Table of contents for 101 things you didn't know about da Vinci / by Shana Priwer and Cynthia Phillips.

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Part 1: In the Beginning . . .
[NL]	1.	Where it all began: Vinci, Italy
[NL]	2.	The mamas and the papas, and everyone in between
[NL]	3.	"Current events" in fifteenth-century Italy
[NL]	4.	The life you're born into
[NL]	5.	Siblings of a genius
[NL]	6.	It's all relative
[NL]	7.	Youthful adventures
[NL]	8.	Get to work! Leonardo's early training
[NL]	9.	What did they do before there were bookstores?
[NL]	10.	Apprenticeship, or learning from your elders
[NL]	11.	Turning dust into gold: early painting experience
[NL]	12.	Getting off to a good start
[NL]	13.	The Company of Painters: membership has its privileges
[NL]	14.	Striking out on his own
[NL]	15.	The rebirth of Italy
[NL]	16.	Renaissance religion
[NL]	17.	Don't forget the golden oldies
[NL]	18.	Show me the money!
[NL]	19.	The importance of being sponsored
[NL]	20.	Lorenzo the Magnificent
[NL]	21.	Playing up to the Duke
[NL]	22.	Look out, it's Cesare Borgia!
[NL]	23.	The best of the Louis
[NL]	24.	Don't mess with the pope
[NL]	26.	Da Vinci University
Part 2: The Best of the Best of the Best
[NL]	27.	Early sculpture: a celebration in three dimensions
[NL]	28.	Form, function, and the whole nine yards
[NL]	29.	A horse is a horse, of course, of course
[NL]	30.	Draw up a chair![NL]	31.	The scene behind the scene
[NL]	32.	Leonardo and the fine art of completion
[NL]	33.	Building the scene-scape
[NL]	34.	An architecture of the imagination
[NL]	35.	It's all in the details
[NL]	36.	Monks and lawyers and artists, oh my!
[NL]	37.	The life and times of the "Last Supper"
[NL]	38.	There's something about Lisa
[NL]	39.	Oldies but goodies
[NL]	40.	Building the Renaissance
[NL]	41.	The Milan dome
[NL]	42.	Order in the Church!
[NL]	43.	San Giovanni church: closer to heaven
[NL]	44.	Build it and they will come: designs for other public structures
[NL]	45.	Military architecture, the design of defense
[NL]	46.	He built this city
Part 3: What It's All About
[NL]	47.	Observe and understand
[NL]	48.	Love that body!
[NL]	49.	From the inside out: studies of human systems
[NL]	50.	Fawning over flora
[NL]	51.	The perfect man
[NL]	52.	Getting physical with science
[NL]	53.	It's all in the circle game
[NL]	54.	Before planes, trains, and automobiles
[NL]	55.	War games
[NL]	56.	Building a better . . . cannon?
[NL]	57.	Leonardo's robot
[NL]	58.	Chutes (we already covered ladders)
[NL]	59.	It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a flying machine!
[NL]	60.	Leonardo's whirly bird
[NL]	61.	The world before Xerox
[NL]	62.	Under the boardwalk, down by the sea
[NL]	63.	Containing the forces of nature
[NL]	64.	Harnessing the power of water
[NL]	65.	The ocean-liners of the future
[NL]	66.	Around and around we go
[NL]	67.	Gone with the Schwinn
[NL]	68.	A coach fit for a king
Part 4: Writing, Drawing, and Music
[NL]	69.	The Leonardo diaries
[NL]	70.	Every binder needs a few dividers
[NL]	71.	And the lucky winner is . . .
[NL]	72.	Decoding the codices
[NL]	73.	Say cheese!
[NL]	74.	It's like looking in a mirror
[NL]	75.	Write to the point
[NL]	76.	Bringing down the house
Part 5: Who, What, Where, and What Else
[NL]	77.	Michelangelo: The Renaissance's "other great artist"
[NL]	78.	The young master Raphael
[NL]	79.	Boticelli on a half-shell
[NL]	80.	Titian: his own personal giant
[NL]	81.	Machiavelli: the literary prince of the Renaissance
[NL]	82.	Talking about a religious revolution
[NL]	83.	Center of the universe
[NL]	84.	Where in the world is Leonardo da Vinci?
[NL]	85.	Leonardo on the analyst's couch
Part 6: The Writing on the Wall
[NL]	86.	Vegetable soup for a gentle soul
[NL]	87.	Highly personal accusations
[NL]	88.	Amigos, compadres . . . lovers?
[NL]	89.	Let's talk about sex
[NL]	90.	Warning: genius at work
[NL]	91.	Minor errors of a major genius
[NL]	92.	Why be normal?
[NL]	93.	Crazy like a fox
[NL]	94.	More than meets the eye
[NL]	95.	"R-e-s-p-e-c-t"
[NL]	96.	Sincerest form of flattery
[NL]	97.	A horse of a different color
[NL]	98.	In the beginning, there was religion
[NL]	99.	It's all in the name!
[NL]	100.	In sickness and in health
[NL]	101.	Leonardo da Vinci: the Renaissance Man
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