Table of contents for The everything feng shui decluttering book / Katina Z. Jones.

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Top Ten Reasons for Conquering Clutter
Chapter 1	Slaying the Clutter Dragon
ôJust in Caseö
When Your Cup Runneth Over
What Clutter Really Means
Dealing with a Clutter-a-holic
Other Kinds of Clutter 
Clearing the Air
Chapter 2	 The Basics: Goals of Feng Shui
The Mother of Invention
The Feng Shui ôSchoolsö
The Balance of Yin and Yang
The Five Elements
Feng ShuiÆs Energy Map 
The Sections of the Bagua
Does Your Home Reflect Your Life?
Start with a Clean Space
Using Total Feng Shui 
Chapter 3	Free-Chi Paths
Going with the Flow
The Front Door: Where All Paths Lead
WhatÆs Behind Door #2?
Hallways and Stairs: The Main Arteries of Chi
Recycling Chiùand Clutter
Six Ways to Unblock Chi
Chapter 4	Adding Life to Your Living and Dining Rooms
First Impressions
Room for Living
ôManifestation Centralö
Space Constraints
Smooth Soirees
Ditching ôDining Room Dumpö
Chapter 5	The Clutter-Free Kitchen
Health and Balance
The Feng-tional Kitchen
Kitchen Clutter Zones
Storage and Cleaning Solutions
Cooking Up Good Chi: The Fundamentals
Optimizing Nutritious Chi
The Yin-Yang of Eating
Stomach Clutter: Cures for Overindulgence
Chapter 6	Clutter Above, Clutter Below: Attics and BasementsFrom Top to Bottom 
Hoarding Hotspots
Letting Go
Your Highest Potential Discovering WhatÆs Worth Keeping
A Strong FoundationIt All Comes Out in the Wash
Finish the Job
Chapter 7	More Peaceful Nights
Placement of Your Bedroom
Mirror, Mirror . . .
Bedtime or Bedlam?
The Clutter Monster in the Bedroom
Watch Your Tone
Room for Romance
Chapter 8	Removing Energy Blocks in the Bathroom
The Bathroom as Metaphor
Mindful Décor
Free-flowing Energy
Scenes From a Stress-JunkieÆs Bathroom
Creating a Spa Oasis
Keep Things Fresh
Chapter 9	When Toys R You and U R Tired: Decluttering with Kids
Turning the Tide 
Trouble in Playland 
Everything in Its Place
Putting It All Away
More ôKid Clutterö Spots
Creative Use of Space
Cleaning with Kids
And What Do You Do?
KidsÆ Cleanup Checklist
Chapter 10	The Great Outdoors
WinterÆs Leftovers
The Root of the Problem
Healing the Land
Back to the Feng Shui Garden
Building on a Good Idea: Storage Tips
Sweeping Out the Garage
The ôGood Chiö Garage Sale
Clearing the Air
Chapter 11	Out and About
My Wallet, Myself
Purses: Everything But the Kitchen Sink
ItÆs All in the Bag
Living Life Out of a Suitcase
Car Clutter
Chapter 12	A Home Office That Means Business
Businesses Need Good Chi, Too
Conducting a Clutter Audit
Primary Home Office Clutter Zones
Avoiding the ôStack and Spreadö
Harnessing the Power of Feng Shui
ôDeskedö for Success
Making a Deal with Clutter
Chapter 13	Clutter in the Workplace
Cluttered Desks Speak Volumes
Cleaning Your Path to Success
Clutter Hotspots on Your Agenda
The Image of Success
Taming the Paper Monster
Getting Rid of Computer Clutter
Creating A Prosperous Future
Chapter 14	The Clutter Inside
A Head Full of Clutter
The Fear Factor
Inner Space Clearing
Empathic Mind Clutter
Turn Down the Volume
Staying in the Decluttering Mindset
Chapter 15	Curing Clutter Issues for Good
Healing Your Excess Baggage
Using Feng Shui Cures
Doing a Space Clearing
Creating Sacred Space
Relapses Happen
Clutter-free for Your Greater Good
Appendix A	Feng Shui Glossary
Appendix B	Resources for Further Study
Appendix C	Decluttering Checklist

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