Table of contents for Leveling the playing field : justice, politics, and college admissions / Robert K. Fullinwider and Judith Lichtenberg.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1	Introduction: April Is the Cruellest Month
		 Another side of the story
		 The flux of supply and demand
		 The perspective of the colleges
		 Higher education and the enhancement of opportunity
		 Justice for whom?
		 Outline of the book
Chapter 2	Demystifying Merit
		 Detecting merit
		 How the rewards of merit ramify
		 Merit and other selection criteria
		 Merit and its limits
		 Merit and desert
		 Sports: a case study	 
Chapter 3	The Multiple Missions of Modern Universities
		 Let a thousand colleges bloom!
		 The social roles of the modern university
		 Historical roots
		 The facets of liberal education
		 Constituencies and the whole
		 Missions and admissions
		 Justice and differentiation
Chapter 4	Open Admissions and the Community Colleges 
		 Open admissions at CUNY
		 Dilemmas of remediation
		 From policy voted to policy enacted
		 Remediation, second chances, and community colleges		
Chapter 5	How the Academically Rich Get Richer
		 Irrelevant advantages
		 The legacy of legacy
 Early decision
		 An uneven outbreak of disabilities
		 College counseling and conspicuous educational consumption
		 The rich, the poor, and the rest
Chapter 6	The Test: Understanding the SAT
		 The regatta question
		 Is the SAT fair?
		 Is the SAT valid and reliable?
		 How useful is the SAT?
		 Cultural bias and unfairness revisited
		 A Porsche held together with baling wire
Chapter 7	Admissions Tests: Uses, Abuses, Alternatives
		 The SAT and real-life admissions choices
		 The real costs: race revisited
		 A radically different approach?
		 Test prep
		 Some conclusions
Chapter 8	The SAT on Trial
		 A first attack: the SAT and the Regents Scholarships
		 A second attack: the SAT and the NCAA
		 A performance-based solution
		 Legal threat to the SAT?
Chapter 9	Affirmative Action and the Legacy of Bakke
		 The legal foundation
		 Bakke: fractured law, opaque guidance
		 The other side
		 Missed opportunities
		 Coda: the vagaries of Title VI
Chapter 10	Justifying Affirmative Action
	 Blind universities
	 The logic of diversity
	 A compelling interest: the answer supplied
	 Means and ends
	 The role of principles and the role of facts
	 "Treat persons as individuals"
	 "Do not discriminate"
	 A last word on affirmative action
Chapter 11	Sowing the Seeds of Higher Education
	 Class preferences and "X percent solutions"
	 Pre-college interventions
	 GEAR UP and College Now
	 The persistence of the black-white achievement gap		
Chapter 12	Summing Up, Looking Ahead
		 Theory and practice
		 Affirmative action and the missions of American universities
		 The use of standardized tests in admissions
		 Closing the gaps	
		 Reforms at selective colleges				

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