 Reviews of Screen Adaptations						
4. Key Passages
Key Passages										
	The Author's Preface to the Third Edition of Oliver Twist, 1841		
	Preface to the Cheap Edition of Oliver Twist (1850)				
	The Opening									
		Oliver Asks for More								
		Oliver at Mr Sowerberry the Undertaker's					
		Noah Claypole
		Oliver's First Experience of the Artful Dodger, London, and Fagin and 			his 
		Oliver 'between sleeping and waking'					
		Oliver is given a lesson in pickpocketing
	Bill Sikes									
 	Oliver, Mr Brownlow and Books						
 	Mr Grimwig
		Nancy Argues with Fagin							
 	The Narrator on the Novel							
		Oliver's Education in the Thieves' Den					
 	Oliver Reads a Book Resembling the Newgate Calendar			
 	Mr Bumble and Mrs Corney							
		Rose Maylie									
		Blathers and Duff								
		Conkey Chickweed
		A rural idyll									
		Oliver half asleep
		Nancy's Interview with Rose							
 	Fagin consoles Charley Bates over the Capture of the Artful Dodger	
 	The Trial of the Artful Dodger
 	Sikes's Murder of Nancy							
 	The Flight of Sikes								
 	The Pursuit of Sikes at Jacob's Island and his Death				
		Fagin's Trial and Fagin in the Condemned Cell
		The Happy Ending			
5. Further Reading
Recommended Editions								
Recommended Critical Works							

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