Table of contents for Ethics and the business of bioscience / Margaret L. Eaton.

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@toc4:Acknowledgments	iii
Preface	iii
@toc1:Part 1 Introduction
@toc2:Chapter 1: Introduction	000
@toc3:Why study bioscience business ethics?
A tour of the book and suggestions for use of the material
@toc3a:Background material
Case studies
Teaching suggestions
@toc1:Part 2 Ethics and Industry Overview
@toc2:Chapter 2: Ethics and Business Activity	000
@toc3:The benefits of incorporating ethics into business 
decision making
Moral systems
A method for ethics analysis and decision making
@toc2:Chapter 3: Ethics Analysis Applied to Monsanto and the 
Labeling of rbST	000
Chapter 4: Research Ethics	000
@toc3:Human research
Animal research
@toc2:Chapter 5: Industry Regulation and the Medical Product 
Approval Process	000
@toc1:Part 3 Case Studies
@toc2:Chapter 6: Research Collaborations with Academia	000
@toc3:The benefits and risks of research partnership with 
Case Study: Novartis and UC Berkley Plant Genomics research 
@toc2:Chapter 7: Clinical research design	000
@toc3:Industry-sponsored clinical research and the use of 
placebo controls
Case Study: Genzyme Tissue Repair and the NeuroCell -PD 
clinical trials
@toc2:Chapter 8: Clinical research injuries	000
@toc3:Compensating subjects injured in clinical research
Case Study: Adiana and the development of the female 
sterilization device
@toc2:Chapter 9: Conducting clinical research in developing 
countries	000
@toc3:Third world country research
Case Study: VaxGen's AIDS vaccine trials in Thailand
@toc2:Chapter 10: Anticipating and managing post-market 
problems	000
@toc3:Medical and social uncertainties associated with 
marketing medical products
Case Study: OncorMed and Myriad and the marketing of the 
BRCA gene tests
@toc2:Chapter 11: Access to medical products	000
@toc3:AIDS activists, the FDA, and access to drugs
Case Study: Merck's limited distribution program for 
@toc2:Chapter 12: Prescription Drug Advertising	000
@toc3:Direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising
Case Study: Zeneca's DTC advertising for Nolvadex for the 
reduction of breast cancer risk
@toc2:Chapter 13: Corporate ethics advice	000
@toc3:Pro's and con's of the use of corporate ethics 
Case Study: Geron's use of an ethics advisory board for 
decisions regarding stem cell development
@toc4:Notes	000
Index	000</toc

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