Table of contents for Women's emancipation movements in the nineteenth century : a European perspective / edited by Sylvia Paletschek and Bianka Pietrow-Ennker.

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@toc4:Acknowledgments	iii
Contributors	iii
@toc1:Part I. Introduction
@toc2:1. Concepts and Issues	000
@tocca:Sylvia Paletschek and Bianka Pietrow-Ennker
@toc2:2. Challenging Male Hegemony: Feminist Criticism and 
the Context for Women's Movements in the Age of European 
Revolutions and Counterrevolutions, 17891860	000
@tocca:Karen Offen
@toc1:Part II. Western and Central Europe
@toc2:3. Recovering Lost Political Cultures: British 
Feminisms, 18601900	000
@tocca:Jane Rendall
@toc2:4. History and Historiography of First-Wave Feminism 
in the Netherlands, 18601922	000
@tocca:Mineke Bosch
@toc2:5. The French Feminist Movement and Republicanism, 
18681914	000
@tocca:Florence Rochefort
@toc2:6. The Women's Movement in Germany in an International 
Context	000
@tocca:Ute Gerhard
@toc1:Part III. Northern Europe
@toc2:7. Modernity and the Norwegian Women's Movement from 
the 1880s to 1914: Changes and Continuities
@tocca:Ida Blom
@toc2:8. Gender and Feminism in Sweden: The Fredrika Bremer 
@tocca:Ulla Manns
@toc1:Part IV. East Central and Eastern Europe
@toc2:9. The Emancipation of Women for the Benefit of the 
Nation: The Czech Women's Movement
@tocca:Jitka Malecková
@toc2:10. Sisters or Foes: The Shifting Front Lines of the 
Hungarian Women's Movements, 18961918
@tocca:Judith Szapor
@toc2:11. The Polish Women's Movement up to 1914
@tocca:Bogna Lorence-Kot and Adam Winiarz
@toc2:12. Feminism and Equality in an Authoritarian State: 
The Politics of Women's Liberation in Late Imperial Russia
@tocca:Linda Edmondson
@toc1:Part V. Southern Europe
@toc2:13. The Rise of the Women's Movement in Nineteenth-
Century Spain
@tocca:Mary Nash
@toc2:14. National and Gender Identity in Turn-of-the-
Century Greece
@tocca:Eleni Varikas
@toc1:Part VI. Comparative Views
@toc2:15. British and American Feminism: Personal, 
Intellectual, and Practical Connections
@tocca:Christine Bolt
@toc2:16. Women's Emancipation Movements in Europe in the 
Long Nineteenth Century: Conclusions
@tocca:Sylvia Paletschek and Bianka Pietrow-Ennker
@toc4:Notes	000
Supplementary Bibliography	000
Index of names	000

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