Table of contents for Docufictions : essays on the intersection of documentary and fictional filmmaking / edited by Gary D. Rhodes and John Parris Springer.

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Acknowledgments	vii
Introduction	1
 1. Docudrama and Mock-Documentary: Defining Terms, Proposing
	Steven N. Lipkin, Derek Paget and Jane Roscoe	11
 2. The Newspaper Meets the Dime Novel: Docudrama in Early Cinema
	John Parris Springer	00
 3. On the Edges of Fiction: Silent ActualitÄs, City Symphonies and Early
 SF Movies
	Mark Bould	00
 4. This Reality Which Is Not One: Flaherty, Buûuel and the Irrealism
 of Documentary Cinema
	Jared F. Green	00
 5. Reconstructing Reality: The Industrial Film as Faux Documentary
	Donald Levin	00
 6. "Documenting" Communist Subversion: The Case of I Was a
 Communist for the F.B.I. (1951)
	Reynold Humphries	00
 7. Teaching Fear in 1950s Science Fiction Films
	Michael Lee	00
 8. Mondo Barnum
	Doug Bentin	00
 9. In Search of Questions, or, A New Age Film Odyssey
	Gary D. Rhodes	00
10. Artifice and Artificiality in Mockumentaries
	Gerd Bayer	00
11. "It Ain't the Movies! It's Real Life!" Cinematic Alchemy in Woody
 Allen's "Woody Allen" D(M)oc(k)umentary Oeuvre
	Robert Sickels	00
12. "That's Really the Title?" Deconstructing Deconstruction in The
 Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-
 Murdering Mom (1993) and Real Life (1978)
	Harvey O'Brien	000
13. Man Bites Dog: Deconstructing the Documentary Look
	Jane Roscoe	000
14. Stanley Kwan's Centre Stage (1992): Postmodern Reflections of the
 Mirror Within the Mirror
	Wayne Stein	000
15. Fool's Gold: New Zealand's Forgotten Silver, Myth and National
	Ian Conrich and Roy Smith	000
16. Before Big Brother, There Was Blair Witch: The Selling of "Reality"
	Fincina Hopgood	000
17. Chasing the Real: Reality Television and Documentary Forms
	Leigh H. Edwards	000
18. The Future of Documentary? "Conditional Tense" Documentary and
 the Historical Record
	Paul Ward	000
About the Contributors	000
Index	000

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