Table of contents for The credit repair kit / John Ventura.

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Preface	ix
	1.	The Power of Credit Bureaus	1
	What Are Credit Bureaus? 3
	Information in Your Credit Record 3
	Who Sees Your Credit Record? 4
	Investigative Reports 9
	The Evolution of the Consumer Credit Industry and 
	 Passage of the FCRA 11
	Criticism of Credit Reporting Agencies 17
	2.	Credit Report Basics	19
	Which Credit Bureaus Maintain a Record on You? 20
	Requesting a Copy of Your Credit Report 21
	The Cost of Your Report 25
	What's in a Credit Report? 26
	What Your Credit Report Says about You 29
	3.	How to Read Credit Reports from the Big Three	31
	Systems for Reporting Consumer Information 32
	The Equifax Credit Report 32
	The Trans Union Credit Report 38
	The Experian Credit Report 50
	CREDCO's Confidential Credit Report 62
	4.	Correcting Credit Report Problems	71
	Credit Record Problems 72
	Correcting Problems in Your Credit Record 74
	The Credit Bureau's Response 77
	When a Credit Bureau's Investigation Does Not Correct a 
 Credit Record Problem 80
	Other Actions for Consumers to Take 83
	Negative but Accurate Account Information 88
	Handling Omissions 90
	5.	Rebuilding Your Credit	93
	A Creditwise Philosophy 94
	Why Having Credit May Be Necessary 95
	A Sound Approach to Credit Rebuilding 95
	The Credit Rebuilding Process 96
	Getting a Bank Loan 97
	Getting a Second Loan 100
	Shopping for a National Bankcard 100
	Once You Have a Secured Bankcard 102
	Beware of Bankcard Scams 103
	Alternative Ways to Buy on Credit 104
	6.	Avoiding Credit Repair Company Rip-Offs	107
	What Is a Credit Repair Company? 108
	How to Spot a Fraudulent Credit Repair Company 110
	Products and Services of Credit Repair Firms 111
	Credit Repair Company Techniques 111
	The Credit Repair Organizations Act 114
	How to Find a Reputable Credit Repair Firm 115
	What to Do if You Get Ripped Off by a Credit Repair Company 117
	7.	Women and Credit	119
	Why Many Women Have Problems with Credit 120
	Learning about Credit and Money Management 121
	The Significance of Account-User Status Designations 121
	The Advantage of Individual Credit 124
	How to Build Your Own Credit History 125
	Advice for Women Who Have Credit and Are Getting Married 132
	Advice for Women Who Were Married before Enactment of the ECOA 133
	Widows and Credit 133
	8.	Creating Divorce-Proof Credit	137
	Planning for a Divorce 138
	If Your Former Spouse Files for Bankruptcy 142
	Property Settlement and "Hold Harmless" Obligations 144
	Special Concerns for People in Community Property States 146
	9.	Protecting Your Financial Privacy	149
	Privacy in the Age of Information 150
	Unauthorized Access to, and Inappropriate Use of, Credit Record Data 151
	Public Response to Privacy Problems 152
	Federal Privacy Laws 153
	The Credit Industry and Privacy 155
	Special Products and Services 156
	Beyond the Big Three 159
	Government and Privacy 160
	The Private Sector and Privacy 161
	The Medical/Insurance Industry and Privacy 162
	How Employers Are Using Information about Consumers 163
	Credit Identity Fraud 165
	Online Technology 166
	Preserving Your Privacy in a High-Tech World 167
	10.	Now That You Have It	171
	Strategies for Keeping Bad Habits at Bay 172
	How Much Credit Is Enough Credit? 173
	Profile of a Good Credit Manager 174
	What Creditors Look For 175
	Types of Credit Accounts 176
	Evaluating Credit Offers 177
	Credit Card Traps 179
	Cash Advances-An Expensive Option 180
	Do You Need Credit Life Insurance? 181
	Debit Cards 182
	Federal Laws You Should Know About 183
	Write-Don't Call! 185
Appendix A The Fair Credit Reporting Act	189
Appendix B Federal Trade Commission Offices	231
Appendix C State and Local Consumer Protection Agencies	233

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