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List of Entries
List of Entries
Abraham Lincoln Battalion (Spanish Civil War)
African American Enlistment
African American Officers (1960s)
African American Women in the Military
African Americanization
Alexander, Clifford L., Jr. (b. 1933)
Alexander, John H. (1864-1894)
American Civil War (1861-1865)
American Revolution
Amistad Case (1839)
Anderson, James, Jr. (1947-1967)
Anderson, Webster (b. 1933)
Antebellum Period
Apache Wars (1877-1879 and 1880-1881)
Archer Lee "Buddy," Jr. (1922-En#)
Armed Forces Equal Opportunity Survey
Ashley, Eugene, Jr. (1931-1968)
Attucks, Crispus (1723-1770)
Austin, Oscar Palmer (1948-1969)
Baker, Vernon Joseph (b. 1919)
Barnes, William H. (1830/1-1866)
Battle Mountain, Korea (1950)
Beaty, Powhatan (1837-1916)
Bell, Dennis (1866-1953)
Black Dispatches
Black, Barry C. (b. 1948)
Blake, Robert
Boards of Examination for Officers in United States Colored Troops
Boston Massacre (March 5, 1770)
Boyne, Thomas (1846-1896)
Brashear, Carl Maxie (b. 1931)
Brown, Jesse LeRoy (1926-1950)
Brown, Roscoe C., Jr. {b. 1922}
Brown, Wesley Anthony (b. 1927)
Brown, Willa (Chappell) (1906-1992)
Brownsville Incident, 1906
Bryant, William Maud (1933-1969)
Buffalo Soldiers
Bulge, Battle of the (1944-1945) 
Bullard, Eugene Jacques (1894-1961)
Bunker Hill, Battle of (June 17, 1775)
Bureau of Colored Troops
Call to Rebellion (1843)
Camp Nelson, Kentucky
Carney, William Harvey (1840-1908)
Carter, Edward Allen, Jr. (1916-1963)
Cash, John Anthony, Sr. (1936-1998)
Chaffin's Farm (New Market Heights), Battle of (September 29-30, 1864)
Champagne Offensive (1918)
Charlton, Cornelius (1929-1951)
Chateau Thierry, Battle of (Battle of Belleau Wood, 1918)
Cherry, Frederick (1928-{En#})
Christophe, Henri (1767-1820)
Cleburne's Plan (1864) 
Coleman, Bessie (1892-1926)
Colonial America 
Coloured Corps (War of 1812)
Confederates, African American 
Croix de Guerre
Cromwell, Oliver (1753-1853)
Davis, Benjamin Oliver, Jr. (1912-2002)
Davis, Benjamin Oliver, Sr. (1880-1970)
Davis, Calvin Clark (d. 1944)
Davis, Rodney Maxwell (1942-1967)
Delany, Martin Robison (1812-1885)
Dorman, Isaiah (1821?-1876)
Dorsey, Decatur (1836-1891)
Double V
Doughty, Gene (b. 1924)
Douglass, Anna Murray (1813-1882)
Douglass, Frederick (ca.1817-1895)
Draft Riots (1863)
Drew, Dr. Charles Richard (1904-1950)
Du Bois, William Edward Burghardt (1868-1963)
Dunmore Proclamation (November 7, 1775)
Earley, Charity Edna Adams (1918-2002)
8th United States Colored Troops (Civil War)
El Caney, Battle of (July 1, 1898)
Emancipation Proclamation (January 1, 1863) 
Europe, James Reese (1881-1919)
Executive Order 9981
Fifteenth Amendment (1870)
55th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (Civil War)
54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (Civil War)
59th United States Colored Troops (Civil War)
57th United States Colored Troops (Civil War)
1st Kansas Colored (Volunteers) Infantry Regiment (Civil War)
1st Louisiana Native Guards (Civil War)
1st North Carolina Colored Volunteers (Civil War)
1st Rhode Island Regiment (American Revolution)
1st South Carolina Volunteers (Civil War)
555th Parachute Infantry Battalion (Triple Nickles) (World War II)
Fleming, Benjamin (?1782-1870)
Flipper, Henry Ossian (1856-1940)
Forrest, George
Fort Blakely, Battle of (March 31-April 9, 1865)
Fort Fisher, Battle of (December 24, 1864, and January 13-15, 1865)
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Fort Pillow Massacre (April 12, 1864)
Fort Wagner, Battle of (July 18, 1863)
Forty Acres and a Mule
48th and 49th Volunteers (Philippines)
Fourteenth Amendment (ratified July 28, 1868)
14th Regiment Rhode Island Heavy Artillery (Civil War)
Fox, John R. (d. 1944)
Freedmen's Bureau
Freeman Field Incident
GI Bill (June 22, 1944)
Gifu (1950)
Golden Thirteen
Gravely, Samuel Lee, Jr. (b. 1922)
Green Mountain Boys
Guam Incident (1944)
Gulf War (1991)
Hall, Charles "Buster" (1920-1971)
Hall, Prince (1735-1807)
Hastie, William Henry (1904-1976)
Hawley, Nero (1758-1817)
Haynes, Lemuel (1753-1833)
Healy, Michael Morris "Hell Roaring Mike" (b. 1838)
Hector, Edward (1744-1834)
Honey Hill, Battle of (November 30, 1864)
Houston Riots (1917)
Iwo Jima, Battle of (February 19-March 26, 1945)
James, Daniel "Chappie," Jr. (1920-1978)
James, Miles (1829-1871)
James, Willy F., Jr. (1920-1945)
Jenkins, Robert H., Jr. (1948-1969)
Jeter, 1st Lt. Phoebe
Jim Crow Military
Joel, Lawrence (1928-1984)
Johnson, Dwight H. (1947-1971)
Johnson, Hazel Winifred
Johnson, Henry (1824-1904)
Johnson, Henry (1897-1929)
Johnson, Ralph (1949-1968)
Julian, Hubert Eustace Fauntleroy (1897?-1983)
Kettle Hill, Battle of (July 1, 1898)
Korean War (1950-1953)
Lafayette, James (1748-1830)
Lake Erie, Battle of (September 10, 1813)
Langhorn, Garfield M. (1948-1969)
Las Guásimas, Battle of (June 24, 1898)
Lawrence, Robert H., Jr. (1935-1967)
Leonard, Matthew (1929-1967)
Lew, Barzillai (1743-1821 or 1822)
Lexington and Concord, Battles of (April 19, 1775)
Little Rock Nine
Long, Donald Russell (1939-1966)
Louvestre, Mary
March on Washington (1941)
Marne, Second Battle of the (July 15-August 5, 1918)
Mason, USS (DE-529) (1944-1947)
Massacre Canyon (September 18, 1879)
Meuse-Argonne Offensive (September 26-November 11, 1918)
Military Intelligence, African Americans in
Militia Act of 1792
Miller, Dorie (1919-1943)
Montford Point Marines (World War II)
Montgomery's Brigade (1863-1864) (Civil War)
Mulzac, Hugh (1886-1971)
Okinawa, Battle of (April 1-June 22, 1945
Olive, Milton Lee, III (1946-1965)
Olustee, Battle of (February 20, 1864)
102d U.S. Colored Troops (USCT)
Pancho Villa Campaign (1916-1917)
PC-1264, USS (1944-1948, World War II)
Petersen, Frank E. (b. 1931)
Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902)
Pierce, Adam (b. 1756) 
Pinckney, William (1915-1975)
Pitts, Riley Leroy (1937-1967)
Poison Spring Massacre (April 18, 1864)
Poor, Salem (1747-1834)
Port Chicago Mutiny (1944)
Port Hudson, Battle of (May 27, 1863)
Potter's Raid (April 1865)
Randolph, Asa Philip (1889-1979)
Red Ball Express (August 25-November 16, 1944)
Richmond, Battles of (1864)
Rivers, Ruben (d. 1944)
Robeson, Paul Leroy (1892-1976)
Robinson, John C. 
Robinson, Roscoe, Jr. (1929-1993)
Rogers, Charles Calvin (1929-1990)
Rough Riders and Buffalo Soldiers (Spanish-American War) 
Salem, Peter (1750?-1816)
Saltville Massacre (Battle of Saltville, October 2-3, 1864)
San Juan Hill, Battle of (July 1, 1898)
Sargent, Ruppert Leon (1938-1967)
Sasser, Clarence Eugene (b. 1947)
Segregation and Racism in the Military
Selective Service Acts (1917 and 1940)
Seminole-Negro Scouts (1870-1914)
Service Units of World War II, African American
761st "Black Panthers" Tank Battalion (World War II)
Sims, Clifford Chester (1942-1968)
6888th Postal Battalion (World War II)
Smalls, Robert (1839-1915)
Smith, James Webster (1850-1876)
Sol Legare Island, Battle of (July 16, 1863)
Spanish-American War (1898)
Spanish Civil War (1936-1938)
Spartanburg Incident (1917)
Stance, Emanuel (Edmund) (c. 1847-1887)
Stowers, Freddie (d. 1918)
10th Cavalry (1866-1898)
Thirteenth Amendment 
30th Connecticut Volunteers (Civil War)
34th Regiment (Civil War)
Thomas, Charles L. (1920-1980) 
Thompson, William Henry (1927-1950)
370th Infantry Regiment (World War I)
371st Regiment (World War I)
372d Regiment (World War I)
369th Infantry Regiment (Harlem Hellfighters)
332d Fighter Group (World War II)
Trenton, Battle of (December 26, 1776)
Trinidad Disturbance (July 1943)
Tubman, Harriet (c. 1820-1913)
Turner, Henry McNeal (1834-1915)
Tuskegee Airmen (World War II)
25th Infantry Regiment
24th Infantry Regiment
29th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (Civil War)
23d Kansas Volunteer Infantry
Tye, Colonel (Titus) (1753-1780?)
Underground Railroad
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army
U.S. Army, Interwar Period (1918-1941) 
U.S. Coast Guard
United States Colored Troops of Kentucky (American Civil War)
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Navy
Ute War (1879)
Vietnam War (1941-1975)
Walker, William (d. 1864)
Waller, Calvin (1937-1996)
Walley, Augustus (1856-1938)
Wanton, George Henry (1868-1940)
Warren, John E., Jr. (1946-1969)
Washington, Booker Taliaferro (1856-1915)
Washington, William G. (d. 1952)
Watson, George (1915-1943)
Wereth Massacre (December 17, 1944)
West Point
Wham Paymaster Robbery (May 11, 1889)
Williams, Cathay (1842-1892?)
Wilson, William Othello (1867-1928)
Women's Reserve of the U.S. Navy (WAVES)
Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (later Women's Army Corps)
World War I (1914-1918)
World War II
World War II Infantry Replacements
Yopp, Bill ("Ten Cent Bill")
Young, Charles (1864-1922)
Z-Gram 66 (December 17, 1970)

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