Table of contents for Global terrorism / James M. Lutz and Brenda J. Lutz.

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Table of Contents
Preface											 ii	
Chapter One: Terrorism in the World: Today and Yesterday			 1
	Terms										 11
	Further Reading								 11
Chapter Two: What is Terrorism? A Definition and Typology			 13
	Defining Terrorism								 13
	Classification and Categories 					 27
 	Causes of Terrorism								 32
	Prevalence of Terrorism							 38
	Summary									 43
	Terms 									 44
	Further Reading								 44
Chapter Three: Tactics, Weapons, and Targets					 46
	Techniques									 47
	Weapons									 51
		Conventional Weapons						 52
		Weapons of Mass Destruction					 58
	Targets										 66
		Structures and People as Targets					 67
		Vulnerability of Democratic Countries				 75
	Summary									 87
	Terms										 88
	Further Reading								 89
Chapter Four: State Sponsors and Supporters of Terrorism				 90
	True State Control								 90
	State Support of Terrorism							 94
	Case Studies									100
		Italy and Hungary in Yugoslavia-Fishing in Troubled Waters	101
		Iraq									105
		Iran									109
		The United States and the Contras in Nicaragua			116
		North Korea								122
	Summary									127
	Terms										130
	Further Reading								131
Chapter Five: Religious Justifications for Terrorism					132
	Terrorism and the World's Religions						134
	Case Studies									152
		The Zealots in Judea							153
		The Sikhs and Khaliastan						157
		Algeria in the 1990s							164
		Aum Shinrikyo							170
		Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda Network			
	Summary									182
	Terms										186
	Further Reading								187
Chapter Six: Ethnic and National Bases of Terrorism				189
	Modernity and Ethnic Conflict						190
	Case Studies									201
		The Boston Tea Party							201
		The Mau Mau Uprising in Colonial Kenya				204
		Basque Nationalists in Spain						208
		Dayaks and Migrants on Borneo					215
		Albanians in Kosovo and Macedonia					219
		The Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Struggle
			with Israel							227
	Summary									237
	Terms										241
	Further Reading								243
Chapter Seven: Terrorism and Ideologies of the Left					244
	Ideology and Beliefs								245
	Dissatisfaction from the Left							247
	Case Studies									262
		The Baader-Meinhof Gang in West Germany			263
		The Italian Red Brigades						270
		17 November Organization in Greece				277
		The Montoneros in Argentina						284
		The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Mujaheden-el-Khalq		290
		The Animal Liberation Front and Animal Rights Militia		295
	Summary									301
	Terms										307
	Further Reading								309
Chapter Eight: Terrorism and Ideologies of the Right				311
	Right Wing Dissatisfaction: Marxism and Minorities			313
	Case Studies									321
		Stormtroopers in Weimar Germany					322
		Neo-Fascism in Postwar Italy						328
		The American Militia/Patriot Movement				333
		Neo-Nazis and Skinheads in Europe					345
	Summary									355
	Terms										360
	Further Reading								363
Chapter Nine: Terrorism and Multiple Motivations					363
	Terrorist Campaigns and Complex Causes					363
	Case Studies									372
		Insurgency and Terror in Malaya					373
		Leftists and Indigenous Populations in Peru				377
		Irish Republicanism							384
		Colombia-Regionalism, Ideology, and Narcotics			395
	Summary									402	
	Terms										407
	Further Reading								408
Chapter Ten: State Use of Domestic Terrorism and Repression			410
	Government Induced Fear and Compliance					411
	Government Complicity in Terrorism by Non-State Groups			413
	Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing						419
	Case Studies									424
		Terror in the First Years of the French Revolution			425	
		The Cherokee Nations versus the State of Georgia			429
		Paramilitary Militias in East Timor					435
		Farm Invasions in Zimbabwe						439
		Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina				444
		Genocide in Rwanda							450
	Summary									458
	Terms										463
	Further Reading								464
Chapter Eleven: Countries with Multiple Crises: Does Violence Beget Violence?	466
	The Prevalence of Multiple Crises						466
	Waves of Violence and Terrorism in Sri Lanka				473
	Summary									487
	Terms										490
	Further Reading								490
Chapter Twelve: Terrorism: A Continuing Phenomenon				492
	What Is To Be Done?								492
		Increased Security							493
		Intelligence Gathering--Detection and Prevention			495
		Finances								500	
		Repression								503
		Retaliation or Punishment						506
		Preemptive Action							511
		Special Counterterrorism Units					515
		Concessions and Reforms						518
		Diplomatic Approaches						522
	Weapons of Mass Destruction and Mass Casualties				525
	Summary									528
	Terms										532
	Further Reading								533
Chapter Thirteen: Terrorism a Continuing Phenomenon				534
	Why Terrorism Continues							536
		Continuing Causes of Terrorism					536
		Terrorism Works							539
	What We Know from the Historical Experience				545
Glossary										548
Bibliography										589	

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