Table of contents for Religious expression and the American Constitution / Franklyn S. Haiman.

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Chapter 1. Historical Background
Chapter 2. Understanding the First Amendment
Chapter 3. Religious Expression in Public Places
Chapter 4. Religious Expression in Public Schools
Chapter 5. Public Funding of Religious Schools
Chapter 6. Historical Issues of Religious Expression versus Competing Social Interests
Chapter 7. Current Issues of Religious Expression versus Competing Social Interests
Chapter 8. Religious Expression and Political Life
Appendix 1. Roger Williams's Bloudy Tenent of Persecution
Appendix 2. The General Laws and Liberties of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Appendix 3. Maryland Act Concerning Toleration
Appendix 4. John Locke's Letter Concerning Toleration
Appendix 5. Thomas Jefferson's Notes on Virginia
Appendix 6. James Madison's Memorial and Remonstrance against Religious Assessments
Appendix 7. Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom
Appendix 8. Thomas Jefferson's Reply to the Danbury Baptist Association
Appendix 9. Engel v Vitale
Appendix 10. Lemon v Kurtzman
Appendix 11. Wisconsin v Yoder
Appendix 12. Marsh v Chambers
Appendix 13. Lynch v Donnelly
Appendix 14. Wallace v Jaffree
Appendix 15. Lee v Weisman

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