Table of contents for Candide, or, Optimism / Voltaire ; translated by Burton Raffel.

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Introduction by Johnson Kent Wright
Translator's Note
Chapter One: How Candide was raised in a noble mansion, and how he was driven away
Chapter Two: What happened to Candide among the Bulgars
Chapter Three: How Candide saved himself from the Bulgars, and what became of him
Chapter Four: How Candide met his old philosophy teacher, Doctor Pangloss, and what had happened to him
Chapter Five: Tempest, shipwreck, earthquake, and what happened to Doctor Pangloss, Candide, and Jacques the Anabaptist
Chapter Six: How they had a beautiful auto-da-fé in order to put an end to the earthquake, and how Candide was flogged
Chapter Seven: How an old woman took care of Candide and how he got back his beloved
Chapter Eight: Cunégonde's story
Chapter Nine: What happened to Cunégonde, to Candide, to the Grand Inquisitor, and to a Jew
Chapter Ten: In what difficulty Candide, Cunégonde, and the old woman reached Cadiz, and how they boarded a ship
Chapter Eleven: The old woman's story
Chapter Twelve: More about the old woman's misfortunes
Chapter Thirteen: How Candide was forced to leave lovely Cunégonde and the old woman
Chapter Fourteen: How Candide and Cacambo were greeted by the Jesuits of Paraguay
Chapter Fifteen: How Candide killed his dear Cunégonde's brother
Chapter Sixteen: What happened to the two travelers with two girls, two monkeys, and the savages known as Oreillons
Chapter Seventeen: Arrival of Candide and his valet in the land of Eldorado, and what they saw there
Chapter Eighteen: What they saw in Eldorado
Chapter Nineteen: How they got to to Surinam, and how Candide came to know Martin
Chapter Twenty: What happened at sea to Candide and Martin
Chapter Twenty-one: Candide and Martin approach the French coast, and argue
Chapter Twenty-two: What happened to Candide and Martin in France
Chapter Twenty-three: Candide and Martin reach the British coast, and what they see there
Chapter Twenty-four: Paquette and Friar Giroflée
Chapter Twenty-five: Visit to Lord Pococuranté, a nobleman of Venice
Chapter Twenty-six: A dinner that Candide and Martin shared with six foreigners, and who they were
Chapter Twenty-seven: Candide's journey to Constantinople
Chapter Twenty-eight: What happened to Candide, Cunégonde, Pangloss, Martin, etc.
Chapter Twenty-nine: How Candide found Cunégonde and the old woman
Chapter Thirty: Conclusion
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