Table of contents for 55 answers to questions about life after death / Mark Hitchcock.

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 PART ONE: Unlocking Life's Greatest Mystery
 1 What Is Death?
 2 Where Do People Go When They Die?
 3 Is There an Appointed Time to Die?
 4 Will Everybody Die?
 5 Is Purgatory Real?
 6 Should We Pray for Those Who Have Died?
 7 What about Soul Sleep?
 8 What about Near-Death Experiences?
 9 Do Some People Get a Glimpse of Heaven Before They
 10 Is Reincarnation Consistent with the Bible?
 11 Can the Dead Communicate with the Living?
 12 Is Fear of Death Normal?
 PART TWO: Grave Matters
 13 Should Christians Be Cremated?
 PART THREE: The Other Side of the Good News
 14 Is Hell a Real Place?
 15 What Is Hell Like?
 16 Are There Different Parts of the Underworld?
 17 How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
 18 Is Hell in the Center of the Earth?
 19 Will People in Hell Ever Have a Second Chance?
 20 Will Hell Really Last Forever?
 21 Will Everyone Be Punished the Same in Hell?
 PART FOUR: Our Heavenly Home
 22 Is Heaven a Real Place?
 23 What are Some of the Other Names for Heaven?
 24 Why Should We Spend Time Thinking About Heaven?
 25 What Is Heaven Like?
 26 What About People Who Claim to Have Visited
 27 Does St. Peter Really Sit at the Pearly Gates of
 28 Will People in Heaven Play Harps?
 29 Are There Rewards in Heaven?
 30 What Kind of Rewards Will God Give?
 31 Will Every Believer Receive a Reward?
 PART FIVE: Angels and the Afterlife
 32 When Christians Die Do Angels Carry Them to
 33 Do People Become Angels in Heaven?
 PART SIX: Everyday Life in Heaven
 34 Will We Know Each Other in Heaven?
 35 Will We Know Everything in Heaven?
 36 What Will We Do in Heaven?
 37 Why Won't We Get Bored in Heaven?
 38 Can People in Heaven See What's Happening on
 39 How Can Christians Enjoy Heaven Knowing That
People are in Hell?
 40 Is There Time in Heaven?
 41 Will There Be Marriage in Heaven?
 42 Is There Sex in Heaven?
 43 Do People in Heaven Wear Clothes?
 44 Will We Eat in Heaven?
 45 Will Jesus Still Have Scars in Heaven?
 46 Will We See God in Heaven?
 PART SEVEN: The Ultimate Extreme Makeover
 47 What Kind of Bodies Will We Have in Heaven?
 48 When Do We Get Our New Body?
 49 Do People in Heaven Right Now Have a Temporary
 50 How Old Will We Appear to Be in Heaven?
 PART EIGHT: The Residents of Heaven
 51 Do People Who Commit Suicide Go to Heaven?
 52 Can Homosexuals Go to Heaven?
 53 Will There Be Animals in Heaven?
 54 Do Infants and Children Who Die Go to Heaven?
 PART NINE: Life's Greatest Question
 55 Will You Be in Heaven?
 Recommended Books for Further Study

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