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Table of Contents
Our Meals: The Hidden Key to Understanding	
The Practice of Connecting	
The Call to Evolve	
Chapter 1 - Food's Power	
Food as Metaphor	
Sacred Feasts	
Food, Life, and Death	
The Origin of Our Food: Either Plants or Animals	
The Culture of Denial	
Inheriting Cruelty	
The Withering of Intelligence	
I-Thou vs. I-It	
We Are All Mysteries	
Love Is Understanding	
Chapter 2 - Our Culture's Roots	
The Herding Culture	
The Pythagorean Principle	
The Vegan Revolution	
Chapter 3 - The Nature of Intelligence	
On the Taboo against Knowing Who You Eat	
Intelligence: The Ability to Make Connections	
Intelligence, Telos, and Chickens	
Destroying Intelligence and Purpose	
Intelligence Is Species-Specific	
As We Sow, So Shall We Reap	
Chapter 4 - Inheriting our Food Choices	
Our Inheritance: Infant Indoctrination	
The Importance of Leaving Home	
The Power of Social Pressure	
Contemplating Taste	
Defending the Fortress	
Chapter 5 - The Intelligence of Human Physiology	
The Gift	
The Dark Side of Animal Protein	
The Fat of the Matter	
Drugs, Pollution, and War	
The Meat-Medical Complex	
The Placebo Effect	
Our Body, Our Friend	
Chapter 6 - Hunting and Herding Sea Life	
Toxic Wastes, Toxic Flesh	
Herding Fish	
Floating Death Ships	
Chapter 7 - The Domination of the Feminine	
The Dairy Nightmare	
Pushing Cows to Produce	
The Toxins in Milk	
Four Pathways to Hell	
The Mustache Mask	
Eggs: More Domination of the Feminine	
The Web of Connections	
Reviving Sophia	
Chapter 8 - The Metaphysics of Food	
Eating Vibrations	
With the Eyes of an Angel	
Masks and Fear	
Cultivating Compassion	
Chapter 9 - Science and Religion	
Sons of the Herding Culture	
Science and Slavery	
Religious Reductionism	
Chapter 10 - The Dilemma of Work	
Doing the Dirty Work	
The Living Roots of Our Work	
Work as Joy, Work as Burden	
Resurrecting Work	
Chapter 11 - Profiting From Destruction	
The Industrialization of Farming	
Eating Fossil Fuels	
The Toxins in Animal Agriculture	
Healing the Earth and the Economy
The Consequences of Evading Consequences	
Chapter 12 - Some Objections Answered	
Nurturing Objections	
Animals as Ethically Trivial	
The Myth of Human Predation	
The Justification of Science	
The Justification of Religion	
Other Objections	
Chapter 13 - Evolve or Dissolve	
The Two Limited Perspectives	
The Cycle of Violence	
The Shadow	
Ends and Means	
The Intuitive Imperative	
Some Traditions of Intuition and Compassion	
An Example: Samadhi and Shojin	
Is Shamanism an Answer?	
The Vegan Imperative	
The Emotional Miseducation of Boys	
The Birth of Post-Rational Consciousness	
Chapter 14 - Journey of Transformation	
The Jeweled Web of Journeys	
Seeds of Inspiration	
The Organic Dairy at Camp Challenge	
Seeds of Understanding	
Leaving Home	
Seeds of Community	
SonggwangSa Temple	
The Power of Community	
Chapter 15 - Living the Revolution	
The Holograph	
Victims, Perpetrators, and Bystanders	
Our Connection with Animals	
Paths Away from and Back to Sanity	
Implications for Further Research and Conversation	
Privilege and Slavery	
The Last Days of Eating Animals	
The Movie of Life on Earth	
The Elk's Message	
From Obsolete Exclusivity to All of Us 

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Food -- Social aspects.
Food -- Philosophy.
Diet -- Moral and ethical aspects.