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Preface xi
Contributors List xiii
I Introduction
II Structuralism and Moral Development Stages
1 Thought, Emotions, and Social Interactional Processes in
Moral Development
Elliot Turiel 7
2 Moral Stage Theory
Daniel K. Lapsley 37
3 Research on the Defining Issues Test
Stephen J. Thoma 67
4 Gender and Morality
Lawrence J. Walker 93
III Social Domain Theory and Social Justice
5 Social-Cognitive Domain Theory: Consistencies and
Variations in Children's Moral and Social Judgments
Judith G. Smetana 119
6 Morality in the Context of Intergroup Relationships
Melanie Killen, Nancy Geyelin Margie, and Stefanie Sinno 155
7 Rights, Civil Liberties, and Democracy Across Cultures
Charles C. Helwig 185
8 Moral Development in Culture: Diversity, Tolerance, and
Cecilia Wainryb 211
IV Conscience and Internalization
9 The Development of Moral Behavior and Conscience From a
Socialization Perspective
Joan E. Grusec 243
10 Understanding Values in Relationships: The Development of
Ross A. Thompson, Sara Meyer, and Meredith McGinley 267
11 Sources of Innovation and Change in Socialization,
Internalization and Acculturation
Leon Kuczynski and Geoffrey S. Navara 299
V Social Interactional, Sociocultural, and Comparative
12 Moral Development in Early Childhood and Social
Interaction in the Family
Judy Dunn 331
13 Mediated Moralities: Sociocultural Approaches to Moral
Mark B. Tappan 351
14 Insights Into Moral Development from Cultural Psychology
Joan G. Miller 375
15 Reciprocity: The Foundation Stone of Morality
Douglas P. Fry 399
16 Everyone's Monkey: Primate Moral Roots
Peter Verbeek 423
17 Nature and Moral Development
Peter H. Kahn, Jr. 461
VI Empathy, Emotions, and Aggression
18 We Are, by Nature, Moral Creatures: Biological Bases of
Concern for Others
Paul D. Hastings, Carolyn Zahn-Waxler, and Kelly McShane 483
19 Empathy-Related Responding in Children
Nancy Eisenberg, Tracy Spinrad, and Adrienne Sadovsky 517
20 Care-Based and Altruistically Based Morality
Gustavo Carlo 551
21 Children's Conceptions and Displays of Moral Emotions
William F. Arsenio, Jason Gold, and Erin Adams 581
22 Aggression, Delinquency, and Morality: A Social-Cognitive
Marie S. Tisak, John Tisak, and Sara E. Goldstein 611
VII Moral Education, Character Development, and Community
23 Community Service and Moral Development
Daniel Hart, Robert Atkins, and Thomas M. Donnelly 633
24 Education for Moral Development
Larry Nucci 657
25 Educating for Positive Youth Development
Marvin W. Berkowitz, Stephen Sherblom, Melinda Bier, and
Victor Battistich 683
26 Integrative Ethical Education
Darcia Narvaez 703
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