Table of contents for Deep listeners : music, emotion, and trancing / Judith Becker.

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List of Illustrations
Problems with Traditional Paradigms of Music Cognition
Languaging, Musicking, and Trancing
Multiple Senses of Embodiment
Chapter-by-Chapter Summary
A Historical Interlude: Trance in Europe and the United States
1. Rethinking "Trance"
Trancing and Culture
Trancing and Language
Universals of Trance Experience
Trancing and the Body
Defining Trance
2. Deep Listeners
Part 1. Contemporary Deep Listeners
Primary and Secondary Emotions
Musical Emotions
High Arousal
Deep Listeners and Transcendental Experience
Part 2. Ancient Deep Listeners, Rasa Theory
Deep Listening, Trance, and the srngara rasa
Conclusion: Controlling the Uncontrollable
3. Habitus of Listening
Emotion as a Cultural Construct
Person and Emotion in the Habitus of Listening
Being a Griot
The Habitus of Listening to the Sitar, Tambura, and Tabla
Music and Ecstasy: The Sufis of the Nizamuddin Shrine, New Delhi
Music and Rage: Balinese Bebuten Trancing
4. Trancing Selves
The Development of a Western "Self"
Possession Trance in Colonial Virginia
Possession Trance among Contemporary Pentecostals
Possession Trance in Sulawesi, Indonesia
5. Being-in-the-World: Culture and Biology
Part 1. Rethinking Perception
Edelman and the Theory of Neuronal Group Selection
Part 2. Biological Phenomenology
Structural Coupling
Supra-individual Biological Processes
Rhythmic Entrainment
6. Magic through Emotion: Toward a Theory of Trance Consciousness
Damasio's Theory of Two-Leveled Consciousness: "Core Consciousness" and "Extended Consciousness "
1. Core Consciousness
2. Extended Consciousness: The Autobiographical Self
Music and Core Consciousness: "Becoming the Music"
Music and Extended Consciousness in Trancing: The Loss of the Autobiographical Self
Trancing and Pain
Postscript: Trancing, Deep Listening, and Human Evolution

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