Table of contents for The science fiction film reader / Gregg Rickman.

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Introduction, 1--Foundations: Trick Effects, Georges Méliès (1907), Mr. 
Wells Reviews a Current Film, H.G. Wells (1927), Metropolis, Luis Buñuel (1927), 
Wells the Visionary, Jorge Luis Borges (1936), 2--Adventures in Outer Space: 
Frau im Mond, A. Kraszna-Krausz (1929), Destination Moon: Real Science Fiction 
and the Real World, Brian Doherty (2003), Moon Pilot, Ken Bowers (2003), 
Starship Troopers, Michael Lennick (1998), 3--The 1950s: Interview with Robert 
Wise (The Day the Earth Stood Still), Tom Weaver (1988), "This Means 
Something!": Invaders from Mars, Vincent di Fate (2003), U-I Sci-Fi: Studio 
Aesthetics and 1950s Metaphysics, Blake Lucas (2003), 4--Imagining Disaster: 
The Imagination of Disaster, Susan Sontag (1965), D is for Doomsday: Five, Bob 
Stephens (2003), Don Siegel on the Pod Society (The Invasion of the Body 
Snatchers), Stuart M. Kaminsky (1976), Nearer My Pod to Thee, J. Hoberman 
(1994), 5-- The 1960s: The Damned, Dan Sallitt (2003), Intonation Please: The 
Creation of the Humanoids, Chris Fujiwara (2003), Signifying Monkeys: Politics 
and Story-Telling in The Planet of the Apes Series, Richard von Busack (2003), 6-
- Kubrick and Others: The Myth of 2001, Arthur C. Clarke (1969), Alien 
Encounters: Science Fiction and the Mysterium in 2001, Solaris, and Contact, Karl 
Wessel (2003), Juice from a Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess (1972), The 
Best of Both Worlds: A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Jonathan Rosenbaum (2001), 7-- 
Star Wars: "The Man Understands the Metaphor": Joseph Campbell on Star Wars, 
Stuart L. Brown (1990), Not So Long Ago and Far Away: Star Wars, Republics 
and Empires of Tomorrow, Doug Williams (2003), 8--E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: 
Steven Spielberg on E.T., Mike Sragow (2003), The Pure and the Impure, Pauline 
Kael (1982), Well, I Don't Love You, E.T., George F. Will (1982), 9-- The Films of 
Philip K. Dick: "They Did Sight Stimulation on My Brain": Philip K. Dick on Blade 
Runner, Gregg Rickman (1984), Blade Runner, Robin Wood (1986), "I Think, 
Therefore I Am": Cartesian Motifs in the Filmed Science Fiction of Philip K. Dick, 
Gregg Rickman (2003), 10-- Cyborg Cinema: Colossus: The Forbin Project, Joe 
Dante (1970), Bodies Without Organs: Cyborg Cinema of the 1980s, Hassan 
Melehy (1995/2003), Reproducing Ripley, Carina Dielissen (2001/2003), Alien 
Menace, James Bowman (1998), 11-- Travels in Time and Place: Modernity and 
Mise-en-Scene: Terry Gilliam and Brazil, Keith Hamel (1998), Time Travel and 
Spectatorship in 12 Monkeys and Strange Days, Laura Rascaroli (2001), The 
Philosophy of Time Travel: Back to the Future Again, or The Last Temptation of 
Donnie Darko, Gregg Rickman (2003), 12--Gods and Aliens: Joe Dante's 
American Apocalypse, Bill Krohn (1999), Discourse on Sovereignity: The Truman 
Show, E. J. Park (2001), Real Men Wear Black: The Men in Black Films, Aneta 
Chapman (2003), Signs of Spiritual Life (or Why You Are the Alien Species), Read 
Mercer Schuchardt (2003), The Matrix, or the Two Sides of Perversion, Slavoj 
Zizek (2002)

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