Table of contents for Caught in the Middle East : U.S. policy toward the Arab-Israeli conflict, 1945-1961 / Peter L. Hahn.

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Acknowledgments xi
Abbreviations 00
Introduction 1
Part I
1. Genesis: The Palestine Conflict to 1945 000
2. Security and Politics: The Context of U.S. Policy toward Palestine after 1945 000
3. Ambivalence: Truman's Policy toward Palestine, 1945@-1947 000
4. Diplomacy and Conflict: The Creation of Israel and the Arab-Israeli War of 1948@-1949 000
Part II
5. Security Commitments: U.S. Strategic Interests in the Middle East, 1949@-1953 000
6. Presidential Passivity: Truman and the Peace Process, 1949@-1953 000
7. Repatriation versus Resettlement: The Palestinian Refugee Crisis, 1949@-1953 000
8. Holy Places: The Question of Jerusalem, 1949@-1953 000
9. Tangled Web: The U.S. Failure to Solve Multiple Controversies, 1949@-1953 000
10. The Impact of Conflict: U.S. Relations with Israel and the Arab States, 1949@-1953 000
Part III
11. Cold War Framework: U.S. Perspectives on the Middle East, 1953@-1957 000
12. Border Wars: Eisenhower, Dulles, and Arab-Israeli Frontiers, 1953@-1955 000
13. Cornucopia of Conflict: Water, Jerusalem, Refugees, and Trade, 1953@-1955 000
14. Stillborn: The U.S. Peace Process and the Resumption of War, 1955@-1956 000
15. Desperation Diplomacy: U.S. Policy during the Suez-Sinai War of 1956 000
16. Persistent Conflict: The Aftermath of the Suez-Sinai War 000
Part IV
17. Security Affirmed: U.S. Regional Considerations in the Middle East after the Suez-Sinai War 000
18. Containing Conflict: U.S. Efforts to Avert Arab-Israeli Clashes, 1957@-1961 000
19. Selective Activism: U.S. Efforts to Solve Arab-Israeli Disputes, 1957@-1961 000
20. Cost of Conflict: U.S. Relations with Israel and the Arab States, 1953@-1961 000
Conclusion: Caught in the Middle East 000
Notes 000
Bibliography 000
Index 000

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