Table of contents for The everything homebuilding book / Lesley Bolton with Mark Schmitt.

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Top Ten Benefits of Building Your Own Home
Chapter 1: Your Dream Home
Reasons to Build Your Own Home
Types of Houses
Be Realistic
Deciding What You Want
Get Organized Now
Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Contractor
The Contractorís Job
Licensing Considerations
Hiring a Contractor
Working with the Contractor
Be Your Own Contractor
Hiring Subcontractors
Chapter 3: Paying for It All
Estimating Costs
Finding a Lender
Ways to Improve Your Chances
The Construction Loan
The Home Mortgage
Money-Saving Tips
Chapter 4: Legal Details
Building Permits
Zoning Laws
Change Order
Chapter 5: Designing Your Home
Putting Your Ideas to Work
Thinking Ahead
How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient
Hiring an Architect
Purchasing Stock Plans
Understanding House Plans
Saving Money with Design
Chapter 6: Selecting a Location
City? Country? Or Somewhere in Between?
Location Considerations
Finding Available Lots
Evaluating the Lot
Matching Land to Lifestyle
Cost Considerations
Chapter 7: The Tools You Need
Hand Tools
Power Tools
Specialized Tools
Shopping for Tools
Tool Totes
Safety Issues
Chapter 8: Laying the Foundation
Preparing the Site
Clearing and Excavating
Foundation Fundamentals
Types of Foundations
Pouring the Footings
Building Foundation Walls
Waterproofing and Other Considerations
Chapter 9: Working with Concrete
Porches and Patios
Types of Finishes
Chapter 10: Framing
The Sills
Floor Framing
Installing Subflooring
Wall Framing
Door and Window Framing
Roof Framing
Framing for Special Features
Chapter 11: The Exterior
Wall Sheathing
Horizontal Vinyl Siding
Brick and Stucco
Plywood Siding
Other Sidings
Painting the Exterior
Chapter 12: Roofing
Styles of Roofs
The Overhang
Roof Sheathing
Sealing the Roof
Installing Roofing Material
Donít Forget the Gutters
Chapter 13: Electrical and Plumbing
Electrical Materials
Understanding the Electrical System
Wiring the House
Safety Issues
Understanding the Plumbing System
Installing Plumbing
Chapter 14: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Understanding the HVAC System
Selecting a System
Installing Additional Ventilation
Chapter 15: Insulation and Sealing
Types of Insulation
Insulating Walls and Ceilings
Insulating Floors
Insulating Small Spaces and Around Obstacles
Vapor Barriers
Chapter 16: Windows and Doors
Types of Windows
Installing the Windows
Types of Doors
Installing Exterior Doors
Installing Interior Doors
Trimming Windows and Doors
Chapter 17: Within These Four Walls
Baseboard Trim
Closet Shelving
Chapter 18: Flooring
Finish Flooring
Vinyl Floors
Wood Floors
Ceramic Tile
Chapter 19: Finishing Touches
Hiring an Interior Designer
Buying Furniture
Painting the Walls and Ceilings
The Little Things
Chapter 20: Decks
Planning for a Deck
Ledger and Foundation
Constructing the Deck
Building the Stairs
Chapter 21: Landscaping
Reasons to Landscape
Designing a Landscape
Making the Most of Plants and Trees
Building Fences and Walkways
Lawn Ornaments
Appendix A: Homebuilding Resources
Appendix B: Glossary

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