Table of contents for Gardening with clematis : design and cultivation / Linda Beutler.

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Preface						000
Chapter One: Clematis as Companion Plants	000
	Selecting your new plants
	Horizontal or vertical?
	Clematis by the pound
	A word about structures
	Ten best clematis for beginners
Chapter Two: Groomed to Perfection: Pruning, Tidying, Grooming, and Manipulating Bloom 
Time						000
	A digression into nomenclature
	The traditional advice about pruning
	Pruning in the real world
	Would you repeat that?
	Having it both ways
	To deadhead or not to deadhead?
	Voices of experience
	My best advice about pruning?
	Ten clematis not recommended for beginners
Chapter Three: Clematis with Each Other		000
	The highest goal to which a gardener can aspire
	Pruning partnerships
	Fair-weather friends
	Living large
	Summer?s small wonders
	Better late . . .
	Ten companionable clematis
Chapter Four: Clematis with Roses			000
	Once-blooming roses
	Taller than advertised
	Finding the right partners
	Coming up
	Specifically speaking
	World tour of species roses
	The last word
	Ten favorite clematis for roses
	Ten favorite roses for clematis
Chapter Five: Clematis with Woody Shrubs		000
	The conifers
	Welcome to rhody world
	Broad-leafed evergreens
	Decidedly deciduous
	The boys of summer
	Trees for small gardens
	Random shrubs
	The last word
	Ten clematis that love shrubs
Chapter Six: The Herbaceous Clematis		000 
	The incredible integrifolia
	Larger integrifolia progeny
	The Ukrainian sisters
	?Viticellic? integrifolias
	Audacious integrifolia hybrids
	Clematis as filler flowers
	The heracleifolia shrubs
	To stake or not to stake
	Wandering further afield
	Ten best herbaceous clematis
Chapter Seven: Clematis with Herbaceous Perennials	000
	The Ranunculaceae
	A bit of debunking
	Sharing the shade
	Sunny dispositions
	Hardy geraniums
	Filling a tall order: late-season combinations
	Ten clematis to partner with herbaceous perennials
Chapter Eight: Annuals, Other Vines, and Anybody Else We?ve Missed Thus Far	000
	We?re all vine
	Why not annuals?
	Clematis with ornamental grasses?
	The last word
	Ten unusual companions for clematis
Chapter Nine: Growing Clematis in Containers	000
	Not all clematis like pot life
	Going to pot
	About the soil
	Draping versus climbing
	Supplying support
	Supporting players
	Planting and maintaining containerized clematis
	Cultivars comfortably contained
	Clematis that like troughs or sharp-draining soil
	Double large-flowered hybrids for containers
	Early large-flowered hybrids for containers
	Small-flowered hybrids for containers
Chapter Ten: Garden Design: The Big Picture	000
	Set dressing: the background
	Clematis underfoot
	Fabulous focal points
	Selections for the seasons
	In summation
	My ten favorite clematis
Appendix 1: The Care and Feeding of Clematis: Planting, Watering, Fertilizing, Common Pests 
and Diseases					000
Appendix 2: The Common Clematis Groups		000
Bibliography						000
Conversion Tables					000
Index							000

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