Table of contents for Sports marketing and the psychology of marketing communications / edited by Lynn R. Kahle, Chris Riley.

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Sports Marketing and the Psychology of Marketing Communications
Lynn R. Kahle and Chris Riley, Editors
Forward by Laurence Chalip
Preface by Lynn Kahle and Chris Riley
Consumer Behavior
1. Exploration of Consumption and Communication Communities In Sports Marketing, by Tao Sun, Department of Communication, Emerson College; Seounmi Han Youn, School of Communication, University of North Dakota, and William D. Wells, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota
2. Fanatical Consumption: An Investigation of the Behavior of Sports Fans Through Textual Data, by Scott W. Kelley and Kelly Tian, University of Kentucky
3.ìWe are number one!î The phenomenon of Basking-In-Reflected-Glory and its implications for sports marketing by Vassilis Dalakas, Berry College, Robert Madrigal, University of Oregon, and Keri L. Anderson, Berry College,
4.Risky Sports: Making the Leap, by Aviv Shoham, Marketing, University of Haifa, Gregory M. Rose, Dept. of Marketing, University of Mississippi, and Lynn R. Kahle, Dept. of Marketing, University of Oregon
IV. Sports Celebrity Endorsements
5.The Strategic Use of Celebrity Athlete Endorsers In Print Media: 
A Historical Perspective, by Melinda J. Jones, The University of Notre Dame, and 
David W. Schumann, The University of Tennessee
6.The Effects of Multiple Product Endorsements by Celebrities on Consumer Attitudes and Intentions: An Extension, by Ainsworth A. Bailey, College of Business Administration, The University of Iowa, and Catherine A. Cole, College of Business Administration, The University of Iowa
7.Magic Johnson and Mark McGwire: The power of identification with sports celebrities, by Michael D. Basil, Faculty of Management, University of Lethbridge, and William J. Brown, Dean, College of Communication and the Arts, Regent University
V. The Consequences of Sponsorship
8.Seven Psychological Mechanisms through which Sponsorship can Influence Consumers, by John W. Pracejus. University of Alberta
9.Itís Gotta Be The Shoes: A Comparative Analysis of the Relationships with Nike and Reebok on Two College Athletic Programs by Carla Lloyd, Syracuse University, and 
10.American Consumer Attitudes toward Corporate Sponsorship of Sporting Events by Lance Kinney, Advertising and Public Relations, University of Alabama, and Stephen R. McDaniel, Department of Kinesiology, University of Maryland
11.Do Sport Sponsorship Announcements Influence Firm Stock Prices? By Lance Kinney, University of Alabama, Stephen R. McDaniel, University of Maryland-College Park, and Gregg Bell, University of Alabama 
12.A Review of Team Identification and Its Influence on Consumersí Responses Toward Corporate Sponsors, by Robert Madrigal, Dept. of Marketing, University of Oregon
VI. Marketing Strategy
13.Teams as Brands: A Review of the Sports Licensing Concept 
By Rick Burton, Universiy of Oregon
14.SportNEST: A Nested Approach to Segmenting the Sport Consumer Market, by Mick Jackowski, GreenPlay, LLC, and Dianna P. Gray, University of Northern Colorado
15.UNDERSTANDING AMBUSH MARKETING: IMPLICATIONS OF INFORMATION PROCESSING, by Vassilis Dalakas, Berry College, Robert Madrigal, University of Oregon, and Rick Burton, University of Oregon
Social Issues and Sports Marketing
16.Aggressive Marketing: Interrogating the use of Violence in Sport Related Advertising,
By Steven J. Jackson, School of Physical Education, University of Otago, and David L. Andrews, Department of Kinesiology, University of Maryland
17.Smoke and Ashes: The Regulation of Tobacco Sport Sponsorships in Canada by Timothy Dewhirst, University of Guelph
18.Social marketing of Sport by John J. Jackson, University of Victoria
19.Teenagerís Perceptions of the Influence of Advertising and Price versus Peers, Parents, and Personal Choice on Their Purchases of Brand Name Athletic Shoes and Clothing by Timothy Meyer, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, Katheryn Meyer, University of Nebraska, and Thomas Donahue, Virginia Commonwealth University

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