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To the Reader
Normal Lab Values
I. Genitourinary Oncology 
1. Unilateral Testis Mass
2. Bilateral Testis Mass
3. Elevated PSA
4. Prostate Cancer with Rise in PSA after Treatment
5. Hematuria (Bladder Cancer)
6. Microhematuria and Irritative Voiding Symptoms (CIS)
7. Microhematuria (Renal Cell Carcinoma)
8. Incidental Adrenal Mass
9. Symptomatic Adrenal Mass (Pheochromocytoma)
10. Metastatic Bladder Cancer
11. Penile Carcinoma
12. Urethral Carcinoma
13. Superficial Bladder Cancer
II. Sexual and Voiding Dysfunction
14. Female Stress Incontinence
15. Male Stress Incontinence (Postprostatectomy)
16. Female Urge Incontinence
17. Peyronie?s Disease
18. Neurogenic Voiding Dysfunction
19. Male with Obstructive Voiding Symptoms (BPH)
20. Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction 
21. Organic Erectile Dysfunction 
22. Failed Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction 
23. Female Sexual Dysfunction
III. General Urology
24. Acute Urinary Retention
25. Priapism
26. Blunt Trauma to Abdomen with Microhematuria (Adult)
27. Blunt Trauma to Abdomen with Microhematuria (Child)
28. Penetrating Trauma to Flank/Abdomen with Gross Hematuria 
29. Blunt Trauma to Pelvis with Blood at the Meatus
30. Vesicovaginal Fistula
31. Urinary Tract Infection
32. Interstitial Cystitis
33. Chronic Prostatitis
34. Penile Fracture
35. Difficult Catheterization
36. Hemorrhagic Cystitis
IV. Infertility
37. Male Infertility
V. Calculus Disease
38. Large Renal Pelvis Stone
39. Small Kidney Stone
40. Distal Ureteral Stone
41. Hereditary Stone Disease
42. Bladder Calculi
VI. Pediatric Urology
43. Scrotal Mass (Tumor)
44. Acute Scrotal Pain (Testicular Torsion)
45. Unilateral Hydronephrosis (UPJ Obstruction)
46. Vesicoureteral Reflux
47. Nocturnal Enuresis
48. Posterior Urethral Valves
49. Wilms Tumor
50. Pediatric Priapism
51. Hernia/Hydrocele
52. Ureterocele
53. Hypospadias
54. Ambiguous Genitalia
55. Neuroblastoma
56. Unidentified Neonatal Abdominal Mass

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