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Part I
 First Trimester
1. Getting Organized
1. How is my due date calculated?
2. When should I tell my family and friends that I am pregnant?
3. What changes in my diet, exercise, and lifestyle should I make?
4. How do I select the best doctor to deliver my baby?
5. What about having a midwife deliver my baby?
2. First Prenatal Visit
1. When should the first visit occur?
2. Who should accompany me to my first visit?
3. What is a medical history interview?
4. Will I be able to hear the baby's heartbeat at this visit?
5. What is involved in the physical examination?
6. When should I begin prenatal vitamins?
7. I'm over age 35; do I need genetic testing?
8. What other decisions will I be asked to make now?
3. Potential Issues and Concerns
1. What if I've had abortions in the past?
2. What if I've had miscarriages in the past?
3. What can I do for "morning sickness?"
4. Is it normal to feel tired and wiped out?
5. Do I have to get rid of my cats?
6. How do I know if I have an ectopic pregnancy and what should I do?
7. Is vaginal bleeding normal during the first trimester?
8. How do I know if I'm miscarrying and what should I do?
9. What happens during my second prenatal visit?
Part II 
 Second Trimester
5. Lifestyle and Habits
1. What over-the-counter medicines can I safely take?
2. How can I get calcium into my diet if I don't like milk?
3. Can I consume caffeine while I'm pregnant?
4. How much weight should I be gaining? 
5. What about bathing and swimming? 
6. What about having sex during pregnancy? 
7. Can I color or perm my hair during pregnancy?
8. Is it normal for my gums to bleed when I brush my teeth? What about occasional nosebleeds?
9. Can I have dental work done when I'm pregnant?
10. Why am I having skin problems such as acne, rash, moles, and discolorations?
6. Special Blood Testing, Fetal Movement, and Ultrasounds
1. Should I take the Alpha Feto Protein plus (AFP plus) blood test?
2. When should I feel the baby move?
3. When do I get an ultrasound and what is involved?
4. What about those 3-dimensional ultrasounds?
7. Preparing for Baby
1. What do I need to buy before the baby comes?
2. Can I paint the walls in the nursery?
3. Should I sign up for prenatal classes?
4. What is a written birth plan and should I prepare one?
5. How and when do I select a pediatrician for my baby?
8. Potential Problems & Premature Delivery
1. What is an incompetent cervix?
2. Why are twins so high-risk?
3. What happens if I go into premature labor?
Part III 
Third Trimester
9. Aches and Discomforts
1. What can I do about indigestion, excessive gas, and constipation?
2. What can I do about hemorrhoids?
3. Is it normal to urinate a little when I sneeze, laugh, or cough?
4. What causes varicose veins and what can I do about them?
5. What is causing my nagging backaches and what can I do about them?
6. What can I do to ease my discomfort enough to get a decent night's sleep?
7. Am I okay even though my legs and feet are so swollen my shoes don't fit?
8. Why are my breasts already leaking milk?
9. What can I do about stretch marks?
10. What about traveling during pregnancy?
10. Prenatal Visits, Medical Issues, and Infections
1. How are prenatal visits scheduled during the third trimester?
2. How does the fact that my blood is Rh negative influence my pregnancy?
3. Why do you check for diabetes when there's none in my family history?
4. What is pre-eclampsia or pregnancy- induced hypertension?
5. What if I have a medical history of condyloma or genital warts?
6. Why do you test for Group B strep (GBS) bacteria and what are the consequences?
7. What if I have a medical history of genital herpes?
11. Bleeding in Late Pregnancy
1. What is a placenta previa and how is it managed?
2. What is placental abruption and how is it managed?
12. Countdown to Delivery
1. How often should I be feeling the baby move?
2. What are Braxton Hicks or false labor contractions?
3. How often do you do pelvic exams during the office visits?
4. What if my baby is in a breech position?
5. Can I deliver my baby at home?
6. When is labor induction okay?
7. How safe is it to go past my due date?
13. Caesarian sections (C-sections)
1. Why might I need a C-section?
2. If I had a C-section with my first baby, how should my second baby be deliverd?
3. Must I have a C-section if I'm carrying twins?
4. If I have a C-section, will you tie my tubes if I wish?
Part IV 
 Labor & Delivery
14. Going to the Hospital
1. How do I know when to go to the hospital? 
2. In an emergency, should I drive myself to the hospital?
3. What is a mucus plug and what does it indicate?
4. What should I take to the hospital?
15. At the Hospital
1. What is a birthing room?
2. Will I be shaved? Will I receive an enema at the hospital?
3. How many monitors and tubes must I be attached to during labor?
4. Can I eat during labor? 
5. How many family and friends can be in the room for the delivery?
6. What are the stages of labor and how long do they take?
7. How often are pelvic exams done when I'm in labor?
8. What is meconium and is it dangerous?
9. What about breaking my water? Should the doctor do it or let it happen naturally?
16. Pain Management
1. How will my pain be managed during labor?
2. What about hiring a doula for assistance?
17. The Delivery (Check order of questions.)
1. What happens when it's time for my delivery?
2. Can we videotape the delivery? Move to end of section.
3. When and why would the doctor cut an episiotomy?
4. What is fetal distress and how could it affect my delivery?
5. What about using the vacuum or forceps for delivery?
6. Can my partner cut the baby's umbilical cord?
18. After the Delivery
1. What happens after my baby has been delivered?
2. What are Apgar scores?
3. Should we consider banking some of baby's umbilical cord blood?
4. What about breastfeeding my baby?
5. Can the baby stay in the room with me while I'm in the hospital ?
6. If it's a boy, should we circumcise? Who performs this surgical procedure?
7. How long can I expect to be in the hospital?
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