Table of contents for With respect for nature : living as part of the natural world / J. Claude Evans.

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Critiques of Anthropocentrism
Biocentric Egalitarianism
The Fallacy of Contemporary Biocentric Egalitarianism
Hunting and Fishing as a Test Case
Strategies for Reading: Advice for Nonphilosophers
An Overview
Part I: RESPECT: Finding Out What It Means...
The Challenge of Animal Rights and Animal Liberation Philosophy
Not as "Means to Our Ends"
"Respect" in Animal Liberation/Rights Theory
Kant's Concept of "Respect"
Respect and Mythic Reciprocity
Respect as Congruence
Thinking about Hunting
Part II: Albert Schweitzer: The Principle of Reverence for Life
Chapter 1 Albert Schweitzer's Philosophy of Reverence for Life
Schweitzer and the Crisis of Culture
Schweitzer and Life-Philosophy
a.	Schopenhauer
b.	Nietzsche
c.	Fouillée and Guyau
Schweitzer's Life-Philosophy: Reverence for Life as the Rational 
Mysticism of Reality
Reverence for Animal Life
Subjectivity and Necessity: Against Relativism in Ethics
The Sermons on Reverence for Life of 1919
Schweitzer and Animal Welfare
Hunting and Reverence for Life
Chapter 2 Critical Examination of Schweitzer's Ethics of Reverence for Life
Schweitzer and Nietzsche: Forms of Affirmation
The Problem of Schweitzer's "Mysticism of Reality"
Questions about Hunting
Part III: Paul Taylor: The Ethics of Respect for Nature
Chapter 1 The Biocentric Ethics of Paul Taylor
Taylor's Ethics of Respect for Nature
a.	The Attitude of Respect for Nature
b.	The Biocentric Outlook on Nature
c.	The System of Rules and Standards
The Upshot: The Ethical Ideal of Harmony
Chapter 2 Critical Analysis of Taylor's Philosophy of Respect for Nature
Taylor's Ideal of Harmony: Environmental Stoicism
The Centrality of Interdependence
Interdependence and Respect
Interdependence as Meaning--Paul Shepard
Taylor's Existential Appeal--The Exigency of Disengagement
Taylor's Rule of Fidelity and Hunting
An Ethic of Purity?
Part IV: Respect for Nature and Biocentric Anthropocentrism
Chapter 1 Biocentric Anthropocentrism
Anthropocentrism Revisited: The Case for Biocentric Anthropocentrism
Nature and Culture
Respect for Nature and Ecofeminist Vegetarianism
Respect and Affirmation
Speciesism Revisited
Chapter 2 Toward a Philosophy of the Hunt
Hunting and Human Superiority
Guilt and Remorse
Hunting Vs. Photography, Bird Watching, Berry Picking, etc.
"Zap-and-Release" Vs. Fair Chase
Respect as Gratitude
Part V: The Ethics of Catch and Release Fishing
Chapter I: Fishing for Fish VS. Fishing for Pleasure--A. A. Luce and the Ethics 
of Catch and Release Fishing
Chapter II: The Practice of Catch and Release Fishing
Catch and Release--The Historical Context
Cruelty Revisited--The Scientific Perspective
Fishing the Lifeworld
Presence and Release
Appendix: Faith, Reason, and Animal Welfare

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Animal rights.
Animal welfare -- Moral and ethical aspects.