Table of contents for From New Babylon to Eden : the Huguenots and their migration to colonial South Carolina / Bertrand Van Ruymbeke.

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@TEXT:List of Illustrations and Tables 00
Acknowledgments 00
Introduction 00
Prologue The Huguenots and the American Southeast before 1660 00
 From Charlesfort to Charleston: The Elusive Filiation 00
1 East of Eden: New Babylon 00
 The Huguenots in Late Seventeenth-Century France 00
 The Crown and the Edict of Nantes: Strict Construction and Peaceful Conversions (1661 1679) 00
 Intense Persecution and the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1680 1685) 00
2 The Carolina Proprietors and the Recruitment of Huguenots: Mercantilism and the Protestant Cause 00
 Restoration Imperialism and the Foundation of Carolina 00
 Mercantilism, Populationism, and Popery: The English Context of the Huguenot Migration to Carolina 00
 Shaftesbury, Locke, and the Huguenot-Whig Connection 00
 The Recruiting Campaign of the 1680s 00
 Carolina Fever, or the Impact of Promotion 00
3 From New Babylon to Eden: The Saga of the South Carolina Huguenots 00
 To Remain and Endure: The Huguenot Ordeal in Post-Revocation France 00
 Le Refuge, or the Flight Out of New Babylon 00
 England, or the New Goshen 00
 Financial Assistance and Migration to Carolina 00
4 The South Carolina Huguenots: A Migration Profile 00
 Passage to Eden: Estimates and Migratory Waves 00
 A Geographic and Sociological Profile of the Refugees 00
 Kinship and the Carolina Huguenot Migration 00
 The 1696 1697 Naturalization List and Carolina Huguenot Demographics 00
 The Elusive Eden: Huguenot Returnees and Drifters 00
 The Carolina Huguenot Migration in a Comparative Atlantic Context 00
5 The Founding Era: Carolina Huguenot Religious Life before 1700 00
 Reflections on a Thorny Issue 00
 Huguenot Religious Life in Pre-Revocation France 00
 Foundation and Early History of the Lowcountry Huguenot Churches 00
 The Genesis of the Charleston Huguenot Church 00
 The Origins of the Rural Churches: Santee, Orange Quarter, Goose Creek, and Wantoot 00
 The Founding Fathers: The First Carolina Huguenot Pastors 00
6 Protestant Majority: The Carolina Huguenots and the Church of England 00
 The Church of England in America at the Turn of the Eighteenth Century: A Minority Church on the Offensive 00
 Big Bang in Eden: The Carolina Church Acts of 1704 and 1706 and Huguenot Support 00
 The Church Act of 1706 and Its Huguenot Clauses 00
 Huguenot Conformity to the Church of England: The Transitional Phase (1706 1730s) 00
 The Hidden Side of Conformity: Huguenot Practical Adaptation of Anglican Practices in Santee 00
 From Passive to Active Resistance: The Case of St. Denis 00
 Secession in the Lowcountry: St. Denis Goes Calvinistic 00
 A Prophet, a Virgin, and a Hog: The Dutartre Insurrection 00
 The Charleston Church: Nonconformity and the Mirage of Congregational Independence 00
 The Scattered Few: The Huguenots and the Dissenting Churches 00
 The Huguenots and the Church of England: Another Case of French Paradox? 00
7 Naturalization and Representation: The Huguenots and Early Carolina Politics 00
 Denization and Naturalization: Degrees and Forms of Citizenship in the Anglo-American World 00
 The Proprietors v. the Assembly: The Prerogative of Naturalization in South Carolina 00
 The Fundamental Constitutions and Proprietary Naturalization 00
 The Rise of the Carolina Assembly and Legislative Naturalization 00
 The 1690 Coup and the First Naturalization Law 00
 Carolina Francophobia and the Huguenot Exclusion Crisis 00
 Naturalization without Representation: The Give and Take of Politics 00
 South Carolina Naturalization Laws 00
 Huguenot Electoral Behavior and Political Representation 00
8 Land, Trade, and Slaves: From Rags to Riches in Proprietary South Carolina 00
 Carolina Gold: The Insatiable Drive for Land 00
 Town and Country: Huguenot Settlement Patterns in the Carolina Lowcountry 00
 Adjusting to the Colonial Economy: From Proprietary Pipe Dreams to Lowcountry Reality 00
 The Lowcountry Huguenot Merchants and the Atlantic Economy 00
 Refugees with Slaves, or the Huguenots and the Curse of Slavery 00
 Huguenot Economic Success in South Carolina: Mirage or Miracle? 00
Epilogue: Beyond the Myth: The Legacy of the South Carolina Huguenots 00
Appendix 00
Notes 00
Bibliography 00
Index 00

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Huguenots -- South Carolina -- History.
Huguenots -- Migrations -- History.
South Carolina -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
South Carolina -- Ethnic relations.
South Carolina -- Religious life and customs.