Table of contents for Britishness since 1870 / Paul Ward.

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Introduction: Being British
1. Monarchy and Empire
Ceremony, celebration and the making of the nation as family
Overcoming divisions: nation, ethnicity and class
Politics, monarchy and imperialism
The monarchy and the end of empire
2. Gender and National Identity
Masculinity, Britishness and empire in the late nineteenth century
Women and the nation 1870-1918
Women in Ireland, Scotland and Wales
The impact of the Great War
Gender and Britishness in the Second World War
Gender, 'race' and home in post-war Britain
3. Rural, Urban and Regional Britishness
Finding the core of the nation
Regional identities
4. Spare Time
Sport and national identities
Sport, nation and Empire
Sport and nation in Scotland, Wales and Ireland
Regional and local identities in British sport
'Race', sport and identity
Discordant voices
Going on holiday
Resisting the Americanisation of culture
5. Politicians, Parties and National Identity
Radical patriotism and the claims of the conservatives
'Countervailing currents'
The First World War
Between the wars
British fascism and communism
Patriotism and politics in the people's war
The politics of European identity
6. A New Way of Being British: Ethnicity and Britishness
Continuities and varieties before 1945
The Second World War and the national community
Numbers and 'the other' in affluent Britain
Britain white: the politics of exclusion
Black and Asian identities in the UK
7. Outer Britain
Holding together or pulling apart?
Ireland and Northern Ireland
The end of Britain?

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