Table of contents for Grand unified theorem : discovery of the theory of everything and the fundamental building block of quantum theory / Gabriel Oyibo.

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Chapter 1. Generic Group Theory
Definition of Generic or New Group Theory
Relationships to traditional Groups
Group operations
Chapter 2. Generic Conservation Laws
Generic or Conservation Laws in Cartesian Coordinates
Flux Transformations
Pure Field vs. Particle Mass Point and Continuum Field Representation for Matter
Chapter 3. Grand Unified Theorem(GUT) Grand Unified Field Theory
Highlights of Previous Attempts to Develop Grand Unified Field Theory
Grand Unified Theorem Statement-, Relationship to Previous Formulations
Proof of Theorem
"Generalized Proof of Einstein's Theory Using a New Group Theory"
 Generic Universal Conservation Equations in Groups independent Variables and Unified Force Field Equations
Group Theory and Fundamental Theorem
Conformal Invariance for Conservation Equations
General Invariant Solutions
Mass Conservation
Reproducing Newton's universal gravitational and Einstein's general relativity force fields from present work (Proof of 
Corollary 2)
Reproducing Newtonian Gravitational Fields from present work
Reproducing Einstein General Relativity Force Fields from present work
Reproducing Maxwell's Electromagnetic Field Theory results from the present work (Proof of Corollary 1)
Proposition for the strong and weak nuclear forces
Does this work have anything to do with the Fermat's Last Theorem?
Full Unsteady Navier Stokes Equations-, General Boltzmann's Equations and Particle Physics
Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes Equations
Incompressible Steady Laminar Navier Stokes Equations
 Conclusion and General Implications of Invariant Solutions
General Summary for the Grand Unified Field Theory
Quantum Mechanics Component of the Grand Unified Theorem
GAGUT Unifies the Three Known Universe Origin Theories, GAGUT's Quantum Theorem or GAGUT's Third 
Corollary, String Theory Component of the Grand Unified Theorem
Geometry, Relativity and Generalized Unified Force Field Formula
Electro-Weak Unification and Generalized Representations From the Grand Unified Theorem's Unified Force Field 
God, Cosmology and Genesis

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