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An Overview of International Conflict 1
	The Nature of International Conflict 3
	Understanding International Conflict Management 13
	International Organizations and Regional Conflicts 34
Regional Conflicts 49
@H1:Africa: 1.11.97
	List of Conflicts
	Countries in Africa Region
	Regional Overview
	Overview of Conflict
	Conflict Management
1.1	Madagascar<en>France: Nationalist Rebellion</B>
	MarchAugust 1947
1.2	Eritrea<en>Ethiopia: Eritrean Nationalism and Agitation for Independence</B>
	July 1949December 1950
1.3	Tunisia: Tunisian Independence and African Nationalism</B>
	January 1952March 1956
1.4	Kenya<en>United Kingdom: Anticolonial Tribal Uprising and Mau Mau Revolt</B>
	August 1952December 1963
1.5	Algeria: The Fight for Independence</B>
	November 1954March 1962
1.6	Morocco<en>Spain: Postindependence Autonomy and the Sahara Conflict</B>
	November 1957April 1958
1.7	France<en>Tunisia: Postindependence Autonomy and Military Bases Conflict</B>
	FebruaryMay 1958
1.8	France<en>Tunisia: French-Algerian Border Incidents</B>
	FebruaryAugust 1959
1.9	Mauritania<en>Mali: Hodh Region Conflict</B>
	Mid-1960February 1963
1.10	Congo (Zaire): Secession, Anarchy, Civil War, and the Belgian Congo Crisis</B>
	July 1960Mid-1964
1.11	The African Territories<en>Portugal: African Nationalism and Independence Struggle</B>
	1961July 1975
1.12	Tunisia<en>France: Postindependence Autonomy Dispute in Bizerte</B>
	JulySeptember 1961
1.13	Somalia<en>Kenya/Ethiopia: Somali Expansionism and Separatist Insurgency</B>
	November 1962September 1967
1.14	Sudan: Southern Separatism, Anya-Nya Terrorism, and the First Sudan Civil War</B>
	September 1963March 1972
1.15	Morocco<en>Algeria: Territorial Dispute and the Tindouf War</B>
	October 1963February 1964
1.16	Niger<en>Dahomey (Benin): Lete Island Dispute</B>
	December 1963June 1965
1.17	Somalia<en>Ethiopia: Somali Expansionism, Separatist Guerrilla Fighting, and the First Ogaden War</B>
	JanuaryMarch 1964
1.18	Rwanda<en>Burundi: Postindependence Ethnic Violence Between the Hutu and Tutsi</B>
	January 1964January 1965
1.19	France<en>Gabon: Military Putsch, French Military Intervention, and Aubame's Coup</B>
	February 1964
1.20	Ghana<en>Upper Volta: Ghanaian Border Dispute</B>
	June 1964June 1966
1.21	Eritrea<en>Ethiopia: Eritrean Nationalism and War of Secession</B>
	1965May 1993
1.22	Ghana<en>Togo: Ghanaian Expansionism and Border Incidents</B>
	JanuaryMay 1965
1.23	Uganda<en>Congo (Zaire): Rebel Activity and Border Incidents</B>
	FebruaryMarch 1965
1.24	Chad<en>Sudan: Internal Strife, Sudanese Intervention, and First Chad Civil War</B>
	November 19651972
1.25	Namibia: Violent Insurrection, War, and Independence Struggle</B>
	1966March 1990
1.26	Ivory Coast<en>Guinea: Coup Plot</B>
	MarchApril 1966
1.27	Ghana<en>Guinea: Nkrumah's Ouster and Postcoup Tensions</B>
	OctoberNovember 1966
1.28	Rhodesia: African Nationalism, Guerrilla Warfare, and Zimbabwe's Struggle for Independence </B>
	1967January 1980
1.29	Guinea<en>Ivory Coast: Regional Rivalry and Hostage Crisis</B>
	FebruarySeptember 1967
1.30	Nigeria<en>Biafra: Ethnic and Regional Rivalries, Secession Attempt, and the Biafran Civil War</B>
	July 1967January 1970
1.31	Congo (Zaire)<en>Rwanda: Regional Instability and the Mercenaries Dispute</B>
	August 1967April 1968
1.32	Guinea<en>Portugal: PAIGC Guerrilla Warfare and the Conakry Raids</B>
	November 1970
1.33	Uganda<en>Tanzania: Postcoup Border Clashes</B>
	January 1971October 1972
1.34	Equatorial Guinea<en>Gabon: Territorial Dispute over the Corisco Bay Islands</B>
	JuneNovember 1972
1.35	Ethiopia<en>Somalia: Somali Expansionism, Territorial Dispute, and the Second Ogaden War</B>
1.36	Morocco<en>Mauritania: Saharan Nationalism, Territorial Dispute, and the Western Saharan Conflict</B>
	October 1974Ongoing
1.37	Mali<en>Upper Volta (Burkina Faso): Territorial and Resource Dispute</B>
	December 1974June 1975
1.38	Angola<en>South Africa: Guerrilla Warfare in Namibia, Intervention, and Angolan Civil War</B>
1.39	Zaire<en>Angola: Rebel Activity and Border War</B>
	November 1975February 1976
1.40	Mozambique<en>South Africa: African Nationalism, Intervention, and Civil War</B>
	1976October 1992
1.41	Uganda<en>Kenya: Amin Provocations and Border Incidents</B>
	FebruaryAugust 1976
1.42	Chad<en>Libya: Guerrilla Warfare, Factional Fighting, and Libyan Annexation of the Aozou Strip</B>
	June 1976November 1979
1.43	Zaire<en>Angola: Internal Dissension, Regional Instability, and the First Invasion of Shaba</B>
	MarchMay 1977
1.44	Chad: Internal Strife, Foreign Intervention, and the Second Chad Civil War</B>
	January 1978June 1982
1.45	Zaire<en>Angola: Regional Instability, Congolese Dissension, and the Second Invasion of Shaba</B>
	May 1978
1.46	Tanzania<en>Uganda: Cross-Border Raids, Tanzanian Invasion, and Ouster of the Amin Regime</B>
	October 1978May 1979
1.47	Morocco<en>Algeria: Western Saharan Nationalism and Border Conflict</B>
	JuneOctober 1979
1.48	Cameroon<en>Nigeria: Border Incident</B>
	MayJuly 1981
1.49	Uganda: Civil War</B>
	December 19811994
1.50	Zaire<en>Zambia: Lake Mweru Dispute</B>
	FebruarySeptember 1982
1.51	Libya<en>Chad: Political Instability, Rebel Fighting, Foreign Intervention, and the Third Chad Civil War</B>
1.52	Ghana<en>Togo: Territorial Dispute and Border Incidents</B>
	AugustOctober 1982
1.53	South Africa<en>Lesotho: Guerrilla Insurgency Fears and Anti-ANC Raid</B>
	December 1982
1.54	Sudan: Secessionist Fighting, Civil War, and the Second Sudan Civil War</B>
	January 1983Ongoing
1.55	Liberia<en>Sierra Leone: Doe Regime Tensions</B>
	FebruaryMarch 1983
1.56	Chad<en>Nigeria: Boundary/Resources Dispute and the Lake Chad Conflict</B>
	AprilJuly 1983
1.57	Zaire<en>Zambia: Regional Tensions, Deportations, and Border Dispute</B>
	September 1983January 1984
1.58	South Africa<en>Botswana: African Nationalism and Anti-ANC Raids</B>
	October 1984May 1986
1.59	Zaire: Internal Dissent and the Third Invasion of Shaba</B>
	November 1984
1.60	Zaire: Internal Strife, the Fourth Invasion of Shaba, and the Collapse of the Mobutu Regime</B>
	June 1985
1.61	Mali<en>Burkina Faso: Territorial/Resource Dispute and Border War</B>
	December 1985January 1986
1.62	Togo<en>Ghana: Regional Rivalry and Coup Attempt</B>
	September 1986
1.63	Zaire<en>People's Republic of Congo: Regional Instability and Border Incident</B>
	January 1987
1.64	Ethiopia<en>Somalia: Somali Expansionism and the Third Odagen War</B>
	February 1987April 1988
1.65	South Africa<en>Zambia: African Nationalism, Insurgency Fears, and Anti-ANC Raid</B>
	April 1987
1.66	People's Republic of Congo: Civil Unrest and Army Rebellion</B>
	September 1987July 1988
1.67	Uganda<en>Kenya: Ugandan Civil War, Refugee Influx, and Border Conflict</B>
	December 1987
1.68	Somalia: Clan-Based Violence and the Somalian Civil War</B>
	May 1988Ongoing
1.69	Burundi: Tribe-Based Communal Violence and the Hutu Conflict</B>
	August 1988Ongoing
1.70	Uganda<en>Kenya: Border Conflict</B>
	March 1989
1.71	Mauritania<en>Senegal: Ethnic Violence and Border Incidents</B>
	April 1989January 1990
1.72	Liberia: Civil War</B>
	December 1989Ongoing
1.73	Guinea-Bissau<en>Senegal: Border Conflict</B>
	AprilMay 1990
1.74	Tuareg<en>Niger: Confrontation and Reprisals</B>
	May 1990October 1994
1.75	Senegal: The Casamance Rebellion</B>
1.76	Tuareg<en>Mali: Sahel Pastoralist Rebellion and Military Coup</B>
	June 1990Ongoing
1.77	Rwanda: Tribal Conflict, Genocide, and Exiles Invasion</B>
	September 1990Ongoing
1.78	Liberia<en>Sierra Leone: Intervention, Destabilization, and the Sierra Leone Civil War</B>
	March 1991Ongoing
1.79	Djibouti: Ethnic-Based Violence and Civil War</B>
	November 1991July 1993
1.80	Nigeria<en>Cameroon: Territorial Dispute and the Diamond and Djabane Islands Dispute</B>
	December 1993March 1994
1.81	Ghana<en>Togo: Border Incidents</B>
	JanuaryFebruary 1994
1.82	Uganda: Intervention and Democratic Movements</B>
	May 1995Ongoing
1.83	Federal Republic of Grande Comoros: Coup Attempt and Anjouan and Moheli Independence</B>
	September 1995Ongoing
1.84	Eritrea<en>Yemen: Invasion of the Hunish Islands</B>
	November 1995October 1998
1.85	Congo: Independence Movements</B>
	October 1996Ongoing
1.86	Uganda<en>Kenya: Ethnic Cross-Border Clashes</B>
	November 1996July 1998
1.87	Niger: Diffa Border Insurgency</B>
	December 1996April 1999
1.88	Congo<en>Brazzaville: Democratic Struggle</B>
	May 1997Late 2000
1.89	Djibouti: Intervention and Djibouti Civil War</B>
	Early 1998December 2000
1.90	Lesotho: Intervention and Military Factions</B>
	May 1998March 1999
1.91	Eritrea<en>Ethiopia: Yirga Triangle Territorial Dispute</B>
	May 1998June 1999
1.92	Guinea-Bissau: Military Factions</B>
	June 1998January 2000
1.93	Ethiopia<en>Kenya: Ethnic Border Clashes</B>
	October 1998January 1999
1.94	Liberia<en>Guinea: Border Dispute</B>
	September 1999April 2001
1.95	Ivory Coast: Civil War</B>
	September 1999Ongoing
1.96	Central African Republic<en>Chad: Attempted Coup, Foreign Intervention, and Territorial Occupation</B>
	Mid-2001December 2002
1.97	Angola<en>Zambia: Civil Strife and Border Skirmishes</B>
	November 2001
@H1:Americas: 2.12.45
	List of Conflicts	
	Countries in Americas Region
	Regional Overview
	Overview of Conflict
	Conflict Management
2.1	Dominican Republic<en>Haiti/Cuba: Regional Aggression</B>
	Early 1947December 1951
2.2	Costa Rica: Anticorruption Military Insurgency and Civil War</B>
	MarchApril 1948
2.3	Nicaragua<en>Costa Rica: Border Conflict</B>
	December 1948February 1949
2.4	Argentina<en>Chile: The Beagle Channel Border Dispute</B>
	July 1952August 1993
2.5	Guatemala: Civil War and Insurgency</B>
	June 1954Ongoing
2.6	Nicaragua<en>Costa Rica: Exiles Invasion Attempt</B>
	January 1955
2.7	Dominican Republic<en>Cuba/Venezuela: Dominican Republic Aggression and Exiles Conflict</B>
	February 1956January 1962
2.8	Cuba: Communist Revolution and Cuban Civil War</B>
	December 1956January 1959
2.9	Nicaragua<en>Honduras: Boundary Dispute and Mocoran Seizure</B>
	AprilJune 1957
2.10	Panama: Cuban-Backed Invasion and Panama Revolutionaries Conflict</B>
	1958May 1959
2.11	Guatemala<en>Mexico: Mexican Shrimp Boat Incident</B>
	December 1958September 1959
2.12	Paraguay<en>Argentina: Paraguayan Exiles Conflict</B>
	Early 1959December 1961
2.13	Cuba<en>Haiti: Cuban-Sponsored Military Invasion and Haitian Exiles Conflict</B>
	August 1959
2.14	United States<en>Cuba: Anti-Castro Military Invasion--The Bay of Pigs</B>
	AprilMay 1961
2.15	Venezuela<en>Guyana (UK): Essequibo River Dispute</B>
	February 1962June 1970
2.16	Chile<en>Bolivia: Lauca River Dam Dispute</B>
	March 19621964
2.17	United States<en>USSR: Cold War Dispute and the Cuban Missile Crisis</B>
	SeptemberNovember 1962
2.18	Haiti<en>Dominican Republic: Exiles Asylum and Invasion Attempt</B>
 	AprilSeptember 1963
2.19	Cuba<en>Venezuela: Terrorism and Invasion Attempt</B>
	November 1963May 1967
2.20	Panama<en>United States: Sovereignty Dispute and the Flag Riots</B>
	JanuaryApril 1964
2.21	Colombia: Banditry and Leftist Guerrilla Insurgency</B>
2.22	United States<en>Dominican Republic: Civil War, U.S. Military Intervention, and the Constitutionalist Rebellion</B>
	April 1965September 1966
2.23	Bolivia: Cuban-Assisted Guerrilla Insurgency</B>
	November 1966July 1970
2.24	El Salvador<en>Honduras: The "Football War" Border Dispute</B>
	July 1969
2.25	Guyana<en>Suriname: New River Triangle Border Dispute</B>
	August 1969November 1970
2.26	El Salvador<en>Honduras: Territorial Dispute and Border Incidents</B>
	July 1976October 1980
2.27	El Salvador: Civil Conflict and the Salvadoran Civil War</B>
	January 1977Late 1992
2.28	Ecuador<en>Peru: Regional Rivalry, Territorial Dispute, and the Amazon/Mara<tid>n<ac>on Waterway Incidents</B>
	June 1977January 1978
2.29	Nicaragua<en>Costa Rica: Regional Rivalry and Border Incidents</B>
	October 1977
2.30	Nicaragua<en>Costa Rica: Regional Rivalry, Cross-Border Raids, and Border Incidents</B>
	SeptemberDecember 1978
2.31	Honduras<en>Nicaragua: Right-Wing Insurgency and the Contra War</B>
	January 1980February 1994
2.32	Ecuador<en>Peru: Territorial Dispute and Border War</B>
	JanuaryApril 1981
2.33	United Kingdom<en>Argentina: Sovereignty Dispute and the Falklands War</B>
	AprilJune 1982
2.34	Guatemala<en>Mexico: Regional Instability, Guatemalan Civil War, and Border Incidents</B>
	September 1982January 1983
2.35	United States<en>Grenada: Anti-Communist Military Invasion</B>
	OctoberDecember 1983
2.36	Ecuador<en>Peru: Regional Rivalry, Territorial Dispute, and Border Conflict</B>
	January 1984
2.37	Guatemala<en>Mexico: Regional Instability, Guatemalan Civil War, and Border Incident</B>
	April 1984
2.38	Nicaragua<en>Costa Rica: Regional Rivalry and Border Incidents</B>
	MayJune 1985
2.39	Nicaragua<en>Costa Rica: Regional Rivalry and Border Incidents</B>
	April 1986
2.40	Suriname: Guerrilla Insurgency</B>
	July 1986December 1992
2.41	United States<en>Panama: U.S. Anti-Noreiga Military Invasion</B>
	December 1989
2.42	United States<en>Haiti: U.S. Military Invasion and Aristide's Return from Exile</B>
	September 1994
2.43	Ecuador<en>Peru: Regional Rivalry and Cenepa Headwaters Confrontation</B>
	JanuaryMarch 1995
2.44	Ecuador<en>Peru: Condor Mountain Territorial Dispute</B>
	January 1995October 1998
2.45	Belize<en>Guatemala: Postindependence Territorial Dispute and Border Incidents</B>
	August 1995
@H1:Asia: East Asia and the Pacific: 3.13.65
	List of Conflicts
	Countries in East Asia and the Pacific Region
	Regional Overview
	Overview of Conflict
	Conflict Management
3.1	China: Civil War</B>
3.2	The Netherlands<en>The Dutch East Indies: Indonesian Nationalism and War of Independence</B>
	Late 1945November 1949
3.3	France<en>Indochina: Independence Struggle</B>
	December 1945July 1954
3.4	United Kingdom<en>Malaya and Singapore: Anti-British Communist Insurgency and the Malayan Emergency</B>
	June 1948July 1960
3.5	Burma: Kuomintang/People's Liberation Army Cross-Border Conflict</B>
	August 19481954
3.6	Burma (Myanmar): Karen Separatist Insurgency and Civil War</B>
	January 1949Ongoing
3.7	China<en>Taiwan: Communist-Nationalist Conflict in the Straits of Formosa</B>
	October 1949June 1953
3.8	United States<en>USSR: Cold War Air Incidents</B>
	AprilOctober 1950
3.9	United States<en>North Korea: Cold War Territorial Dispute and the Korean War</B>
	June 1950July 1953
3.10	China<en>Portugal: The Macao Territorial Conflict</B>
	JulyAugust 1952
3.11	USSR<en>United States: Cold War Air Incidents</B>
	October 1952July 1956
3.12	Cambodia<en>Siam (Thailand): Border Conflict and the Occupation of the Temple of Preah Vhear</B>
	Early 1953May 1975
3.13	China<en>United States/Taiwan: The Quemoy Confrontation</B>
	April 1954April 1955
3.14	Taiwan<en>South Vietnam: The Paracel Islands Dispute</B>
	JuneAugust 1956
3.15	China<en>United States/Taiwan: Communist-Nationalist Territorial Dispute and Bombardment of the Quemoy Islands</B>
	JulyDecember 1958
3.16	Laos: Political Anarchy and the First Laotian Civil War</B>
	December 19581962
3.17	North Vietnam<en>South Vietnam/United States: Communist Vietcong Insurgency, Anti-Communist U.S. Military Intervention, and Civil War</B>
	December 1960May 1975
3.18	Indonesia<en>Malaysia: Separatist Civil Disturbances and the Borneo Conflict</B>
	1962November 1965
3.19	Indonesia<en>The Netherlands: West Irian Administration Dispute and Separatist Insurgency</B>
	JanuaryAugust 1962
3.20	China<en>Taiwan: CCP-KMT Territorial Dispute and Invasion Threat</B>
	MarchDecember 1962
3.21	South Vietnam<en>Cambodia: Anti-Vietminh Cross-Border Raids</B>
	MarchDecember 1964
3.22	North Vietnam<en>Laos: Political Anarchy and the Second Laotian Civil War</B>
	April 1964December 1966
3.23	North Vietnam<en>United States: The Vietnam War</B>
	August 1964May 1975
3.24	Irian Jaya<en>Indonesia: Territorial Dispute and Secession Insurgency</B>
3.25	North Korea<en>South Korea: Cold War Dispute and Border Incidents</B>
	Mid-1965March 1968
3.26	North Korea<en>United States: USS <I>Pueblo</I> Seizure</B>
	JanuaryDecember 1968
3.27	China<en>Burma: Tribal Conflicts and Border Incidents</B>
	JanuaryNovember 1969
3.28	Cambodia (Kampuchea)<en>South Vietnam/United States: U.S. Bombing Campaign and Vietnam War</B>
 	January 1970April 1975
3.29	Mindanao<en>The Philippines: Communal Violence, Land Disputes, and Muslim Secessionist Insurgency</B>
	January 1970Ongoing
3.30	South Vietnam<en>China: Territorial Dispute and the Paracel Islands</B>
	January 1974
3.31	North Korea<en>South Korea: Demilitarized Zone and Invasion Threat</B>
	FebruaryJuly 1975
3.32	Cambodia (Kampuchea)<en>United States: Post<en>Vietnam War Tensions and the <I>Mayaguez</I> Incident</B>
	May 1975
3.33	Laos<en>Thailand: Postrevolution Exodus and Border Incidents</B>
	June 1975January 1976
3.34	East Timor<en>Indonesia: Independence Struggle</B>
	October 1975May 2002
3.35	Cambodia (Kampuchea)<en>Thailand: Refugee Influx, Regional Tensions, and Border Skirmishes</B>
	December 1975February 1976
3.36	Thailand<en>Cambodia (Kampuchea): Refugee Influx, Regional Instability, and Khmer Rouge Border Incidents</B>
	NovemberDecember 1976
3.37	Cambodia (Kampuchea)<en>Thailand: Refugee Influx, Regional Instability, and Khmer Rouge Border Incidents</B>
	January 1977October 1978
3.38	Cambodia (Kampuchea)<en>Vietnam: Border Fighting, Vietnamese Invasion, and the Cambodian Civil War</B>
	January 1979Ongoing
3.39	China<en>Vietnam: Regional Rivalry and Border War</B>
	January 1979June 1982
3.40	Cambodia (Kampuchea)<en>Thailand: Khmer Rouge Insurgency and Border Conflict</B>
	December 1979October 1980
3.41	Espiritu Santo<en>Vanuatu (The New Hebrides): Secession Attempt</B>
	MaySeptember 1980
3.42	Indonesia<en>Papua New Guinea (PNG): Secessionist Warfare, Border Incidents, and the Irian Jaya Dispute</B>
	May 1982October 1984
3.43	Laos<en>Thailand: Territorial Dispute and Border Incidents</B>
	June 1982
3.44	China<en>Vietnam: Regional Rivalry and Border Conflict</B>
	April 1983
3.45	Vietnam<en>China: Regional Rivalry and Border Conflict</B>
	January 1984March 1987
3.46	Burma<en>Thailand: Karen Separatist Insurgency, Counterinsurgency Raids, and Border Incidents</B>
	March 1984
3.47	Thailand<en>Laos: Boundary Dispute and Border War</B>
	June 1984December 1988
3.48	North Korea<en>South Korea: Cold War Border Incidents</B>
	November 1984
3.49	Vietnam<en>China: Regional Rivalry, Sovereignty Dispute, and the Spratly Islands Dispute</B>
	March 1988
3.50	Bougainville<en>Papua New Guinea: Separatist Insurgency and Secession Attempt</B>
	October 1988Ongoing
3.51	Burma (Myanmar)<en>Bangladesh: Rohingya Muslim Rebellion and Border Incidents</B>
	December 1991
3.52	North Korea<en>South Korea: Historical Enmity and Border Incident</B>
	May 1992
3.53	Burma (Myanmar)<en>Bangladesh: Border Incidents</B>
	MarchSeptember 1993
3.54	Burma (Myanmar)<en>Bangladesh: Border Incidents</B>
	MayAugust 1994
3.55	Taiwan<en>China: Nationalist-Communist Dispute and Shelling Incident</B>
	November 1994
3.56	China<en>The Philippines: Territorial Dispute and the Paracel and Spratly Islands Incidents</B>
	JanuaryFebruary 1995
3.57	Taiwan<en>Vietnam: Territorial Dispute and Spratly Islands Clash</B>
	March 1995
3.58	China<en>Taiwan: Rivalry and Military Tensions</B>
	January 1996August 1999
3.59	North Korea<en>South Korea: Continuing Rivalry</B>
	September 1996November 2000
3.60	China<en>The Philippines: Spratly Islands Incident</B>
	April 1997July 1999
3.61	Vietnam<en>The Philippines: Spratly Islands Firing Incident</B>
	October 1999
3.62	Thailand<en>Laos: Mekong River Territories</B>
	AugustSeptember 2000
3.63	Thailand<en>Burma: Internal Civil Strife, Militia Activities, and Border Skirmishes</B>
	MarchMay 2001
3.64	North Korea<en>South Korea: Naval Incidents</B>
	November 2001July 2002
3.65	Japan<en>North Korea: Spy Ship Incident</B>
	December 2001
@H1:Asia: Southwest Asia: 4.14.39
	List of Conflicts
	Countries in Southwest Asia Region
	Regional Overview
	Overview of Conflict
	Conflict Management
4.1	India: Civil War, Independence, and Partition</B>
4.2	Pakistan<en>India: Postpartition Separatism, First Kashmir War, and India-Pakistan Rivalry</B>
	October 1947January 1949
4.3	India<en>Hyderabad: Postpartition Separatist Violence and Secession Attempt</B>
	JulySeptember 1948
4.4	Afghanistan<en>Pakistan: Postindependence Pathan Border Conflict</B>
	August 1949
4.5	Afghanistan<en>Pakistan: The Pathan Territorial Conflict</B>
	JuneOctober 1950
4.6	China<en>Tibet: Tibetan Autonomy Dispute</B>
	October 1950May 1951
4.7	China<en>Tibet: Incorporation Struggle</B>
	March 1956September 1965
4.8	India<en>Pakistan: Postpartition Border Tension and the Surma River Incidents</B>
	March 1958September 1959
4.9	China<en>Nepal: Boundary Dispute</B>
	June 1959July 1960
4.10	China<en>India: Sino-Indian Antagonism and the McMahon Line Boundary Dispute</B>
	August 1959February 1960
4.11	Afghanistan<en>Pakistan: Boundary Dispute and Pathan Conflict</B>
	September 1960May 1963
4.12	India<en>Portugal: Anti-Portugal Territorial Dispute in Goa</B>
	December 1961
4.13	Nepal<en>India: Pro-Democratic Rebellion and Border Incidents</B>
	AprilNovember 1962
4.14	India<en>China: Sino-Indian Wars and McMahon Line Border Dispute</B>
	OctoberNovember 1962
4.15	China<en>USSR: Territorial Dispute over Damansky Island</B>
	March 1963September 1969
4.16	India<en>Pakistan: Border Skirmishes
4.17	India<en>Pakistan: Territorial Rivalry and the Second Kashmir War</B>
	AugustSeptember 1965
4.18	China<en>India: Sino-Indian Wars and McMahon Line Border Incidents</B>
	September 1965
4.19	Bangladesh<en>Pakistan: Secessionist Warfare and the Bangladesh War of Independence</B>
	March 1971February 1974
4.20	Bangladesh: Postindependence Territorial Dispute and the Chittagong Hill Tracts Conflict</B>
4.21	China<en>India: Territorial Dispute and McMahon Line Border Incidents</B>
	October 1975
4.22	Bangladesh<en>India: Postcoup Tensions and Border Incidents</B>
	April 1976
4.23	Pakistan<en>Afghanistan: Pro-Monarchist Revolt and the Peshawar Rebellion</B>
	MarchJuly 1979
4.24	Bangladesh<en>India: Boundary Dispute and Border Incidents</B>
	November 1979
4.25	USSR<en>Afghanistan: Soviet Invasion and the Afghan Civil War</B>
	December 1979Ongoing
4.26	Pakistan<en>India: Regional Rivalry, Border Incidents, and India-Pakistan Wars</B>
	July 1981August 1982
4.27	Sri Lanka: Communal Violence, Separatist Fighting, and Tamil-Sinhalese Conflict</B>
	July 1982Ongoing
4.28	India<en>Bangladesh: Boundary Dispute and Border Conflict</B>
	December 1983June 1984
4.29	India<en>Pakistan: Territorial Dispute, India-Pakistan Rivalry, and the Siachin Glacier Dispute</B>
	April 1984September 1985
4.30	India<en>-Bangladesh: Boundary Disputes and the Muhuri River Incidents</B>
	FebruaryApril 1986
4.31	India<en>Pakistan: Territorial Dispute, Siachin Glacier/Kashmir Conflict, and India-Pakistan Rivalry</B>
	Late 1986Ongoing
4.32	Maldives: Attempted Coup and Invasion</B>
	November 1988
4.33	Kyrgyzstan: Uzbek and Kyrgyzis Ethnic Conflict and Post-Soviet Violence</B>
	June 1990
4.34	Tajikistan: Post-Soviet Strife and Ethnic-Based Civil War</B>
	April 1992June 1997
4.35	Nepal: Intervention and Maoist Guerrilla Insurgency</B>
	Mid-1998September 1999
4.36	India<en>Bangladesh: Kushita Border Incident</B>
	AprilAugust 1999
4.37	Uzbekistan<en>Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan: Border Insurgency</B>
	August 1999September 2000
4.38	Bangladesh<en>India: Border Incident and Seizure of Perdiwah</B>
	AprilJuly 2001
4.39	United States<en>Afghanistan: Post<en>September 11 "War on Terrorism," Al Qaeda Terrorist Links, and Terrorist Containment</B>
	SeptemberDecember 2001
@H1:Europe: 5.15.30
	List of Conflicts
	Countries in Europe Region
	Regional Overview
	Overview of Conflict
	Conflict Management
5.1	Greece: Antimonarchist Communist Insurgency and Civil War</B> 
5.2	Albania<en>United Kingdom: Corfu Channel Dispute</B> 
	May 1946December 1949
5.3	Yugoslavia<en>United States: Cold War Air Incidents</B> 
	August 1946
5.4	USSR<en>Yugoslavia: Ideological Rift</B> 
	Early 1948December 1954
5.5	USSR<en>The Western Allies: The Berlin Airlift Crisis</B> 
	June 1948May 1949
5.6	Italy<en>Yugoslavia: Cold War and Trieste Territorial Dispute</B> 
	March 1952October 1954
5.7	Cyprus<en>United Kingdom: Intercommunal Violence and the Enosis Movement</B>
	April 1955February 1959
5.8	USSR<en>Poland: Polish October</B> 
	October 1956
5.9	USSR<en>Hungary: Anti-Communist Revolt, Soviet Invasion, and the Hungarian Uprising of 1956</B> 
	OctoberDecember 1956
5.10	USSR<en>United States: Cold War Dispute and the Berlin Wall</B> 
	JulyNovember 1961
5.11	Cyprus: Intercommunal Violence and Civil War</B>
	December 1963November 1967
5.12	USSR<en>Czechoslovakia: Liberalization Movement, the Prague Spring, and Soviet Military Invasion</B> 
	August 1968
5.13	Iceland<en>United Kingdom, West Germany, and Denmark: The Cod War</B> 
	November 1971June 1976
5.14	Cyprus: Communal Violence, Turkish-Greek Invasions, and Partition</B> 
	January 1974June 1978
5.15	Poland: Internal Crisis, Solidarity Labor Movement, and the Declaration of Martial Law</B> 
	December 1981February 1982
5.16	Turkey<en>Greece: Regional Rivalry and Naval Incidents</B> 
	March 1984January 1988
5.17	Georgia<en>South Ossetia: Abkhazia Secession War</B>
	March 1989Ongoing
5.18	Yugoslavia: Ethnic and Religious Warfare and the Balkans Civil War</B> 
	Mid-1989November 2000
5.19	USSR<en>Lithuania: Post-Soviet Independence Crisis</B> 
	March 1990Late 1991
5.20	Azerbaijan<en>Armenia: Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict</B> 
	August 1990Ongoing
5.21	Gagauzia/Dniester<en>Moldova: Post-Soviet Strife and Gagauzia's Struggle for Autonomy</B> 
	October 1990July 1992
5.22	USSR<en>Latvia: Post-Soviet Independence Crisis</B>
	January 1991
5.23	Macedonia: Civil War, Incursion, and NATO/EU Involvement</B> 
	January 1991Ongoing
5.24	Russia<en>Chechnya: Post-Soviet Strife, Separatist Fighting, Chechen and Caucusus Conflicts</B> 
	October 1992Ongoing
5.25	Cyprus: Ethnic-Based Tensions and Partition Incidents</B> 
	April 1993
5.26	Greece<en>Albania: Border Tensions</B> 
	April 1994
5.27	Cyprus: Partition Incidents</B> 
	June 1996Ongoing
5.28	Yugoslavia<en>Kosovo: Kosovo Conflict and Civil War</B> 
	October 1997Ongoing
5.29	Russia<en>Republic of Dagestan: The Dagestan Independence Dispute</B> 
	May 1999
5.30	Russia<en>Georgia: Chechen Separatism</B> 
	August 2000Ongoing
@H1:Middle East: 6.16.67
	List of Conflicts
	Countries in Middle East Region
	Regional Overview
	Overview of Conflict
	Conflict Management
6.1	France<en>Levant (Syria/Lebanon): Independence Crisis</B>
	1945December 1946
6.2	USSR<en>Iran: Pro-Communist Campaign of Secession and Azerbaijan/Kurdistan Crisis</B>
	August 1945October 1947
6.3	Israel: British Decolonization, Arab-Israeli Territorial Dispute, and War of Independence</B>
	May 1948January 1949
6.4	Syria<en>Lebanon: Syrian Exiles Dispute</B>
	MayAugust 1949
6.5	Syria<en>Israel: Lake Tiberias/Huleh Resource Dispute</B>
	AprilMay 1951
6.6	Egypt<en>United Kingdom: Suez Canal Zone Sovereignty Dispute</B>
	January 1952January 1956
6.7	Saudi Arabia<en>Oman/United Kingdom: The Buraym<mac>i Oasis Resource Dispute</B>
	August 1952October 1955
6.8	Israel<en>Jordan: West Bank Border Conflict</B>
	January 1953December 1954
6.9	Turkey<en>Syria: Border Incidents</B>
	March 19551957
6.10	Syria<en>Israel: Lake Tiberias Dispute</B>
	OctoberDecember 1955
6.11	Yemen<en>United Kingdom: Aden Conflict</B>
6.12	Israel<en>Jordan: Mt. Scopus Conflict</B>
	July 1956January 1958
6.13	Egypt<en>United Kingdom/France: Sovereignty Dispute and Suez War</B>
	OctoberNovember 1956
6.14	Israel<en>Syria: Arab-Israeli Territorial Dispute over the Golan Heights
	July 1957February 1958
6.15	Egypt<en>Sudan: Postindependence Territorial Dispute</B>
	February 1958
6.16	Lebanon: Internal Strife and the First Lebanese Civil War</B>
	May 1958June 1959
6.17	Syria<en>Iraq: Syrian-Backed Putsch, Government Suppression, and Mosul Revolt</B>
	MarchApril 1959
6.18	Kurds<en>Iraq: Kurdish Secession Attempt</B>
	March 19611966
6.19	Iraq<en>Kuwait: Territorial Dispute and the Kuwaiti Independence Crisis</B>
	June 1961February 1962
6.20	Syria<en>Israel: Arab-Israeli Territorial Dispute over Lake Tiberias</B>
	February 1962August 1963
6.21	North Yemen: Civil War and Royalist Rebellion</B>
	September 1962October 1967
6.22	Syria<en>Israel: Arab-Israeli Dispute and Border Incidents</B>
	June 1964July 1966
6.23	Israel<en>Jordan: Arab-Israeli Dispute and Border Incidents</B>
	December 1964April 1966
6.24	Lebanon<en>Israel: Arab-Israeli Dispute and the Ho<cir>ula Raids</B>
	October 1965
6.25	Israel<en>Arab States: The Six-Day War</B>
	June 1967
6.26	Iraq<en>Kurds: Kurdish Struggle for Autonomy</B>
	October 1968March 1970
6.27	North Yemen<en>Saudi Arabia: Border Conflict</B>
	November 1969January 1970
6.28	The PLO<en>Jordan: Coup Attempt</B>
	February 1970August 1971
6.29	Iraq<en>Iran: Border Tensions and the Shatt al-Arab Waterway Dispute</B>
6.30	North Yemen<en>South Yemen: Anti-Communist Insurgency and Border Conflict</B>
	October 1971October 1972
6.31	Iran<en>United Arab Emirates: Tunb Islands Territorial Dispute</B>
	November 1971
6.32	Oman<en>South Yemen: Antigovernment Insurgency and Dhofar Rebellion</B>
	1972August 1974
6.33	Iran<en>Iraq: Territorial Dispute and Border War</B>
	January 1972February 1975
6.34	Syria/PLO<en>Israel: PLO Raids, Retaliatory Air Strikes, and the Golan Heights Conflict</B>
	March 1972January 1973
6.35	Iraq<en>Kuwait: Territorial Dispute and Border Incidents</B>
	March 1973July 1975
6.36	Israel<en>Egypt and Syria: Arab-Israeli Territorial Dispute, Arab-Israeli Wars, and the Yom Kippur War</B>
	October 1973
6.37	Kurds<en>Iraq: Attempted Secession and the Kurdish Rebellion</B>
	March 1974July 1975
6.38	Israel<en>Lebanon: Arab Infiltrators and Cross-Border Attacks</B>
	April 1974July 1975
6.39	Lebanon: Internal Strife, Communal Violence, and the Second Lebanese Civil War</B>
	February 1975Late 1992
6.40	Syria<en>Iraq: Resource Dispute over the Euphrates River</B>
	AprilLate 1975
6.41	Iran: Internal Strife, Orthodox Muslim Backlash, Iranian Civil War, and Islamic Revolution</B>
6.42	Kurds<en>Iraq: Kurdish Separatist Insurgency and Kurdish Autonomy</B>
	May 1976Ongoing
6.43	Israel<en>Lebanon: Arab-Israeli Tensions, Christian-Muslim Factional Fighting, and Border Incidents</B>
	MidLate 1977
6.44	Egypt<en>Libya: Regional Tensions and Border War</B>
	JulySeptember 1977
6.45	Israel<en>Lebanon/PLO: Arab-Israeli Tensions, PLO Incursions, and Israeli Invasion of Southern Lebanon</B>
	MarchJune 1978
6.46	North Yemen<en>South Yemen: Border War</B>
	February 1979February 1980
6.47	Israel<en>Syria: Arab-Israeli Tensions and Air Incidents</B>
	June 1979February 1980
6.48	Iran<en>United States: Anti-American Sentiment, Islamic Revolution, and Hostage Crisis</B>
	November 1979January 1981
6.49	Saudi Arabia<en>North Yemen: Covert Military Aid and Border Conflict</B>
	August 1979March 1980
6.50	Iran<en>Iraq: Regional Rivalry, Territorial Dispute, and the Iran-Iraq War</B>
	February 19801989
6.51	Libya<en>United States: Regional Instability and Air Incidents</B>
	August 1981
6.52	Israel<en>Lebanon: Israeli Invasion of Lebanon</B> 
	Early 1982Mid-1983
6.53	Israel<en>Lebanon: Arab-Israeli Hostilities, Muslim-Christian Factional Fighting, and the Security Zone</B>
6.54	Kurds<en>Turkey: Kurdish Secession Struggle</B>
	August 1984Ongoing
6.55	United States<en>Libya: International Terrorism Fears and Naval Incidents</B>
	JanuaryApril 1986
6.56	Qatar<en>Bahrain: Sovereignty Dispute and the Hawar Islands Dispute</B>
	April 1986
6.57	United States<en>Libya: Rabat Chemical Plant Tensions and Mediterranean Air Incident</B>
	January 1989
6.58	Iraq<en>Kuwait/Coalition Forces: Territorial Dispute, Iraqi Expansionism, and the Gulf War
	August 1990May 1991
6.59	Iran<en>United Arab Emirates/Egypt: Abu Musa and Tunb Islands Territorial Dispute</B>
	April 1992
6.60	Saudi Arabia<en>Qatar: Post<en>Gulf War Tensions and Border Incidents
	SeptemberOctober 1992
6.61	Egypt<en>Sudan: Territorial/Resource Dispute and Halaib Dispute</B>
	December 1992
6.62	Iraq<en>Coalition Forces: Post<en>Gulf War Incidents</B>
	December 1992July 1993
6.63	Yemen: Unification Difficulties and Yemen Civil War</B>
	November 1993July 1994
6.64	Iraq<en>Coalition Forces: Post<en>Gulf War Tensions and Kuwaiti Border Incidents</B>
	October 1994
6.65	Saudi Arabia<en>Yemen: Post<en>Gulf War Border Conflict</B>
	December 1994
6.66	Iran<en>Iraq: Regional Rivalry and Border Incidents</B>
	September 1997
6.67	Israel<en>Syria: Border Clashes</B>
	February 2001Ongoing
	A. Countries and Their Regions
	B. Chronology of Regional Conflicts
	C. Organizational Factsheets

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