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Foreword by Charles Fuller
Part I
Freedomís Battlefield
1 What Is at Stake: Black Abolitionism, Politics, and Lincolnís Election
ìThey differ only in the methodî 
Thomas Hamilton
March 17, 1860
ìevery colored man in the community is an anti-slavery speechî 
H. Ford Douglas
October 6, 1860
2 Where We Stand
ìrevolutions never go backwardî 
Frederick Douglass
May 5, 1861
ìWell, I am a negro, and I was not contentedî 
J. Sella Martin
October 27, 1865
ìIs the war one for Freedom?î 
James Madison Bell
May 24, 1862 
3 Emigration and Colonization
ìHayti needs populationî 
Henry Highland Garnet
December 22, 1860
ìthe free blacks of the United States are wanted in the United Statesî
James McCune Smith to Henry Highland Garnet
January 5, 1861
ìHis removal, even if possible, will not effect a cureî
George B. Vashon to Abraham Lincoln 
September 1862
4 The Slavery of Racial Prejudice
ìThe position of the colored man today is a trying oneî 
John S. Rock
March 5, 1860
ìtruth shall yet triumph over errorî 
Robert Hamilton
July 14, 1864
ìWe need no compromise with traitorsî
ìAfricanoî to the Weekly Anglo-African
September 2, 1864
ìSave us from our Friends (?)î
Paschal Beverly Randolph, M.D. to the Weekly Anglo-African
November 5, 1864
5 Race Riots
Hate in Detroit
John A. Warren to Elisha Weaver
March 21, 1863
The New York Draft Riot
William P. Powell to William Lloyd Garrison 
July 18, 1863
ìnot the first of its kind, and it may not be the lastî 
J.W.C. Pennington
August 24, 1863
6 Black Soldiers and the War, Part I: What We Can Do
ìthe time is not far distantî
William H. Johnson to Pine & Palm
November 11, 1861
ìthe hand of Providence appears to move slowly but it movesî
John V. Givens to Thomas Hamilton
October 12, 1861
ìThis is our golden opportunityî 
Frederick Douglass
March 2, 1863
ìYou owe it to yourself and your raceî 
Frederick Douglass
April 1863
ìIf I die tonight I will not die a cowardî
Sgt. Lewis H. Douglass to Frederick and Anna Murray Douglass 
July 20, 1863 
ìthis ungodly rebellion shall be put downî
Pvt. Samuel Cable to Leah Ward Cable
ìin 1855 master sold my mother, and in 1861 he sold meî
Testimony of Cpl. Octave Johnson
February [?] 1864
ìI propose, sir, an army of blacksî
Martin R. Delany meets with Abraham Lincoln 
February 1865
7 The Black Soldiers and the War , Part II: The Hate We Face
ìcolored men have their rights that white men are bound to respectî
Alexander T. Augusta to the National Republican
May 15, 1863
ìIs there no justice in America?î
Sgt. George E. Stephens to Robert Hamilton
August 7,1863
ìFor what are we to be grateful?î
Sgt. George E. Stephens to Thomas Hamilton
October 3, 1863
Fort Pillow
Testimony of Jacob Thompson and Ransome Anderson 
From the Eighth U.S. Heavy Artillery
Isaac Van Loon to Robert Hamilton
August 1864
8 Equal Pay and Equal Rights
ìthe Black man laid his life at the Altar of the Nationî
James Henry Gooding to Abraham Lincoln
September 28, 1863
ìunder the guns of prejudice and hateî
ìBay Stateî to Robert Hamilton
April 10, 1864
ìwe have never had our Just Rightsî
Sgt. William J. Brown to Edwin M. Stanton
April 27, 1864
ìwe came to fight For Liberty justice & Equalityî
Soldiers of the 55th Massachusetts Regiment to Abraham Lincoln
July 16, 1864
ìbecause I am black, they tamper with my rightsî
Sgt. George E. Stephens to the Weekly Anglo-African
August 1, 1864
ìI was foold in the first placeî
Pvt. George G. Freeman to Chief Justice of the United States
June 25, 1865
9 The Black Sailor
The USS Kearsarge and the CSS Alabama
Charles B. Fisher
10 Black Women and the War
ìReminiscences of My Life in Campî 
Susie King Taylor
11 Emancipation
ìIt is now, or never: now, if everî
Robert Hamilton
January 17, 1863
Fulfilling Their Duty
Harriet and Louisa Jacobs to Lydia Maria Child
March 26, 1864
ìForever free! forever free!î 
Charlotte Forten GrimkÈ
May£June 1864
12 Conditions in Dixie
ìI am about thirteen years oldî
Jim Heiskell
March 30, 1864
ìI was in a miserable-destitute conditionî
Mrs. Amey Carrington
August 10, 1865
Defying the Fugitive Slave Law
Dola Ann Jones to Col. Jonathan Eaton, Jr.
August 16, 1865
ìThe Story of Mattie J. Jacksonî
Mattie J. Jackson
13 Warís End
Occupying the other ìHall of Congressî
T. Morris Chester to The Philadelphia Press
April 4 and 6, 1865
The Second Inauguration
Elizabeth Keckley
14 Lincolnís Death and the Future
ìFrom one we may learn allî
Robert Hamilton
April 22, 1865
ëAbraham, the Martyrí
S. W. Rogers
April 22, 1865
ìWe ask for our rights, upon the principle of our loyaltyî
Rev. John J. Moore
October 27, 1865
Part II
Memoryís Battlefield
15 The Context of Black Service
ìThe Negro as a Soldierî 
Christian A. Fleetwood
ìPublic Opinionî
Joseph T. Wilson
16 Glory
ìThe Massachusetts Fifty-Fourthî
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
October 10, 1863
ìThe Fifty-Fourth at Wagnerî 
James Monroe Trotter
December 8, 1883 
17 Out of the Briars
ìMy War Record and Sketch of the Twenty-ninth Regimentî
Alexander H. Newton
18 Remembering Slavery and the Civil War in Missouri
ìThe New Man. Twenty-Nine Years a Slave. Twenty-Nine Years a Free Man.î
Henry Clay Bruce
19 Remembering Slavery and the Civil War in Tennessee
ìSlavery and the War of the Rebellion. Beginning of Warî 
Louis Hughes
20 Remembering Slavery and the Civil War in Kentucky
ìLife and Historyî
Rev. Elijah P. Marrs
21 War, Race, and Remembering
Iola Leroy
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
The House of Bondage
Octavia V. Rogers Albert
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