Table of contents for Teen rights (and responsibilities) : a legal guide for teens and the adults in their lives / by Traci Truly.

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Introduction	ix
Section I: Teens and School
Chapter 1: The First Amendment in School	3
The Student Newspaper
Library Books
	Religious Material
Vulgarity and Slurs
Apologies and Forced Speech
The First Amendment and the Dress Code
Chapter 2: Dress Codes	9
Styles of Clothes
Political or Religious Clothing
Approved Dress Codes
Chapter 3: School Prayer	17
	Student-Led Prayer
Private School Prayer
Chapter 4:Compulsory Attendance Laws, Private Schools, 
and Home Schools	19
The Laws on Skipping School
Juvenile Court
	Private Schools
Home Schooling
Charter Schools
Changing Laws
Chapter 5: Searches in School	29
Searching Possessions
Strip Searches
Locker Searches
Student's Right to an Attorney
Random Searches
Private Schools
Chapter 6: Confidentiality of School Records	39
Public Records
Chapter 7: Sexual Harassment in School	47
Harassment by an Official
	Student-to-Student Harassment
	You as the Accused
Chapter 8: Discrimination in Athletics	57
Contact Sports
Non-Contact Sports
Boys Seeking to be on Girls' Teams
Chapter 9: Students with Disabilities	61
Defining Disability
Evaluating the Child's Needs
Providing Services in School
Participating in Extra Curricular Activities
Chapter10: School Discipline	67
Written Rules
School Police Officer
Juvenile Detention
Crime and Punishment
Due Process
Drugs and Alcohol Policies
Suing the School for Being Disciplined
Corporal Punishment
	Crimes at School
Chapter 11: Expulsion From Private School	79
Suing for Money
Deciding Factors in Court
Private School Contract versus Public School Notice
Chapter 12: Dropping Out and the GED	85
Chapter 13: Suing the School	87
	District Liability
Section II: Teens and Home
Chapter 14: Becoming an Adult	95
Teens Seeking Emancipation
Parents Seeking Emancipation
Limited Rights
Divorcing Your Parents
The In-Between Year
Chapter 15: Teens' Rights versus the Rights of Others	101
Your Body
Parental Obligations and Rights
Your Actions
Chapter 16: Discipline by Parents	105
Chapter 17: When Parents Divorce	107
Deciding with which Parent to Live
Dealing with Court Procedures
Guardian Ad Litem
Custody Order
Child Support
Grandparents' Rights
	Foster Parents
Chapter 18: Running Away	115
	Being Thrown Out
Chapter 19: Financial Responsibility	117
Getting a Job
Chores and Allowences
Acts of Teens
Juvenile Crimes
Chapter 20: Insurance	123
Health Insurance
Car Insurance_Liability States
No-Fault Insurance
Chapter 21: Driving	129
Driver's Licenses
Traffic Tickets
Automobile Accidents
Chapter 22: Vandalism	135
Parental Responsibility
Teen Responsibility
Chapter 23: Sexual Crimes and Physical Abuse	139
Statutory Rape
	Date Rape
Being Underage Yourself
Physical Abuse
Chapter 24: Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, and Weapons	143
Guns and Weapons
Chapter 25: The Internet
Section III: Teens and Their Bodies
Chapter 26: Eating Disorders	149
Types of Disorders
What to do when a Friend has an Eating Disorder
Treatment of Eating Disorders
Chapter 27: Suicide	155
Chapter 28: Birth Control	157
Condom Distribution Programs
Chapter 29: Abortion	161
Parental Notification
Teen Fathers
Forcing Teens to have Abortions
Chapter 30: Marriage	165
Parental Consent
Marriage and Legal Adulthood
Property Ownership
Legal Marriage
Same-Sex Marriages
Parental Support
Chapter 31: Medical Care	169
Consenting to Your Own Care
Insurance and Payment
Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Birth Control
Prenatal Care
Sexually Transmitted Disease
You as an Adult
Chapter 32: Confidentiality in Other Settings	173
Medical Records
Teens with an Attorney
Section IV: Teens and Work
Chapter 33: Limitations on Young Workers	177
Limits on Work Hours
Chapter 34: Rights and Obligations of Workers	181
Minimum Wage
Deductions from Your Check
Extra Benefits 
Rights to Privacy in the Workplace
Dress and Conduct Codes
Losing Your Job
	Job Tips
Chapter 35: Discrimination in the Workplace	187
Affirmative Action
Gender Discrimination
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Section V: Teens and Property
Chapter 36: Teens and Property Ownership	193
Inheriting from Parents
Death of Minors
Chapter 37: Signing Contracts	197
Cancelling Contracts
Getting it in Writing
Breach of Contract
Authorization to Sign Contracts
Section VI: Teens and the Courts
Chapter 38: Suing and Being Sued	203
How a Lawsuit Works
Chapter 39: Role of The Lawyers	207
Advantages of having a Lawyer
	Advantages to Representing Yourself
	Selecting an Attorney
Building a Relationship with your Attorney
Chapter 40: Juveniles and the Criminal Justice System	213
Age of Majority
Pleas and Disposition
Constitutional Protections
Use of Juvenile Records
Adult Proceedings for Juveniles
The Adult Criminal System
Chapter 41: Dependency and Neglect Cases	223
Teen Parents
Chapter 42: Teens as Crime Victims	227
Chapter 43: Legal Research	229
Statutes and Codes
Glossary	233
Table of Cases	237
Appendix A: List of Resources	245
Appendix B: State-By-State Laws	261
Index	323
About the Author	331

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