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List of Maps
Actors and Actresses
Addams, Jane
*Advocate*, the
African American LGBTQ Organizations and Periodicals
African American Religion and Spirituality
African American Studies
African Americans
AIDS and People with AIDS
AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP)
AIDS Memorial Quilt - NAMES Project
AIDS Service Organizations
Ailey, Alvin
Albee, Edward
Alcohol and Drugs
Alger, Horatio
Allen, Paula Gunn
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Anarchism, Socialism, and Communism
Anderson, Margaret, and Jane Heap
Anger, Kenneth
Anthony, Susan B.
Anti-Discrimination Law and Policy
Antiwar, Pacifist, and Peace Movements
Anzaldua, Gloria
Arab Americans
Arenas, Reinaldo
Art History
Arzner, Dorothy
Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies
Asian American LGBTQ Organizations and Periodicals
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
Atkinson, Ti-Grace
Auden, W. H.
Austen, Alice
Baca, Judy
Baker, Josephine
Baker, S. Josephine
Baldwin, James
Bannon, Ann
Barber, Samuel, and Gian-Carlo Menotti
Barnes, Djuna
Barney, Natalie
Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants
Bates, Katharine Lee
Beam, Joseph
Bean, Babe
Ben, Lisa
Benedict, Ruth
Benjamin, Harry
Bennett, Michael
Bentley, Gladys
Berdache. See Native Americans; Two-Spirit Females; Two-Spirit Males.
Bernstein, Leonard
Biology and Zoology
Bisexuality, Bisexuals, and Bisexual Movements
Bishop, Elizabeth
Black and White Men Together (BWMT)
Bonnet, Jeanne
Boozer, Melvin
Bourbon, Ray
Bowles, Paul and Jane
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
Brant, Beth
Brewster, Lee
Brooks, Romaine
Brown, Rita Mae
Buddhists and Buddhism
Burke, Glenn
Burns, Randy
Burroughs, William S.
Butches and Femmes. See Femmes and Butches.
Cadmus, Paul
Cage, John
Call, Hal
Cameron, Barbara
Capitalism and Industrialization
Capote, Truman
Carson, Rachel
Cather, Willa
Catholics and Catholicism
Censorship, Obscenity, and Pornography Law and Policy
Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS)
Chambers, Jane
Cheever, John
Chicago Society for Human Rights. See Society for Human Rights.
Choruses and Bands
Chua, Siong-huat
Chung, Margaret
Churches, Temples, and Religious Groups
Class and Class Oppression
Classical Studies
Cohn, Roy
Colleges and Universities
Colonial America
Colonialism and Imperialism
Combahee River Collective
Comedy and Humor
Comics and Comic Books
Coming Out and Outing
Communications. See Media Studies and Journalism.
Community Centers
Copland, Aaron
Cordova, Jeanne
Cornwell, Anita
Cory, Donald Webster
Crane, Hart
Crime and Criminalization
Crisp, Quentin
Cross-Class Sex and Relationships
Cukor, George
Cullen, Countee
Cultural Studies and Cultural Theory
Cunningham, Merce
Cushman, Charlotte
Daly, Mary
Daughters of Bilitis
Davis, Katharine Bement
Degonwadonti. See Brant, Beth.
Delany, Samuel
Democratic Party
Demonstrations, Actions, and Zaps
Demuth, Charles
Diaz Cotto, Juanita
Dickinson, Emily
Didrikson, Mildred Ella
Disability, Disabled People, and Disability Movements
Doolittle, Hilda. See H.D.
Drag Queens and Kings
Dunbar-Nelson, Alice
Eakins, Thomas
Eckstein, Ernestine
Education Law and Policy
Eichelberger, Ethyl
Electoral Politics
Ellis, Ruth
Eltinge, Julian
Employment and Occupations
Employment Law and Policy
Environmental and Ecology Movements
Erickson Educational Foundation
Erickson, Reed
Essentialism and Constructionism
Eyde, Edith. See Ben, Lisa.
Family Issues (Marriage, Domestic Partnership, Parenting, Adoption, Custody)
Family Law and Policy
Fashion, Style, and Clothing
Federal Law and Policy
Femmes and Butches
Fierstein, Harvey
Film and Video
Film and Video Festivals
Film and Video Studies
Ford, Charles Henri
Fornes, Maria Irene
Foster, Jeannette
Frank, Barney
Fugate, James Barr
Fukaya, Michiyo (Michiyo Cornell)
Fuller, Margaret
Gay Activists Alliance
Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
Gay and Lesbian Independent School Teachers' Network. See Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).
Gay Community News
Gay Liberation
Gay Liberation Front
Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
Gender and Sex
Gerber, Henry
Ghettos and Neighborhoods
Gidlow, Elsa
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
Ginsberg, Allen
Gittings, Barbara, and Kay Tobin Lahusen
Glenn, Cleo
Goldman, Emma
Goodman, Paul
Goodstein, David
Government and Military Witchhunts
Grahn, Judy
Grier, Barbara
Grimké, Angelina Weld
Gunn, Thom
Gyms, Fitness Clubs, and Health Clubs
Hall, Murray
Hall, Thomas/Thomasine
Hammond, James Henry
Hampton, Mabel
Hansberry, Lorraine
Haring, Keith
Harlem Renaissance
Hart, Alan
Hart, Lorenz
Hart, Pearl
Hartley, Marsden
Hastíín Klah
Hate Crimes Law and Policy
Hay, Harry
Health and Health Care Law and Policy
Health, Health Care, and Health Clinics
Hemphill, Essex
Henry, George
Heterosexism and Homophobia
Hickock, Lorena. See Roosevelt, Eleanor and Lorena Hickock.
Highsmith, Patricia (Claire Morgan)
Hindus and Hinduism
History Projects, Libraries, and Archives
Hockney, David
Homoeroticism and Homosociality
Homophile Movement
Homophile Press
Homophobia and Heterosexism. See Heterosexism and Homophobia.
Homosexuality and Heterosexuality
Hooker, Evelyn
Hoover, J. Edgar
House Parties
Howe, Marie Jenney
Hughes, Langston
Human Rights Campaign (Fund)
Hunter, Alberta
Immigration, Asylum, and Deportation Law and Policy
Intergenerational Sex and Relationships
Interracial and Interethnic Sex and Relationships
Intersexuals and Intersexed People
Isherwood, Christopher
Islas, Arturo
Janus Society
Jewett, Sarah Orne
Jews and Judaism
Joffrey, Robert
Johns, Jasper
Johnston, Jill
Jones, Bill T., and Arnie Zane
Jones, Prophet
Jorgensen, Christine
Jorgensen, George. See Jorgensen, Christine.
Kameny, Franklin
Kenny, Maurice
Kepner, James
Kim, Willyce
King, Billie Jean
Kinsey, Alfred C.
Kirstein, Lincoln
Klumpke, Anna
Kopay, David
Kramer, Larry
Kuromiya, Kyoshi
Labor Movements and Labor Unions
Lahusen, Kay Tobin. See Gittings, Barbara, and Kay Tobin Lahusen.
Lambda Legal Defense
Latina and Latino LGBTQ Organizations and Periodicals
Latinas and Latinos
Latino Studies
Lawrence, Louise
Le Guin, Ursula K.
Leather Sex and Sexuality
Legg, Dorr
Lesbian Avengers
Lesbian Connection
Lesbian Feminism
Lesbian Herstory Archives
LGBTQ Studies
Linguistics. See Language.
Liquor Control Law and Policy
Lisa Ben. See Ben, Lisa.
Literary Criticism and Theory
Literature: 1890[1/N]1969
Literature: 18th and 19th Centuries
Literature: 1969[1/N]Present
Little Sister. See Lozen.
Lobdell, Lucy Ann
Locke, Alain
Lorde, Audre
Los Angeles and West Hollywood
Ludlam, Charles
Lynes, George Platt
Lyon, Phyllis, and Del Martin
Mapplethorpe, Robert
Marches on Washington
Marriage Ceremonies and Weddings
Masahai Amatkwisai. See Sahaykwisa.
*Mattachine Review*
Mattachine Society
Matthiessen, F. O.
Maupin, Armistead
McCullers, Carson
McKay, Claude
McNally, Terrence
Mead, Margaret
Media Studies and Journalism
Medicine, Medicalization, and the Medical Model
Men of All Colors Together. See Black and White Men Together (BWMT).
Menotti, Gian-Carlo. See Barber, Samuel, and Gian-Carlo Menotti
Migration, Immigration and Diaspora
Military Law and Policy
Milk, Harvey
Millay, Edna St. Vincent
Millett, Kate
Mitchell, Alice
Mizer, Robert
Monette, Paul
Money, John, and Anke Ehrhardt
Monogamy and Non-Monogamy
Moraga, Cherrie
Morgan, Claire. See Highsmith, Patricia.
Morgan, Robin
Murphy, Frank
Murray, Pauli
Music Studies and Musicology
Music: Broadway and Musical Theater
Music: Classical
Music: Opera
Music: Popular
Music: Women's
Music: Women's Festivals
Muslims and Islam
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF)
Native American LGBTQ Organizations and Publications
Native American Religion and Spirituality
Native American Studies
Native Americans
Navratilova, Martina
New Left and Student Movements
New Orleans
New Right
New York City
Newspapers and Magazines
Niles, Blair
Nin, Anaïs
Noble, Elaine
Noda, Barbara
North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)
Nugent, Richard Bruce
O'Hara, Frank
Oliveros, Pauline
Olivia Records
ONE Institute
Outing. See Coming Out and Outing
Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)
Parker, Pat
Pedophilia. See Intergenerational Sex and Relationships.
People of All Colors Together. See Black and White Men Together (BWMT).
Performance, Theater, and Dance Studies
Perry, Troy
Physical Education
Physique Magazines and Photographs
Piercings, Tattoos, and Scars
Piñero, Miguel
Polak, Clark
Policing and Police
Political Scandals
Political Science
Poma, Edgar
Poor People's Movements
Porter, Cole
Portland, Oregon
Preston, John
Pride Marches and Parades
Prime Stevenson, Edward I. (Xavier Mayne)
Primus, Rebecca, and Addie Brown
Prince, Virginia
Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories - Men's
Prisons, Jails, and Reformatories - Women's
Privacy and Privacy Rights
Prostitution, Hustling, and Sex Work
Prostitution, Hustling, and Sex Work Law and Policy
Protestants and Protestantism
Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Sexology
Psychotherapy, Counselling, and Recovery Programs
Public Festivals, Parties, and Holidays
Public Sex
Puerto Rico
Pulp Fiction: Gay
Pulp Fiction: Lesbian
Qanqon Kamek Klaula
Queer Nation
Queer Theory and Queer Studies
Race and Racism
Radical Fairies/Faeries
Radical Spirituality and New Age Religion
Rainey, Ma
Ramos Otero, Manuel
Rape, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment Law and Policy
Rauschenberg, Robert
Rechy, John
Republican Party
Reyes, Rodrigo
Rich, Adrienne
Richards, Renee
Riggs, Marlon
Rights of Association and Assembly
Ritts, Herb
Rivera, Sylvia
Robbins, Jerome
Rodwell, Craig
Romantic Friendship and Boston Marriage
Roosevelt, Eleanor, and Lorena Hickock
Rorem, Ned
Rule, Jane
Running Eagle. See Pi'tamakan.
Russo, Vito
Rustin, Bayard
Sadomasochism, Sadists, and Masochists
Safer Sex
Same-Sex Institutions
Samson, Deborah
San Francisco
Sanchez, Luis Rafael
Sarria, José
Sarton, May
Sension, Nicholas
Sex Acts
Sex Clubs
Sex Education
Sex Panics
Sex Tourism. See Tourism.
Sex Toys
Sex Wars
Sexism and Misogyny
Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, Harassment, and Rape
Sexual Orientation and Preference
Sexual Psychopath Law and Policy
Sexual Revolutions
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Shaw, Anna Howard
Shawn, Ted
Shelley, Martha
Shockley, Ann Allen
Shurtleff, Robert. See Samson, Deborah.
Sitting in the Water Grizzly. See Qanqon Kamek Klaula.
Situational Homosexuality
Slavery and Emancipation
Smashes and Chumming
Smith, Barbara
Smith, Bessie
Smith, Lillian
Society for Human Rights
Society for Individual Rights
Sodomy, Buggery, Crimes Against Nature, Disorderly Conduct, and Lewd and Lascivious Law and Policy
Solanas, Valerie
Sondheim, Stephen
Stein, Gertrude, and Alice B. Toklas
Stoddard, Charles Warren
Stonewall Riots
Strayhorn, Billy
Sullivan, Harry Stack
Sullivan, Lou
Tavera, Hank
Taylor, Valerie
Tearooms (Bathrooms)
Theater and Performance
Third World Gay Revolution
Thomas, M. Carey
Thompson, Frances
Thomson, Virgil
Thurman, Wallace
Tilden, William
Tipton, Billy
Trans Organizations and Periodicals
Transgender and Gender Impersonation Law and Policy
Transsexuals, Transvestites, Transgender People, and Cross-Dressers
Tsang, Daniel
Tsui, Kitty
Two-Spirit Females
Two-Spirit Males
Urban, Suburban, and Rural Geographies
Van Vechten, Carl
Van Waters, Miriam
Vidal, Gore
Visual Art: Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture: 18th and 19th Centuries
Visual Art: Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture: 1890[1/N]1969
Visual Art: Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture: 1969[1/N] Present
Visual Art: Photography
Waddell, Tom
Walker, A'Lelia
Walker, Mary
Walsh, David
Warhol, Andy
Washington, D.C.
Waters, Ethel
Waters, John
Weber, Bruce
Webster, Margaret
Welles, Sumner
White, Edmund
Whitman, Walt
Wicker, Randolfe
Wigglesworth, Michael
Wilhelm, Gale
Willard, Frances
Williams, Tennessee
Wilson, Lanford
Witches and Wicca
Witchhunts. See Government and Military Witchhunts.
Wittman, Carl
Wojnarowicz, David
Womack, H. Lynn
Woman Chief
Women's Studies and Feminist Studies
Woo, Merle
Woolley, Mary, and Jeanette Marks
Workplace Movements. See Employment and Occupations.
Yourcenar, Marguerite
Youth and Youth Groups
Zane, Arnie. See Jones, Bill T., and Arnie Zane
Zoology. See Biology and Zoology.
Appendix: Directory of LGBT Archives in the United States
Systematic Outline of Contents
Directory of Contributors

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