Table of contents for 101 tips for graduates : a code of conduct for success and happiness in life / Susan Morem.

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1. It's no longer about the grades you make; it's whether or not you make the grade
2. Your first job is finding a job 
3. Get a makeover. Student fashion is 'out' at the office
4. Practice makes perfect: practice interviewing 
5. Get in the drivers seat 
6. First impressions create lasting impressions 
7. Timing is everything 
8. Go to work every day as if it were the first day of your job
9. If your name is on it, proofread what's in it. 
10. There's nothing more disruptive than being interrupted.
11. Be willing to make the coffee 
12. You are a product; market yourself 
13. Neatness Counts; Get organized and stay organized 
14. Do it now, not later; don't become a procrastinator
15. Under-promise and over-deliver
16. Don't sleep on the job 
17. Ask questions; don't assume anything 
18. Turn off your cell phone
19. Give yourself a voice-over 
20. Drop the um and ah; 'ya know what I mean? 
21. Watch your tone when you're on the phone
22. Apologize; you can't always be right 
23. Easy to use, but can cause you to lose; use the phone to your advantage
24. [email protected]; don't leave a trail of bad email
25. Say what you mean and mean what you say 
26. Power up your presentation skills
27. Please and Thank-you are powerful words 
28. Expand your vocabulary
29. Master the art of small talk 
30. Sit Still!" "Stand up straight!" ... Pay attention to your body language 
31. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it 
32. Always send a thank you note.
33. Remember this f--r letter word; DON'T! 
34. Listen
35. If you want to lead, you'd better read. 
36. You don't get what you want; you get what you ask for.
37. Find a mentor, be a mentor.
38. Dress for the position you want.
39. Choose your battles wisely.
40. Be the example. 
41. There's no shame in failing; the shame is in not trying.
42. Value people.
43. Get rid of the chewing gum.
44. Be the example.
45. Be a lifelong learner.
46. Pay attention to the proven practices of successful people.
47. Know your destination. 
48. Work hard, play hard.
49. Cross the finish line.
50. Take responsibility for yourself and your relationships
51. Network, network, network
52. Show up for events; your presence matters 
53. Just say no
54. Rate Your Shake
55. The company party is not a party 
56. Always have a business card with you 
57. Never go to a business event hungry
58. Stop talking
59. Be friendly, but don't be a flirt
60. Mind your manners
61. Balance screen time with face time
62. Look for similarities, not differences
63. Bring out the best in others
64. Show your appreciation 
65. Get in shape and stay in shape. 
66. Eat to live; don't live to eat.
67. Deal with problems.
68. Set aside time for yourself.
69. Freshen up!
70. Plan your day
71. Avoid toxic people and environments
72. Keep a journal
73. Smoke and booze; you lose. 
74. Learn how to de-stress
75. No more excuses.
76. Turn off the lights.
77. Guard your shadow; it follows you wherever you go.
78. Be your own best friend.
79. Trust your instincts.
80. Get a tetanus shot. 
81. Invest in your future.
82. Your attitude is your choice.
83. Make someone's day.
84. Believe in yourself.
85. Consider yourself fortunate.
86. Look on the bright side.
87. Enjoy the ride. 
88. Life is not a Game.
89. Don't take rejection personally.
90. Respond, don't react.
91. Learn to laugh at yourself.
92. Change is inevitable; misery is optional
93. Sometimes you have to let go.
94. Put on a happy face.
95. Learn to give and receive compliments.
96. Be a cheerleader for yourself and others.
97. Share your success with others. 
98. Find your greatest victories in your worst defeats. 
99. Fall in love, but don't lose yourself in the process. 
100. Believe there is a reason. 
Never give up on your dreams.

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