Table of contents for Knowledge of God in classical Sufism : foundations of Islamic mystical theology / translated and introduced by John Renard ; preface by Ahmet T. Karamustafa.

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Preface by Ahmet T. Karamustafa	00
Foreword	00
Islam and the Classics of Western Spirituality	00
Choice of Theme and Texts in the Present Volume	00
Priorities and Practicalities	00
Acknowledgments	00
Introduction	00
One:	00
Foundational Sources and the Islamic Religious Disciplines	00
Early Conceptions of Knowledge: Pre-Islamic Poetry, 
Qur'ån, "ad·th	00
Evolution of the Islamic Religious Disciplines	00
Two:	00
Experiential Knowledge of God in Classical and Medieval 
Sufi Texts	00
Ninth Century: Dh- 'n-N-n, Mu·åsib·, Kharråz, Tirmidh·, 
"allåj	00
Tenth Century: Niffar·, Sarråj, Kalåbådh·, Makk·	00
Eleventh Century: Hujw·r·, Qushayr·, Anßår·, Ghazål·	00
Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries: Ibn al->Ar·f, >Ayn 
al-Qu_åt al-Hamadhån·, Sanå'·, >A år, R-m·, Ibn 
al->Arab·, Ab- "afß >Umar as-Suhraward·	00
Three:	00
Beyond the Classics	00
Texts in Translation
One:	00
Ab- Naßr as-Sarråj: Selections from The Book of Flashes 
(Kitåb al-luma>)	00
Two:	00
Ab- Bakr al-Kalåbådh·: Selections from The Exploration 
of Sufi Teachings (Kitåb at-ta>arruf)	00
Three:	00
Ab- _ålib al-Makk·: The Book of Knowledge (Kitåb al->ilm), 
Part Thirty-One of The Sustenance of Hearts (Q-t al-qul-b)	00
>Al· ibn >Uthmån Hujw·r·: Selections from The Revelation of Realities Veiled (Kashf al-ma·j-b)	00
Ab- 'l-Qåsim al-Qushayr·: Selection from The Treatise on 
Sufism (Ar-Risålat al-qushayr·ya)	00
>Abd Allåh Anßår·: Selections from The Hundred Fields 
(Íad Maydån) and Resting Places of the Wayfarers 
(Manåzil as-så'irin)	00
Ab- "åmid Mu·ammad al-Ghazål·: Selections from The Elaboration of the Marvels of the Heart (Kitåb shar· 
>ajå'ib al-qalb) Book Twenty-One of the Revitalization of Religious Disciplines (I·yå' >ul-m ad-d·n)	00
Ibn al->Ar·f: Selections from The Beauties of Mystical Sessions (Ma·åsin al- majålis)	00
Ab- "afß >Umar as-Suhraward·: Selections from 
The Benefits of Experiential Knowledge (>Awårif al-ma>årif)	00
Abbreviations in Notes and Bibliography	00
Notes to Introduction and Translations	00
Selected Bibliography	00
Index of Qur'ånic Citations	00
General Index	00

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