Table of contents for The results-driven manager : presentations that persuade and motivate.

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Preparing Your Presentation
1. [clarify your purpose] "The Three Toughest Presentations" C0109A--2,457 words
2. [analyze your audience] "The Key to Making Better Presentations: Audience Analysis" U9610B 1,733 words
3. [structure your presentation according to audience analysis] "Build a Presentation That Motivates" C0107D 843 words
4. [more on structuring your presentation] "How to Structure a Persuasive Speech" C0005B 1,347 words
5. [take steps to manage stagefright before your presentation begins] "Coping with Stagefright" [most of this article talks about preparation strategies] C9902E 1,744 words
Delivering Your Presentation
6. [set the stage with this example of a highly successful presentation] "Are Your Presentations Inspiring?" C0107D 1,724 words
7. [start off your presentation with a bang] "Five Winning Ways to Begin a Presentation" C9812A 2,758 words
8. [more on getting audience's attention immediately] "Six Ways to Grab Your Audience Right from the Start" C0306E 1,626 words
9. [read your audience's body language--to see if they're listening, and to engage them more] "Are You Listening to Me?" C0104A 1,840 words
10. [focusing your audience's attention on you--not your PowerPoint slides--throughout your presentation] "You Are the Best Visual" C0110E 1,290 words
11. [handle Q&A] "Handling Q&A: Five Kinds of Listening" C9902E 1,731 words
12. [know how to speak "off the cuff"] "Impromptu Speaking" C0112C 1,559 words
Strengthening Your Presentation with Powerful Tools and Techniques
13. [additional tips on vanquishing stagefright before you give a real presentation] "Six Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking" C0303E 953 words
14. [graphics] "Presentations 101" C0011B 1,351 words
15. [going beyond graphics: considering auditory and kinesthetic (as well as visual) learning preferences among audiences] "Presentations That Appeal to All Your Listeners" C0006B 1,063 words
16. [master your body language/"kinesthetics" to build trust with audience] "How to Make Even Weak Speeches Great" C0108B 1,675 words
17. [general tips about graphics, body language, and attention to audience] "The Ten Commandments of Presentations" C9907C 1,593 words

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