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Preface				000
VèVè Clark
Chronology			000
Kaiso!: A Call and Response			000
Sara E. Johnson
Part One: Autobiographical Reflections
The Rabbit Hunt: Excerpt from A Touch of Innocence			000
Katherine Dunham
The Closed Room: Excerpt from A Touch of Innocence			000
Katherine Dunham
Excerpt from Journey to Accompong			000
Katherine Dunham
Excerpt from Island Possessed			000
Katherine Dunham
Prologue: Excerpt from Minefields			000
Katherine Dunham
Survival: Chicago After the Caribbean: Excerpts from Minefields			000
Katherine Dunham
Early New York Collaborations: Excerpts from Minefields			000
Katherine Dunham
Part Two: Dunham The Woman: Scholar Artist Activist
The Lost Ten Years: The Untold Story of the Dunham-Turbyfill Alliance			000
Ann Barzel, Mark Turbyfill, and Ruth Page
Miss Dunham Is Sensation in Haitian Dances			000
Edward Barry
The Negro in the Dance, as Katherine Dunham Sees Him			
Frederick L. Orme
La Boule Blanche			000
Katherine Dunham, writing as Kaye Dunn
L'Ag'ya of Martinique			000
Katherine Dunham, writing as Kaye Dunn
Designing Dunham: John Pratt's Method in Costume and Decor: An Interview 
with John Pratt			000
VèVè A. Clark
Katherine Dunham's Notable Contribution			000
John Martin
Thesis Turned Broadway			000
Katherine Dunham
The Negro Dance			000
Katherine Dunham
An Amazing Aura: Interviews with Katherine Dunham			000
V. Clark, M. Hodson, C. Neiman, and F. Bailey
Modern Dance Owes a Lot to Lovely Katherine Dunham			000
Sue Barry
Collaborating with Balanchine on Cabin in the Sky: Interviews with Katherine Dunham			000
Constance Valis Hill
A Talk with Katherine Dunham			000
Dorathai Bock Pierre
Better Race Relationships Hoped by Seattle Dancer			000
Dunham Weary of Hotel Trek			000
Comment to a Louisville Audience			000
Katherine Dunham
Watching Dunham's Dances, 1937-1945
Susan Manning
Goombay			000
Katherine Dunham
Thirty Days among the Maroons			000
Zora Neale Hurston
On Stage with the Dunham Company: An Interview with Vanoye Aikens			000
VèVè A. Clark
The Dance in the National Youth Administration			000
Katherine Dunham
Bal Nègre Program			000
Schoolmarm Turned Siren or Vice Versa			000
John Martin
Caribbean Backgrounds Program			000
Katherine Dunham Raises Primitive Dance Art to New Heights of Sophistication
Peter Waddington			000
Katherine Dunham, Observed in London			000
Touring Europe with the Dunham Company			000
Eartha Kitt
Katherine Dunham and Us			000
Abdias do Nascimento
Performing the Memory of Difference in Afro-Caribbean Dance: Katherine Dunham's
Choreography, 1938-1987			000
VèVè A. Clark
Southland Program			000
Katherine Dunham's Southland: Protest in the Face of Repression			000
Constance Valis Hill
An Anthropological Band of Beings: An Interview with Julie Robinson Belafonte
VèVè A. Clark
Foreword to Katherine Dunham's Dances of Haiti			000
Claude Lévi-Strauss
Katherine Dunham: An Appreciation			000
Alfred Métraux
Notes on Dances for Aida			000
Katherine Dunham
The Caribbean Islands: Now and Then			000
Katherine Dunham
Caribbean Tourist Tips			000
Katherine Dunham
Getting the Show on the Road			000
Ruth Beckford
Plan for an Academy of West African Cultural Arts			000
Katherine Dunham
Address Delivered at the Dakar Festival of Negro Arts			000
Katherine Dunham
Dunham Jailed Following Protest			000
Katherine Dunham			000
Gwen Mazer
Her Careers Are Manifold			000
Vandy Brewer
The Dance with Death			000
Martha Sherrill
Part Three: Stories and Poems
Come Back to Arizona			000
Katherine Dunham
Afternoon into Night			000
Katherine Dunham
Baio			000
Katherine Dunham
Béguine			000
Katherine Dunham
The Babies of Biafra			000
Katherine Dunham
Charité: Excerpt from Elifat			000
Katherine Dunham
The Market Place at Pétionville: Excerpt from Elifat			000
Katherine Dunham
The Census Takers: Excerpt from Kasamance			000
Katherine Dunham
Part Four: Dunham Technique
Interview with Katherine Dunham			000
V. Clark, M. Hodson, C. Neiman, and F. Bailey
Notations of the Dunham Method and Technique			000
Lavinia Williams 
Katherine Dunham School of Arts and Research: Brochure, 1946-1947			000
The Dunham Schools			000
Katherine Dunham
Form and Function in Primitive Dance			000
Katherine Dunham
How She Began Her Beguine: Dunham's Dance Literacy			000
Millicent Hodson
The Anthropological Approach to the Dance			000
Katherine Dunham
Notes on the Dance			000
Katherine Dunham
Need for Study of Dances of Primitive Peoples			000
Katherine Dunham
Dunham Technique: Prospectus			000
Katherine Dunham
The World in Dance and Ritual: World Dance Film Project			000
Katherine Dunham
Focal Rites: New Dance Dominions			000
Roy Thomas
Dance as a Cultural Art and Its Role in Development			000
Katherine Dunham
Dunham Technique Seminars			000
Joyce Aschenbrenner
Certifying Instructors of Dunham Technique			000
Albirda Rose
Part Five: Preserving the Legacy
Performing Arts Training Center as a Focal Point for a New and Unique College
or School			000
Katherine Dunham
Cultural Fusion and Spiritual Unity			000
Eugene Redmond
Honoring Katherine Dunham, 26 May 1976			000
St. Clair Drake
Institute for Intercultural Communications			000
Jeanelle Stovall
Katherine Dunham Museum			000
Jeanelle Stovall
Dunham 101: An Interview with Glory Van Scott			000
VèVè A. Clark
The Kennedy Center Honors			000
Carla Hall and Joe Brown
The Jamaican Connexion			000
Rex Nettleford	
Dance's Dynamic Duo: Alvin Ailey in Collaboration with Katherine Dunham			000
Alan M. Kriegsman
Ailey Does Dunham			000
Alan M. Kriegsman
The Yoruba Orisha Tradition Comes to New York City			000
Marta Moreno Vega
Katherine Dunham: One-Woman Revolution			000
Wendy Perron
Instituting Dunham			000
K. C. Patrick
Katherine Dunham, a Pioneer of Postmodern Anthropology
Halifu Osumare
Appendix 1. Stage Choreography by Katherine Dunham, 1937-1962			000
Appendix 2. Film Choreography by Katherine Dunham, 1939-1964			000
Appendix 3. Selected Bibliography of Writings by Katherine Dunham			000
Appendix 4. Selected Bibliography of Writings about Katherine Dunham			000
Glossary 			000
Notes on Contributors				000
Index			000

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